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Gianni Versace - Final 24 Cover It is generally well known that the fashion industry can be a very emotional profession. You see, at times, appearance means everything to the fashionistas, thus propelling an already cosmetic industry into a quagmire of fake nihilism. Gianni Versace knows what I am talking about, as seen in this 45-minute documentary made in 2010.

Gianni Versace - Final 24

This episode of 'The Final 24' recounts the life and death of world famous fashion designer, Gianni Versace. Now to help fill in the details of how this innovative legends spent time upon this planet, there's stock photography, archive footage, re-enactments, and interviews by such people as model, Janise Dickenson, Gianni's partner, Antonio D'Amico, plus close friends, colleges, and authors alike.

What now follows is a basic overly of what this program entails:

  • THE YOUNG LAD FROM ITALY: Gianni Versace was born in Southern Italy on December 2, 1946. Now from an early age, Gianni gleaned from his seamstress Mother, Francesca, the art of sculpting clothes to a womanly form, which then gave him the incite to pursue a career in this field of work, after a slight diversion into Architecture. Please note though, also during this period, Gianni had to hide his homosexual tendencies as well, because of the stigma attached to this type of sexual persuasion.  
  • THE RISE OF THE ARTIST: When Gianni eventually moved to Milan, he found himself work as a fledgling fashion designer, and began to make a name for himself as a dedicated and innovative artist in his own right. Moreover, this was also a location that gave Gianni the ability to express his own homosexual leanings, and a way of channelling his own overworked energies in a more positive direction. 
  • THE HOUSE OF VERSACE: Once Gianni's family got behind him, he found himself in a more lucrative position to expand upon his own talents, by opening up the fashion house 'The House of Versace'. Next, he then capitalised on this new state of play by creating some very stylish clothes for celebrities, models, royalty, and even the National Opera, winning some awards in the process.
  • ANDREW CUNANAN: It is pretty safe to say that Andrew Cunanan was a bit of a fantasist all in all. For example; he wanted to be a fashion designer yet he did not have the gumption to pursue this profession. He spoke of his brief encounter with Gianni Versace in a San Francisco night club, as more than what it was. He thought of himself as something special whilst doing drugs and hustling elderly gay gentlemen for money. Plus on top of that, Andrew fooled himself into thinking that he was HIV positive, thus triggering off something within his mind to go on a murderous rampage, and killing four men before setting his sights on Gianni.
  • THE FINAL 24: The last days of Gianni Versace reads as follows. (5) Gianni and his partner, Antonio D'Amico, go to his mansion in South Beach, Florida, so that he can rest up after his treatment of ear cancer. (4) In the morning, both Gianni and Antonio relax on the Beach and then have a walk along the promenade. (3) Later that same evening, they meet up with a neighbor of theirs and watch a movie, before going home to rest for the night. (2) The following day Gianni goes to the newsagent and buys his weekly magazines. (1) Upon returning home Andrew shoots Gianni in the face two times.

Gianni dies on the way to the hospital. Andrew kills himself sometime later.

Now for a brief period of time whilst I was at college, I was given the name 'Versace' for one of the most ironic reasons ever. No. It's not because my mates thought I was a poof. Instead, it was because I used to wear some of the strangest combination clothing known to man. Just picture it for a moment if you will: A white Panama hat - dark glasses - orange, blue, and red, baggy jogging pants - a musky grey sleeveless builder's shirt - bright green socks - and a pair of black plimsolls - in winter.

Serious, no messing about, this is what I used to drape myself in at the time, all for one reason and one reason alone - they where the only pieces of clothing that I really liked to wear.

Gianni Versace - Fashion King

OK, I have to admit, given my now benefit of hindsight, I am not really sure why I liked to wear this type of gear - it might have had something to do with the medication I was on at the time. But none the less, I did really enjoy my appearance, because it gave me the confidence and the creative exterior of a grungy nomad who was not part of the norm.   

Well, I suppose that is why I jumped at the chance to do this 'Gianni Versace - Final 24' review you see, just so I could get to know a bit more about the man who I was once named after during that eclectic period of my life.

However, what have I learnt from this program, huh? (1) Success is a double edged sword at times, and comes with both negative and positive connotations. (2) Stay away from delusional people whenever you can. (3) Homosexual Italian fashion designers are like most people and want normal things - like acceptance for example. (4) On occasion the police do not really know what the f*ck they are doing - as shown in the way that they did not inform the people of South Beach that Andrew was heading towards them. (5) Homophobia is one of the most silliest phobias ever - how can you be angry at someone who wants to be happy and spread love into this world? (6) That art and commerce can mix when they have an innovative direction and credo to conform to. And (7) That what I dressed up in during my college years, was kind of similar to some of the stuff Gianni was producing fashion-wise.

The Fall of Gianni Versace - Final 24

Also, on a more narrative stance, I did find that 'Gianni Versace - Final 24' was a very compelling and informative program to watch as a story onto itself. In many ways it unravelled as if it was a duel tale for both Gianni and Andrew, and showed how these two gay men were diametrically opposed people on two very different levels - creativity for Gianni, and envy for Andrew - like John Lennon and Mark David Chapman.

Shame really, that envy and madness can corrupt people to such an extent, that it would provoke a person to commit such a terrible deed. Bless you Gianni, and may your spirit live as long as your legacy.


THE FINAL 24 - GIANNI VERSACE THE FINAL 24 - GIANNI VERSACE Reviewed by David Andrews on May 22, 2012 Rating: 5
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