We Know Where You Live Cover What would you do for charity? Would you pretend to be somebody else? Would you re-enact a classic scene from a movie? Or would you get a couple of mate's together and talk a lot of sh*t for an hour and a half? No? Well these chaps did! Comedians: Eddie Izzard, Harry Enfield, Alan Rickman, Vic Reeves, Jonathan Ross, Paul Whitehouse, Jack Dee, and many-many more. Plus they did it in 2001 too!

We Know Where You Live

Sometime in 2001, a bunch of celebrities all got together, and performed a live show in Wembley Stadium, London, all with the intent of raising some money for Amnesty International. To aide people who have had their civil liberty's taken away from them.

Cleverly, this show is divided into the following sections:
  • Now the host of this show is none other than Eddie Izzard himself, who introduces onto the stage the following performers, amidst his plethora of gags.
  • The comedians in attendance are people such as Richard Blackwood, Harry Hill, Dom Joly, Jonathan Ross, Phill Jupitus, Sean Lock, Vic Reeves, Alan Rickman, Paul Whitehouse, Harry Enfield, Jeremy Hardy and Dave Lamb.
  • Next, the musician playing their songs, are those like Badly Drawn Boy, U2, Tom Jones, and the Stereophonics
  • Also, there are a number of video inserts sprawled throughout the show, where celebrities congratulate Amnesty upon their fortieth year in existence. For example, Colin Firth, Dawn French, Richard E. Grant, Kate Moss, Jonathan Ross, Emma Thompson, Tim Roth, Jack Dee, Julie Walters and Johnny Vegas.

What now follows are a couple of my favorite jokes from this live program:

  • Bees make honey, so what do spiders make? Gravy?
  • The subject, 'History of Art', is like 'Geography of French'. Basically it's put these painting in chronological order, which can't be difficult, because they have the dates stamped at the bottom of the frame.
  • OI! IZZARD! NO! Put on a f*cking dress and stop confusing us! You've come out of the closet, an we all know that your a nonce!!!
  • Did you know that sharks will only attack you if you're wet?
  • My daughter brought a boy home the other day. I warned him I did, I said if you so much as look at her the wrong way, I'd cut you. He cried. Bloody seven year old.
  • Why is it that big boxers and small little girls are the only people who skip?
  • I know that a lot of other comedians say this, but I did have a hard time getting here today. It started with a very traumatic childhood...
  • First there was Pope John. Then there was Pope John Paul. So you know where they are going with this next - Pope John Paul George and Ringo.
  • Not just jockeys, but all small people should wear a number.
  • Why is it that the police keep on arresting innocent people? Simple, they are easier to catch.

In the seventies, the 'Monty Python' crew and some of the members of 'Beyond the Fringe', all got together and performed a live charity event on behalf of Amnesty International, called 'The Secret Policemen's Ball'. Since then, their have been about four of these 'balls' in total, until Eddie and company decided to change the format in 2001, with 'We Know Where You Live'.

Conceptually, there isn't that much difference between 'Ball' and 'Live' really, except for the people involved of course, and that the overall presentation of this show is much more slicker in content. Still, what does any of this matter within the scheme of things, huh? Entertainment is entertainment in the face of charity. And if you have seen the video clip up above, then I am sure you can get the basic gist of what I trying to saying by watching a similar 'Ball' video clip just below.

Great piece of nostalgia, I am sure that you'll agree. Moreover, 'Live' manages to capture the self same vibrant tone, all with a wry smile, a sly wink, and a great way of fighting back against injustice, by sticking two fingers up at authority and then telling them to f*ck off.

My personal favorite sections in this program, is when Eddie is being Eddie, the full Phil Jupitus section, when Harry and Paul take the piss out of each other, plus the aforementioned 'Four Yorkshiremen' sketch. Also, I did like it how everyone on stage seemed like they were having a really good time, and gibing each other whenever they got the chance to.

Amnesty International.Wallpaper

You see, for me, this is the type of anarchistic humor that this show is all about. It just justifies to the masses that 'freedom of speech' should not be governed by 'those on high'. But rather, it should be allowed to flourish, or else creativity will not be allowed to bloom.

Within one of the documentary sections included in the DVD, Eddie mirrors my sentiments exactly, by standing on the doorstep of an embassy who forbids his cross-dressing antics, defying them with his merest presence.

Amnesty International Logo

That is the essence of 'We Know Where You Live'. That is the satirical flavor of 'We Know Where You Live'. And that is why 'We Know Where You Live' is a must watch and a must buy DVD for people who love subversion in its purest form.

Honestly, if you want a good laugh whilst donating to a good cause at the same time, please, check out the Amnesty International website (http://www.amnesty.org.uk/), to find out what they have on offer, and what you can do for them in return. They are fifty now, and I prey to God that their likes will always be around for future generations to come.

Viva la Amnesty! Viva la Comedy! And la revolution!!!!


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