It is a proven fact that creative people need to have attitude to perform. Look at Hollywood for example. What celebrity does not have some sort of character trait that makes him or her stand out from the crowd! And do you know who else has attitude? My mate Chris. Here, check out a conversation we both had just the other day, about his smashing web-comic which needs a citation.

Anime Studio Debut 8

1) In your own words, how would you describe your comic, Citation Needed? It is a webcomic. It's also great. Plus it's really, really super great as well.

Nah, just joshin'.

2) What are your own origins Chris, plus what was the path you took to get where you are today?  My origins? I was born a female water vole in 1707, but evolved slowly into a human male some time around 1988. Now I have the power of a young adult male with little muscle tone and an ageing water vole.

I played ice hockey as a child, beginning at age four until around age sixteen. That's when I began acting and writing. Plus about four years ago, I began writing comics. Then I went to Europe a couple of times, got all worldly and shit, and came back a better man and a wiser water vole.

In 2009, I began writing [citation needed] and my creative partner Amy T. Falcone provided the art. We've worked together ever since.

3) What piece of music, movie, or object, would you say your comic was like, and why?  The piece of music for [citation needed] is most likely like something by Stephen Lynch, because they're both funny - often about genitals - though his is much funnier.

For a movie, 'Role Models' - but only the whole thing - because people dress up in both. 

It is also like one of those little toy Pigs that you squeeze and a poo bubble comes out the back, because it doesn't make sense. Why do they even exist?

Chris Hemsworth
4) If you could cast the characters in your comic, who would they be and why?  It's tough to say. Micro/Macro was initially based on me, so I think he should be played by Michael Fassbender or Chris Hemsworth, because they're almost as good-looking as I am. They're twins, so whoever is cast will have to play me twice in the same movie or TV show, which is awesome.

Gigi should be played by Emma Stone, because she's great at playing the type of girl that Gigi is: laid back and gets along well with guys. Also, comfortable with her sexuality.

5) Do you have any amusing stories about your wares? Also, have you had any media recognition. Not sure what kind of amusing stories you're looking for, but we don't really have many anyway. We tend to accidentally insult people that we respect when we first meet them (comic artists, filmmakers, the creators and cast of Red vs Blue, Scott Adsit...), but that isn't really amusing so much as it's horrifying and upsetting for us.

We have had media recognition! Of course, I'm assuming "media recognition" includes "stuff my mom says to the people she rings-out at work."

6) Your style of art is very manga in tone. Can you explain the reason behind this please?  We're glad we appeal to fans of manga, but we consider [citation needed] to be much more influenced by finger-painting and those fight scenes in Naruto that they export to be done by Korean animators.

It is true, like many illustrators in their twenties, Amy spent a lot of her young years as an artist emulating her favorite manga. However, she's since received an extensive education in visual arts, practicing a wide range of styles, and has been influenced by artists such as Max Ernst, Jeffrey Brown (Every Girl is the End of the World For Me), and street artist Swoon.

7) Who are your inspirations? Both artistic and story wise.  I can't speak for Amy, but I am mostly influenced by iHop all you can eat pancakes and Steve Martin. I also draw inspiration from webcomics like Nedroid and songs like "Shoujos" by Scandal.

8) If your website was a ‘singleton’ looking for a ‘date’, who would that date be and why? [citation needed] would probably date Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), but you have to remember our comic is a female and a charmingly aggressive lesbian.

9) If your comic has a message behind it, what would it be, and why would you want to convey it?   If [citation needed] has a message, it's "read our comic," and I want to convey that because we'd like to make money, quit our jobs, and only make comics.

Thanks for that Chris you clown, much appreciate buddy. So when you have a chance dear reader, please check out his web-comic, Citation Needed, you won't be sorry one little bit. 

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