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Captain America: The First Avenger Cover Did you know that before he became a Captain, 'Captain America' had to work his way up through the military ranks? He was 'Kitchen-Porter America' first. 'Cleaner America' second. And 'Lieutenant America' third. Before he achieved this lofty status. Now if you don't believe me, you should ask Director: Joe Johnston; or Actors: ChrisEvans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, and Dominic Cooper. But only in 2011 and for 124-minutes.

Captain America: The First Avenger

1942: All super-scrawny young-pup, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), ever wanted to do, was to become a super-solder in the US Army. But no. He's skinny. He has asthma. And he keeps on failing his medical examinations.

Thankfully though, one nice evening, an earnest doctor called Abrahams Erskine (Stanley Tucci), runs into Steve, and he finds a way to enlist him into the US army, because he sees the potential in him. Granted, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) does have some concerns with Abrahams judgement - especially when he observes Steve's form during his time at boot-camp. But as for British Agent, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), on the other hand - she has a lot hope in Steve's courage, which is why she escorts him to a secret lab located in New York City.

Oh! What for? To shag him? No! So that Abrahams can transform Steve into the super-solder 'Captain America' of course. Just before two Hydra agents kill the good doctor and make there escape.

Ouch! What a bunch of b*stards! Who are these Hydra agents anyway? Well, they're a Nazi fringe group under the control of Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving), who, like Steve, has been transformed into a person of power sometime ago. Moreover, he's also the dastardly dick-head with a God fetish, whose head is very red (literally).

OK, so what does Steve do about it, huh? Perform a propaganda piece with some pampered pretties, just to promote peace to the general public? Yes - regrettably he is forced to do that. But in addition to this, he does try his best to stop 'The Red Skull' any which way he can.

You see, under duress, plus with some help from Peggy and Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Steve is able to rescues a bunch of captured 'Howling Commandoes' and his old pal, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), from the Red Skulls clutches. Also, he and his new found pals find a way of denting the War in Europe, by bashing, smashing, and broadcasting their endeavors, causing the public to cheer, YIPPPEE! Whilst causing the Red Skull to try to fight back, BOOO!

Well, I suppose that is why what next transpires really kicks off when our shield slinging Captain marches off to do battle with the Red Skull once and for all. As buddies take a fall - Hydra henchmen have a ball - the Skull seals his fate - and Cap is very late for a date.

Seventy years too late as a matter of fact. That's what Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) tells him anyway.

In my most humble opinion, 'Captain America - The Last Avenger' is up their as being one of the best comic book films since 'Sin City', 'Ironman', and 'The Dark Knight' (click here for the review). Honestly, this is a really great movie to watch. The acting is solid. The tone is very timely. The special effects don't distract from the action. And by in large this is one of those flicks that just has it all.

Heck, the only four little gripes that I could find with this flick, is that Bucky is too old, the skinny Chris looked a bit 'off' at times, the love story felt too fleeting, plus isn't their an age snafu where Howard Stark is concerned? Well, his son, Tony (Ironman) Stark, is in his forties, right? And in this 'forties' film Howard must be in his early thirties. So at a guess, if Howard squirted out Tony ten years later (when he was forty), that would make Tony sixty by now. Correct?    

I told you my gripes were little, didn't I?

Captain America: The First Avenger Wallpaper

Anyway, enough of my gripes. Here, have some of my facts as well: (1) Wolverine, Namor, Bruce Banner, and Magneto, were all supposed to have cameos in this picture. But this idea was scrapped due to rights issues. (2) Originally Jon Favreau intended to make this film into a buddy comedy, but chose to direct 'Iron Man' instead. At one point both Louis Letterrier and Nick Cassavetes were also considered to direct as well. But eventually Joe Johnston was chosen because of his work on the film 'The Rocketeer'. (3) This was the final Marvel film produced by Paramount. Disney bought the rights from 'Marvels Movies' from then on in. (4) This is the fifth live-action representation of Captain America on screen. The first was the 'Captain America' television show. Plus the second, third, and forth, were all television based movies called 'Captain America' and 'Captain America II - Death Too Soon' for the third [click here for some incite into the director of the third film, Ivan Nagy]. (5) Hayley Atwell based Peggy Carter on Ginger Rogers. Whereas Hugo Weaving based the Red Skull's accent on German filmmakers, Werner Herzog and Klaus Maria Brandauer. (6) For the role of Captain America, quite a few actors were considered, such as Sam Worthington, John Krasinski, Chace Crawford, Garrett Hedlund, Kellan Lutz, Ryan Phillippe, Alexander Skarsgård, Channing Tatum, Scott Porter, Mike Vogel, Sebastian Stan, Wilson Bethel, Michael Cassidy, Jensen Ackleswere and Will Smith. And where the role of Peggy Carter is concerned, these actresses were at one time or another considered, Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt, Alice Eve, and Gemma Arterton. (7) Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created 'Captain America' in 1941. Stan Lee revived him in 1964. And (8) Did you spot that red-suited android at the expedition? He was Marvels first 'superhero' character called the 'Human Torch'. No. Not the same character that Chris played in 'Fantastic Four' [click here for review]. Rather, the title character on Marvel's first published comic book [then called Timely].

The Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger

Now if you have not guessed by now, let me just state for the record that 'Captain America - The Last Avenger', is a brilliant piece of film-making. What I liked about it the most; is that the pallet was muted, the direction had a hint of Spielberg to it, the majority of this movie was set to one single time, and all the actors were just great.

Tommy channels Lee Emery in his demeanor. Hugo has an almost Germanic flavour to his pose and presence. Domenic does a very good Robert Downey Jr. impersonation. Hayley is a forties sweetheart. And Chris is so blue-collar earnest-Americana; I could hardly tell if it was him at times.

Captain America: The First Avenger Poster

All in all this is one great comic book movie. I just hope that we see a sequel in the works after the 'Avengers' film comes out. Right guys?


CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE LAST AVENGER CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE LAST AVENGER Reviewed by David Andrews on June 29, 2012 Rating: 5
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