OCCUPATION RECORDS Now I am sure that most of you will agree with me, when I say that life isn't always fair at times. The privileged few rule the roost, while the common-person has to 'make good' with what they've got. However, did you know that there's a bunch of lyrical rebels primed and ready to defend the masses? With a song in their hearts, and a twit on their twitter, my mate Adam and those chap and chap-ettes at Occupy, have a plan up their sleeve to rock the nation with a new sensation. Here, have a look at this interview I had with Adam just the other day, whilst we were both sleeping on the roof of Saint Paul's Cathedral.


1) In your own word, how would you describe occupationrecords.com?   In a nutshell, this is the official site website for Occupation Records. While operating in many ways as a traditional site for a label, facilitating one avenue of distribution through a pay what you can model, it also serves as Occupy's challenge to the music industry. Already the label has received coverage from industry sites over our decision not to use Apple or Amazon for distribution due to their human and labor rights violations. In the future we will host guest blogs by artists, management, label executives - all with the purpose of re-imagining the relationships within the music industry through the ethos of Occupy.

2) How did this site come into existence? Its ‘secret origin’ as it were.   I have a background in utilizing the music industry for social justice. As the evictions of Occupy sites across the world were being carried out, a few of us realized we would need a sustainable funding model for the movement. The collective came together around this need. A record label was the perfect way to spread the message of Occupy to new audiences while raising funds for the movement.

3) What is your particular role in occupationrecord's, Adam?   I founded the label and currently handle Artists and Industry Relations.

4) If ‘occupy’ had a credo, what would it be and why?   I think you might recieve a number of varying answers to that question from within Occupy - but for me it boils down to democratic control over out own lives. When over 70% of the US population opposes the war in Afghanistan and we're still bombing, or over 75% of the UK population opposes the cuts and Cameron continues to slash away, our democracies are not working.

5) If this company was a movie, a piece of music, or an object, again, what would it be and why?   I think a comparison to the Guy Fawkes mask would be appropriate. Its a tool utilizing pop culture to inspire and fuel a movement.

The School of Rockupy
6) What events have you got planned in the future? And what artists are involved?   We have 5 albums in the pipeline and have begun holding the School of Rockupy. The School of Rockupy is a one day event where we partner with artists like Kate Nash and Get cape. It is fly to give kids a one day crash course in the writing, producing, recording, album artwork, and promotion of a single they've written that addresses an issue they care about.(click here for more information).

7) How did you get comic book legend, Alan Moore, on board?   Alan Moore has been very supportive of the Occupy movement. He came down to visit the occupation around St. Paul's a few weeks ago and I followed up with him about the idea of the record label. We'll have some more exciting news about a collaboration in the future.

8) Why do you think that music is the key to spread the your message?   Tom Morello said it best "In my country there has never been a successful progressive movement that didn't have a great soundtrack." whether is was the union songs of Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie or the working class riffs of Bruce Springsteen or John Lennon, music has the ability to articulate the desires of a movement in a way that crosses all boundaries.

9) In some ways your stance reminds me of John Lennon’s political actions in the seventies? Would you agree?   That's massively flattering. A while back someone said to me "The problem is, we don't have any John Lennon's anymore". I think what you're seeing with Occupy is that there are people stepping into that role. And Yoko Ono did say "John is sending his smile to Occupy Wall Street"

10) Please tell my readers how they can aide the cause, Adam, as well as what social networking sites your are affiliated with? Right now, the two easiest and best ways to help, is to donate for some sweet rewards at sponsume. And for those that can't donate, to spread it as far and wide as possible. People can find us on twitter and facebook.

Thanks for that Adam, because I am sure that my readers are now ready for a...