Scary Movie 2 Cover Don't you find horror movies somewhat formulaic at times? Well, from the get go, you know that 'person a' is going to go into a haunted house. You know that 'person b' is going to be killed. And you know that 'person c' is the killer. Too tried and tested, right? Just like this film Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans; and Starring: The Wayan Brothers with Anna Farris and Tim Curry. But only in 2001 and for 83 minutes.

Scary Movie 2

One year previously, something mildly amusing happens to someone or something to do with the last film.

I think. 

But I don't want to tell you about that, do I? Hell no! I want to tell you what is happening right now. Today. When a bunch of high-school students are asked by their professor, Oldman (Tim Curry), plus his paraplegic assistant, Dwight (David Cross), to stay at a haunted mansion with them for the weekend.

Yes. I am afraid to say that this is one of those yarns. One where Cindy, Brenda, Ray, Alex, Shorty, and Buddy (Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Shawn Wayans, Tori Spelling, Marlon Wayans, and Christopher Masterson), all try to pretend to be a lot younger than they really are for the next eighty minutes or so.


Anyway, at first, everything seems to be just fine in this haunted mansion. Each and every one of these students are individuality welcomed in by Oldman's rubber handed butler, Hanson (Chris Elliot). And in turn they all welcome a new class mate who has very nice tits, Theo (Kathleen Roberts).

However, when evening falls, some really strange things do go bump in the night. Cindy and Buddy get spooked by a painting on the wall that resembles Cindy. Alex gets molested by a randy ghost. Ray get's smothered by a toy clown. Shorty gets smoked by a possessed cannabis plant. And Oldman is seduced by a possessed Cindy and Ray after they have a fight with a cat.

Sigh! Don't ask.

But then again maybe you should ask, huh? You see, all of these shenanigans are a cunning plan devised by an evil master-mind for no apparent reason what so ever. And that is why what next transpires begins on the following day, when Oldman decides to locks every inside this Gothic abode for their own safety. As people die - people lie - people act - and some people should have gotten sacked.

Two months later, something else happens.

Did you know that 'Scary Movie 2' is a genuinely scary film? Just think about it for a moment will you. People actually paid good money to watch this sh*t at the cinema! Whilst other people actually received money for being in this sh*t in the first place. Isn't the world strange? Ha!

Seriously though, in many ways this 'comedy' reminds me of a small little boy desperate for his parents attention. Again and again and again, this 'little mite' would do whatever he has to do, just so he can get some response from his Mama and his Papa. In another way this 'comedy' also reminds me of an episode of the the cartoon Scooby-Doo. Archetypal characters. Simple pretext. And formulaic execution. Moreover, this 'comedy' does reminds me of my mate Justin as well. You can only spend so much time with him before you want to punch him in the face.

Sexy Girls From Scary Movie 2

The cast of Scary Movie 2Yes. As much as it pains me to say this. This flick is one of those flicks that irritates more than it amuses. Unlike these filmic-facts of course. (1) Marlon Brando accepted to play the part of the priest in this movie for one million dollars. But when he had to pull out due to ill health, he was quickly replaced by actor, James Woods, whose scene was eventually cut from the final film. On a side note, Charlton Heston turned down this role too. (2) The exterior of the mansion was used in the sixties 'Batman' televisions series plus the movie 'Delirious'. (3) A lot of the places and street names were references to a lot of well known horror movies. Hill House. A Nightmare on Elm Street. Kane Manor. Plus Poltergeist 2 and 3. (4) According to actress, Tori Spelling, her character, Alex, was originally meant to be one of the main leads. But when she refused to do a topless scene, Dimension Studios cut her out of the movie. Reducing her role by three quarters. (5) The trailer for the Kevin Smith film 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back', ran before this movie. Most of the audience left after the trailer. (6) Allegedly the tongue used for 'The Exorcist' spoof, was the same one used for the original film. (7) The Wayans Brothers said that this sequel wasn't as strong as the first film because the studio wanted a quick release. (8) When Cindy was in the car, the following text is printed on the bottom of the map she reads: "Directions: If you had any brains you would take your ass home. But since you don't, head North 2 miles on Hades Divide. You will pass Elm St. on your left. Whatever you do, KEEP MOVING! 6 Miles to Kane Manor. If you reach Compton, lock your door, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye!". (9) Composer, George Clinton, wrote a seventy minute film score for this movie which was ultimately rejected. A temp score was used instead.

Whats going on in Scary Movie 2

OK, I know what you are thinking to yourself. "Why is 'Scare Movie 2' so rubbish?" Right? Well, like many other modern day sequels, it just fails to deliver on it's more successful predecessor. Listen, I don’t want to be overly critical where this film is concerned, because it did have some really nice moments thrown into the mix. Plus the plot and most of the dialogue were somewhat original too. It’s just I am sad to say that those moments were too few and far between, making the film seem unoriginal, unfunny, and full of tits.

In my opinion the movie 'Airplane 2' did it best. It took the first film as a blue-print. It expunged on its originality. And then it spat out its innovations. Not like this film at all. Oh no. Because this 'teen comedy' relies heavily on the more popular elements of the first flick, and then rehashes them within the second. It's a shame really. As I do like the Waylan brothers, Anna, and the rest. Also, I do not mind this type of film when it is done well. Like in the 'Airplane' movies. Or maybe the 'Naked Gun' films.

Still, what can you do about it, huh? Never mind. Better luck next time.


SCARY MOVIE 2 SCARY MOVIE 2 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 24, 2012 Rating: 5
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