Band on the Run Cover Just picture the scene, you have been a member of the most influential band in recording history, and now you find yourself on your Jack Jones and with no place to go. What are you going to do about it? Hide? Escape? Or Run? Well, that is what Paul McCartney did, just not in the way that you might think. As depicted in this 60-minute documentary produced in 2011.

Band on the Run: 25th Anniversary Edition

This interview between Paul McCartney and Dermot O'Leary, chronicles the early experiences of Paul's post-Beatles band, Wings.

Now to help them charter this tale, not only is their an interview between these two short chaps, but also, stock photography, archive footage, and taped interviews with Linda, Kenny Lynch, John Conteh, and Clive Arrowsmith.

What now follows is a basic overlay of what this feature entails.

THE BEARD ERA: Once Paul left the Beatles, he and his new wife, Linda, spent some quality time together, and then decided that they should form a new band called 'Wings'. But to do this, they hired some additional musicians, they wrote some new songs, and then they went 'grass-routes' by touring the country and putting on a show.  

Oh! They did get a hit song by doing this you know - 'Red Rose Speedway' in 1973.

LAGOS OR BUST: Paul thought that it would be a nice idea if he and Wings should fly over to Lagos, and then record their new album there. Bad idea. Two band members dropped out straight away. The facilities were inadequate in Lagos. Paul had to teach his wife Linda how to play an instrument. Plus on top of that, both he and Linda got mugged on the street, and their recordings were stolen.

Still, thanks to Paul's hard-work and determination, they found a way to overcome all of these obstacles, and then make 'Band on the Run'.

COVER IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Whilst Paul was recovering from a slight spell of fatigue, he came up with a great concept for the cover of 'Band on the Run'. He would have six celebrities accompanying him, Linda, and Denny, on the cover, all of them striking a pose as if they were escaping from a prison. Amongst the celebrities were: talk show host, Michael Parkinson; comedian, Kenny Lynch; physiatrist, Clement Freud; boxer, John Conteh; and actors: Christopher Lee and James Coburn.

Please note, the photographer, Clive Arrowsmith, shot over four rolls of film before he got enough 'in the can' which he could use.
WHAT ABOUT YESTERDAY: It took 'Wings' quite sometime before this they were respected as a band in their own right. Though thanks to the song's within 'Band on the Run', such as 'Jet', 'No Worries', 'Let Me Roll It' and the title song itself, Paul, Linda, and Denny, found a way - one the is still felt  today.

As of writing this review dear reader, I am afraid to say that I am somewhat pissed off at the moment. Please note, this has not got anything to do with this documentary 'Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on the Run'. But rather, something that is going on in my own personal life. Still, whilst saying all of that, in a round about way this feature has tempered my resolve somewhat, and has spurned me on with the notion that things can work out for the best if you can have a more positive perspective on life.

Band on the Run Wings

You see, to me, what Paul McCartney has said in this film, does make a lot of sense where my current frame of mind is concerned. Paul had to overcome some quite harsh critiques and harsher times to get his pre-fab-four band noticed. For example; He had to teach his wife a new trade. He had to prove that he was a worthwhile musician in his on right. And he also had to produce music that he though people would want to listen to as well.

Plus, on top of all that, he had to deal with all of life's little annoyances which came his way from time to time - such as relationships - work dilemmas - and things of that ilk.

Not an easy thing to do.

Paul and Band on the Run

Moreover, what I also liked about this program was the trivia scattered though out it. Such as: (1) The song 'Jet' started out because it was the name of one of Paul McCartney's horses. But end up as a downtrodden girls name once this composition was completed. (2) Denny Lane was the guitarist of the Moody Blues, which was one of the band's ex-Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, used to manage. (3) The song 'Picassos Last Words' came about due to a chance encounter between Paul and Linda, with Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen, whist these actors were making the film 'Papillon' in Lagos. (4) Kenny Lynch toured with the Beatles in their early years. (5) Christopher Lee once recorded a music album of his own. And (6) That the album cover for 'Band On The Run' was not a pastiche of 'Sergeant Pepper'.

Overall, 'Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on he Run', is a documentary well worth watching if you like to listen to positive people talk about positive things. Also, I have to give a bit shout out to Dermot O'Leary as well, who really did respect his time with Paul, and came across as a much better interviewer than he does a host. Just like this original promo in fact...

It's good to be positive.


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