FRANK SINATRA ART Are you the type of person who likes to make a statement with what you'd wear? You know what I mean by this, right? If you like Batman, you'd wear a T-shirt with a Batman logo on it. If you like Superman, you'd wear a T-shit with the 'S' symbol on it. And if you like politics, you'd run around half naked with a cucumber inserted into a place that is only reserved for politicians. Anyway, I am sure you get the basic gist of what I am trying to say. Moreover, allow me to introduce to you to one of most the innovative and artistic T-shirt manufactures I have ever seen in my life.

The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2012

1) In your own words, how would you describe We're a new 48hr limited edition pop culture shirt site. But we don't stop there! We’re really stoked to be working with great artists and printing shirts that will be loved worldwide, so we're featuring 1 artist each week and promoting their shirt designs/artwork and making it available for purchase

2) What is the ‘secret origin’ of your site? How did it come into existence? My home planet was threatened by a deadly force, and my parents who we're great and powerful rulers of the planet placed me in a ship and sent me to earth so our civilization could live on through me.

Wait sorry, that's not right at all. 

Anyway, truth is, we're a printing company and we're always looking for new ways to expand our business, and we're doing this by introducing to this wonderful world of pop-culture our mash up shirt sites.

We love it! Printing shirts with artwork from our favorite movies and and TV shows and comic books. So we thought up a name that we could expand on, and we work to offer new and exciting things all the time. So was born. From there on in we started contacting artists on twitter/Facebook red bubble and told them what we wanted to do, and it's just snowballed from there!


3) What is your role in the company? We all take on a lot of roles in the company, and once we expand I'm sure we will find our strengths and stick to those. But for now, Jon & I take submissions from the artists and schedule them for printing, we both type up our newsletter, set up our templates and designs fro the website, along with gathering all the artist's links and info and posting those to the site. Then set up designs and preparing them for printing, order shirts, printing and ship and then pay the artists!

4) What piece of music, movie, or object, would you say your site represents, and why? I'm a big fan of the 50's, 60's, and 70's era, Frank Sinatra, plus the original 'Ocean's Eleven' is one of my favorite movies. So anything to do with the classy and fun part of Vegas has always made me smile.

5) What is the most successful t-shirt design you stock? So Far, we did an admiral Akbar/obey mash up from Steve Mcnasty. And then last week Doctor Eleven has been our best seller yet - which is a Doctor Who / Ocean's Eleven mash up - as we've found that Doctor Who fans simply go nuts for shirts. But we also try and limit that for the people that are not a fan of the show or have no idea what it is haha.

6) Do you have any amusing stories you can tell us about a clients order? We're pretty new, so nothing yet. We had a guy contact us over Facebook requesting a shirt be black, so we let the artist know and then did up a custom shirt for the customer and his wife. Which we're totally down to do, as long as it looks good and the artist is ok with it :)

7) If you were on death-row, and you could only wear one t-shirt from your range before you die, what t-shirt would it be and why?

Hmm, probably plain black blank shirt so I go down looking slim, ha! I wouldn't want to show favoritism to anyone we work with to keep things fair :)

8) If your website were a person, who would it be and why? Man, I have no idea. I guess Frank Sinatra stands out in my head I guess, I mean we did make our mascot a mash up of Johnny Bravo and Frank. So I guess that would be my answer.

Now if you want to know more about, then click on their site. Or alternatively, visit their twitter stream, their facebook page, their tumblr site, or their FAQ. Go head, trust me, it would make you day.