Men In Black II Cover Did you know that the stars in the sky are actually the lights shining out from the many alien's houses? Also, that the darkness within the sky is a combination of farts and gasses made up from the masses? True story, just ask Director: Barry Sonnenfeld; and Actor: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Knoxville, Rip Torn, and Rosario Dawson. But only ask them in 2002, and for about 88 minutes.

Men In Black II

Poor Agent J (Will Smith). If it wasn't bad enough that his current partner is a dog with a bad smoking habit, mainly because he had to neutralize his previous cry-baby of a partner, Agent T (Patrick Warburton). He now finds out that the only person who is able to help him with his current case, is his old friend and mentor, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).

You see, 'J' is the top suit-wearing member of a secret agency which monitors extraterrestrial activity on Earth, called the Men in Black. And when his boss, Chief Zed (Rip Torn), instructs him to investigate a alien skirmish in a pizzeria, he is told from the waitress, Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson), that two aliens, Serleena and Scrad (Lara Flynn Boyle and Johnny Knoxville), killed her boss, because they were trying to find the "Light of Zartha" - and 'K' knows about this.

OK, I know what you are thinking to yourself. What's the problem with 'K' then? Why can't he help 'J' out with his predicament?  Well, unfortunately, due to an adventure he had about five years ago, 'K' had his mind erased, and is now working in a Post Office in Massachusetts.


So what does 'J' do about this, huh? Track down 'K' and try to repair him with a Deneuralyzer? Yes - he does do that. However, during this time, Serleena and Scrad also penetrate the Men In Back headquarters, whilst trying to stop 'K' from getting his memory back.

But does 'K' get his memory back? Is his noggin in full working order once again thanks to 'J'? Err - kind of - though he still can not recollect anything about the "Light of Zartha", prompting both him and 'J' to investigate-investigate-instantiate, like a flexible worm playing twister with a hot waitress. 
Laura Vasquez - a locker in grand central station - and a video store of no fixed ability, in each instance, 'K' and 'J' piece together clues about why Serleena wants the "Light of Zartha", and why they should stop her from finding this item.

Still, that is most probably why what next transpires if rather emotional cosmic affair all in all. As the Men in Black attack - Allies cover their back - Aliens are hard to die - and a saviour shines out from the sky.

First off, please let me just say that 'Men in Black II' is nothing like its original comic book counterpart. It's funnier. It has a nice 'take' on the alternate. It has Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Johnny Knoxville, Rip Torn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Tommy Lee Jones in it. Plus the overall package is just so well presented, that it manages to tell a somewhat linier story, whilst at the same time making me smile at a talking dog and a bunch of randy worms.

Will and Tommy in Men in Black 2

Honestly, I cannot really fault this film one little bit. All I can come up with instead is some sad filmic facts: (1) Famke Janssen was cast as Serleena in this movie, and she shot some scenes for it too. But when a family member died, she had to reluctantly drop out of this project. (2) David Koepp was involved with the film's script, but left to do the 'Spider-Man' movie during pre-production. (3) Now the original ending of this film, entailed the World Trade Centre to open up, and release a swarm of UFO's. But after the 9/11 tragedy struck, this scene was omitted from the final cut. (4) The original pug from 'Men in Black 1' was used to play Frank in this film. However, due to his old age, he needed to wear doggy make-up to cover up his grey hairs. (5) Director, Barry Sonnenfeld, makes a cameo in this film as the husband living in the apartment where J, K, and the worms, acquire their weapons from. (6) This was the first film sequel that Steven Spielberg produced that has a testicle-related joke in it.  (7) The video store scene highlights several Oliver Stone movies, plus an Oliver Stone cardboard figure too. (8) The train locker scene is a tribute to the mystery in the gangster flick 'Once Upon a Time in America, where the main character, Agent K / Noodles, returns after a span of time away, to solve a long-lost mystery. And (9) The original concept behind 'Men in Black' was based on a three issue comic book series created by Lowell Cunningham, and was published in 1990 by Arcel Comics [which was made defunct a year or so later].

Some Tits from Men In Black II

OK, I know what you're thinking to yourself "So why is 'Men in Black II' such a great film", huh? What makes it such a special breed? Well, to be honest with you, I do enjoy a story which makes me think, smile, laugh, and presents to me something 'alternate'.

You see, where 'thinking' is concerned, this movie does tackle the all important issue of the workaholic - and how someone with this disposition does lead a somewhat secular lifestyle. Next, where smiling and laughing are concerned - do I really have to answer this question? Will, Tommy, Johnny, and Rip, are a riot! Rosario and Lara are hot! There's a dog that smokes! Plus randy worms get to play twister with Rosario as well. Oh! And finally, as for the 'the alternate' part, well, this film is, right? Space is a vast frontier that has been explored in many movies for quite some time now, and this one does so with a smile on its face, a joke in its heart, and a thinking person's perspective.

Bless you guys and girls, I am now ready for Men in Black 3. I just hope that you are  too.

What a movie!


MEN IN BLACK II MEN IN BLACK II Reviewed by David Andrews on June 05, 2012 Rating: 5
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