When I was a kid I just loved to pull funny faces. It was Jerry Lewis' fault really. I saw him in the film 'The Nutty Professor' and I thought to myself that by screwing up my face and saying 'Nyak-Nyak-Nyak' every five minutes or so, that would be an appropriate thing for me to do. However, my Mother thought otherwise. And she'd say to me 'Stop doing that. Or otherwise it would stay that way for the rest of your life'. But to be perfectly honest with you, I did not really understand her reasoning at the time. It wasn't like I had a tattoo or something. And needed a...

Tattoo Removal Clinic

Oh! Funnily enough, while I am on the subject of 'tattoo removal', let me tell you a story about my cousin Roy.

Now Roy, like many other members of my family I care not to mention, is a strangely tribal person by nature. You see, in the past, he has had a need within himself to scrape some ink onto his skin whenever he fell in love. Written on his left leg he has his first wife's name. Pam. Written on his right arm he has his second wife's name. Linda. Plus written on the bridge of his butt he has his third wife's name. Gilda.

MEDermis Laser Clinic
Still, do you think that his fourth wife, Tina, likes to see all of these names written all over her husband? No. Of course she doesn't. So Roy got me to 'do a Google' to see what I could come up with.

Thankfully, I eventually discovered a really nice place called MEDermis Laser Clinic. They are one of the world’s leading specialists in tattoo removals, having successfully removed over 200,000+ tattoos in their time. They have bases in Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Moreover, they also provide a safe, effective, and very cost effective removal service, using the most state of the art technology designed by the best people in the business.

Well, Roy thought they were great. Because they did get rid of Pam, Linda, and Gilda, as quickly as he got rid of Tina. Though I suppose Tina did cost a lot more to remove in hindsight. Especially since she is a somewhat... errr... tough cookie, with a very forcible kick to the nut-sack.

OUCH ! Roy never saw that one coming I can tell you. Unlike his new love, Madeleine, who was the nice lady who took his tattoo away for him.

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