To quote John Wayne "A man has to do what a man has to do". And to quote Speedy Gonzales "Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba!". Now what do any of these quotes prove within the scheme of things? F*ck knows. Or if not him, my artistic buddy, Fernando Pinto, who is a really great artist / pimp. Here, check out this interview I had with him just the other day, whilst watching a John Wayne movie in which 'the Duke' had to chase after Speedy Gonzales.

Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

1) In your own words, how would you describe your website, minombreesfernandopinto.com?  It´s basically a place where you can see where my mind is at, at the moment. Be it work wise, art wise, or humor wise. It´s a peek into my head in the form of sketches and finished artwork, with dumb jokes sprinkled in between.

2) Same question again, but about your comic books, ‘Warped!’.  It´s my own personal allegory to what happens after college if you went to a vocational school and plan to work freelance. You gotta do whatever you can to make ends meet. In the world of Warped though, that may mean partnering up with a robot in cargo shorts and having to transport alien adult entertainers. With hilarious consequences, of course.

3) What are your own origins Fernando, and what path did you take to get where you are today?  I went to the Joe Kubert School of art from 2001 to 2004. After that, I trekked back home to Chile, and started working as a storyboard artist and illustrator for advertising companies down here.

In between that I´ve managed to do a few comic projects. Most notably some tales of the TMNT stuff, A mini for SLG called 'Ursa Minors', an Issue of 'Hack Slash' and a story in the first volume of 'Fraggle Rock'.

Warped! is the first full GN I´ve written, drawn and lettered all by myself. I´m Sleepy.

4) Who are your inspirations? Both artistic and story wise.  I´m inspired by a ton of artists and writers, but I´m way more inspired by deadlines and rent payments.

For 'Warped!', I wanted to do a book with the structure of a Guy Ritchie movie, where you have all these colorful characters that have apparently nothing to do with each other but end up coming together in unexpected ways at the end.

Thinking about it, it´s also the structure of a Seinfeld episode. With less Newman.

I was also inspired by Bendis, David Lapham, Kevin Smith and Brian Assarello in the writing side. If it´s got good dialogue, I´ll probably dig it.

5) If your wares have a message behind them, what would that message be, and why would you want to convey them? "Save yourself" and "It can always get worse" are 2 themes that come to mind. But I´m gonna go with "Fluffy bunnies and smiling Unicorns". That sounds less pessimistic, right?

6) What piece of music, movie, or object, would you say your comic books are like?  It´s like if the smoothest Jazz quartet just got distortion pedals on all their instruments, and started making knock knock jokes in between songs. But, you know, all cool and stuff.

7) What formats does your stuff come in?  These days it´s mainly online. I did just finish working as an art director and illustrator for a Nestle Ad campaign that´s . You can check it out at Super8.cl

8) If your main character was a ‘singleton’ looking for a ‘date’, who would that date be and why?  I can honestly say I've never been asked this before.  I suppose he´d date someone in black and white with proclivities to make a lot of pop culture references during conversations.

9) Do you have any projects upon the horizon Fernando?  I have a shorter book I want to do called "Sam´s Big Chance" which I´m working out right now. It´s a Teen Crime comedy about what a dumb kid with a crush will do to get the attention of the girl of his dreams. And then things go a little too wrong.

Then I´m starting Warped! Vol 2: "Voyage to the Center of the Phil".

But since they´ll both be indy books, I´m gonna do a bunch of work for hire in between to pay the bills. Anyone out there need doodlin´ done?

10) Have you had any media recognition?
I´ve appeared a couple of times in the paper down here in Chile and once on TV on the news. I dunno what that means in the grand scheme of things, but it felt pretty good at the time Also my mom always tells me I´m awesome and that fills the black, hopeless void I have deep inside.

So their you have it dear reader, my mate Fernando Pinto, and his great site minombreesfernandopinto.com. Please, when you have the time, give it a click or three. Also, if you ever need a professional commercial artist. Now you know where to go. 

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