As you may know, most movies are based on reality. 'The Godfather' series of films was based on the Italian crime families of New York. The bio-pic 'Ray' was based on the life and times of Johnny Cash. And the 'Amityville' horror franchise was based on a ride at Euro-Disney. My buddy Faceless knows what I am talking about. Here, check out a conversation we had just the other day, whilst were were discussing a movie he's currently devising.  

Hostage to the Devil

1) In your own words Faceless, how would you describe your web-site, whoismrtom.com?   Its frightening. Eye-opening. Its also a protest, a rebellion -- you have no idea how hard I've fought to get this footage out there... its been a real struggle.

When I first set out to make this film it was not about "Mr. Tom" -- it was originally about the state of modern exorcism. Many startling things were revealed to me; how prevalent it is, how the church has refused to acknowledge how its been changing and what those changes mean for all of us... of course the most fascinating of all these things was the slow reveal of a man known as "Mr. Tom"... what I've learnt about him, what he does, his gift... it changes everything.

2) How would you describe your documentary, ‘Eli Dante’? And what inspired you to create it?   It’s a little like... Grizzly Man meets The Exorcist. Bowling for Columbine meets The Evil Dead. The Last Exorcism meets Men in Black. Paranormal Activity meets Wall-E. Its absolutely mind boggling the things I'm being introduced too. Its difficult to label at this point, I'm just spending as much time with Tom and Eli as I possibly can... getting a feel for the lives they lead. Its... remarkable.

3) Have you had any personal experiences with exorcism / possessions yourself?   Yes. And well - to say the least - I'm EXTREMELY lucky to be alive. The worst of my experiences has been documented on our website. My leg is still scarred. I'm not entirely sure what it was I witnessed but Eli has promised me answers; provided I can gather the resources necessary (funds!) to get this documentary off the ground the public at large will get answers too.

Immediately after Tom attacked my camera a car drove up - like this old Black tractor - and I was forced into the car and taken to a public park about twenty minutes away where a very agitated male nurse. I forgot his name. But he knew Tom and Eli very well, tended to my leg and stitched me up. No matter how much I yelled and screamed everybody stayed quiet… nobody spoke to me directly.

Tom and Eli did their best to make sure my camera was broken; kicking it, smashing it. Neither of them really knew how to handle it, or what to look for. As if the technology was somewhat foreign to them - they never got a hold of the memory card inside.

Once my leg had been stitched-up I was driven to a bus station, shoved out of the car and told to forget everything I'd seen and leave them alone.

Prior to this whole experience though, I only knew the concept of exorcisms and possession academically. At one time I studied at a seminary for a brief period, as it was my intention at that time to become a Priest.

But that didn't work out.

4) What piece of music, movie, or object, would you say your movie was like, and why?   Louis Armstrong is Tom's favorite artist. At least as far as I can tell. When I think of Tom I hear his music.

5) If you could assign a smell to your style of story, what odor would that be, and again, why?  Strange question. But if I must -- maybe new car Smell? Because Tom and Eli drive this amazing classic car that they keep in mint condition. I mean I’m in love with the car. Somehow they've preserved that scent; the clean leather, the disinfectant; their air filter must be made of rose petals. It’s really something.

But when I'm not in the car... I'm usually smelling dead chickens. Don't ask.

6) If you could have a ‘big name’ star in your project, who would it be, what part would they play, and yet again, why?   Google the name Malachi Martin and tell me he wouldn't be an AMAZING subject to interview and have comment on what Tom and Eli Dante do.

7) If  Mr Tom was looking for a partner, who would he date and why?   I'm not sure Tom is the dating type - its actually quite heartbreaking to see how he deals with the "public" and how the "public" in turn deals with him. He keeps to himself; he's wounded. Getting Tom to open up is an extremely fickle process -- one wrong look, one wrong word and he shuts-down and ... usually throws something at you. At least in my experience. He has this ungodly ability to throw things. Whatever he wants to hit -- he can hit. He has particular fun taking out the cameras I've placed around his house... which brings me back to my fundraiser. I need more cameras!

8) Who is Mr Tom?  I'm still figuring this out myself.

So there you have it dear reader. My mate Faceless and his great website whoismrtom.com. When you have the time, please give it a click or two, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well. Also, if you have a bit of cash to splash, you can donate on indiegogo Trust me, you won't be sorry. 

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