How bad is that doctor called Rot? Is he as bad as that doctor called Spock? You know the one with the ears. Who's been in space for years. And owns his own industrial yacht. Unlike Writer: Cullen Bunn; Artists: Paul Pelletier; with Publisher: Marvel Comics in May 2012. They own a piano made out of custard instead.

So what’s the STORY morning glory?
Part three of 'Rot' reminds me that I can not clean my clothes with a tin of baked beans and a shed load of spaghetti. Well, the outcome of this would be rather messy, wouldn't it?

  • You see, I am sad to say that Wolverine is in a right situation type situation at the moment.
  • He has been captured by the sadist scientist, Doctor Rot, who has strapped him down into a chair, introduced him to his 'family' and his 'God brain machine', before making his life a living hell
  • So what is old Logan going to do to get himself out of this predicament, huh? Wait until the Rot family leaves him alone to recuperate, and then hack his way back to revenge?
  • However, is he able to do this when external forces have managed to penetrate his brain, and Melita Garner and the FBI come knocking at the door?

Damn right to be continued...

What is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
I did enjoy the segment where Dr Rot introduced his folks to Logan, particularly the tale end of this missive when he says 'They're all so happy your here', only for Logan to growl in response.


Very in character for both characters, huh?

What was the BEST thing about this issue?
There's a part of this story that really did surprise me whilst I was reading it. Now I do not want to tell you what it is for fear of spoiling your enjoyment of this adventure. But for those of you who have, I am sure you were surprised as I was when you came to the realization that Logan was not feeling himself. Zing!

What was the WORST thing about this issue?
Oh! Now this is a tough question to answer really, because I did like reading the majority of this yarn. But at a touch, maybe the scene where Baylee Ann mouths off to Logan was a bit over the top, as it never went anywhere within this tale. 


What was the most CREATIVE thing about this issue?
STORY: Structurally this issue was a pretty straight foreword read all in all. And I did get a buzz during the torture scenes, as well as how this yarn progressed in a very nice and revealing pace. Good one Cullen Bunn. Very-very good.

ART: The torture scenes in this issue were really quite bold and cringe worthy in the execution. I personally winced when I saw Wolverines eyes propped open with them eye-clamps, as I could almost feel the pain that he was in. Good on you Paul Pelletier. I've never seen you draw like this before. 

If you had to CAST TWO CHARACTERS in this comic book, who would they be and why?
ROT'S MOTHER: She's on the large side. She has a big bust. She looks scary. And I would love to see her in a nurse's uniform. Roseanne Barr? Perfect.

ROT'S GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER, AMTREMUS: For his skinny elderly gent, I surmise that you need a younger man who should be in a lot of make-up. So what about Coronation Street actor, Anthony Cotton? As I am sure he can pull off old and mumbling no problem.

If this issue had a MOVIE TAG LINE, what would it be?
Welcome To The Rot Household, Where You Can Get All You Can Scream For Just Nine, Nanty-Nine, Nanty-Nine. Yehawwww!

If this issue were a MOVIE, an OBJECT, or a piece of MUSIC, what would that be and why? 
Would it be bad of me if I told you that I was humming the theme tune to film, 'Deliverance', all the way through this issue? Dueling Banjos . If so, tough sh*t. I thought it appropriate for this story ya' dam' varmints.

FINAL thoughts...
As of this moment in time I have to say that Cullen Bunn is one of my all time favourite Wolverine writers. Granted, I may be a little bit presumptuous with this remark. Nonetheless, so far he has not really put a foot wrong on this book, and he is really starting too grown on me by the issue. The same can also me said for Paul Pelletier too.

Synergistic complement to the max.

MARKS out of 10? 9

WOLVERINE #307 WOLVERINE #307 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 25, 2012 Rating: 5
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