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My Super Ex-Girlfriend Cover Have you ever noticed that when women get pissed-off, they also get super-powerful as well? True. When my mate Derrick broke up with his girlfriend, Margaret, she broke his ego by sleeping with his best friend, Clive. Harsh. Just like this film Directed by Ivan Reitman; and Starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, and Eddie Izzard. It was made in 2006, and lasted for 95-minutes.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I am afraid to say that New York architect, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson), has a spot of 'woman troubles' at the moment. No. He has not got the menopause. Instead, he has a crush on his work college, Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris), even though she is going out with a male model. Plus his sexually frustrated best-friend, Vaughn Haige (Rainn Wilson), keeps on talking about the opposite sex all of the time.

Oh! And on top of that, there is his new gal-pal, Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), as well.

You see, Jenny is a somewhat strange character when she and Matt first meet. Granted, on the surface, she seems like a rather book-smarts and neurotic lady for a gallery owner. But underneath it all, she is also the world renowned superhero, G-Girl, too.

Surprised? So was Matt! Especially when Jenny unveils this news to him, after he has a rather hair raising encounter with G-Girls arch-enemy, Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard). And what's even more surprising, is how G-Girl got her powers in the first place - when both her and Professor Bedlam (real name Barry) were at high-school together.

Still, this is nothing more than back-story in the scheme of things, and both Jenny and Matt try their best to make their relationship work any which way they can.

However, over time, Matt comes to the realisation that he and Jenny don't really hit it off as a couple. Mainly due to the fact that he is still in love with Hannah. So what does he do about this? Correct - he breaks up with G-Girl.

Ooops! Bad move.  

Well, Jenny is just so furious about this sudden turn of events, that she makes Matt's world a living nightmare. She smashes up his apartment. She throws his car into space. She scorches his forehead with heat vision. Plus she spoils a work presentation that he is in charge of for good measure.

Now how the hell can Matt dig himself out of this mess, huh? Particularly now that he and Hannah's union is starting to take shape?

Maybe Professor Bedlam has an idea?

Ha! And that is most probably why what next transpires is a tale full of beginnings and endings. As partnerships are formed - heroes are harmed - unions are made - and love is finally conveyed.

'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' is a film which I can safely say is well after its time.

That's right - I said 'after'.

You see, if this movie was made about twenty years ago, I am sure that the audience of that time would have stood up and applauded it for its forward thinking 'super-hero' related commentary, and compared it to other great works like 'Watchmen' or 'The Dark Knight Returns'.

However, to a comic book buff like myself - now - there is nothing new here except that all the actors involved are people whom I admire.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Flying

Please note, the story in itself is at fault here. Because the screenwriters have taken the basic premise of a 'love triangle', added the superhero element to it, splashed a bit of comic book trivia into the mix, and then garnished it with the actor-factor, hoping that superficiality is able to supersede substance. Moreover, by replacing the predominant iconography of lets say someone like Superman, and then making him into the female character of G-Girl, there is that added bonus of a women's lib subtext, which is always great for the 'PC lobby' who love this type of thing.

For me though - no - I see this film as a wasted opportunity that could have told a good story without any of this superficial fanfare.

OK, I know that what I have said so far does sound a bit harsh within the scheme of things. And please, I do not want to sound like a judgemental comic-book bigot, who is upset because he found 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' a fluffy and over the top hero yarn. Instead, I would have liked for the overall structure of this story to be less formulaic and overt in that 'play it by numbers' sort of a way.

Anna in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Well, all the actors are just great, right? And it feels a waste for them to be highlighted in this manner. Uma Thurman is always a star in my book - and she does give her part that sartorial edge which is very surprising at times. Also, I have to say that I liked the comedic aides too - with Eddie Izzard, Rainn Wilson, and Wanda Sykes, giving this film that much needed levity in places. But as for Luke Wilson and Anna Faris on the other hand? Well, they do try their best with the parts that they were given - though at times I was finishing their dialogue before them, because what they were about to say was so predictable to me. 

Overall, 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' is a film that had a nice slant on the subject, but executed it in a rather yawn-some way. The special effects were good - the acting was solid - and it is well worth the watch just to see Uma in all her mannered glory.

Shame. Uma and Anna are such super girls.


MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on April 26, 2012 Rating: 5
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