The world of fantasy gaming has been reinterpreted many-many times over the years. I remember when I was at school, that all I needed -- to be a member of the local RPG clan -- was a board, a dice, a couple of pals, plus a nice location so we could all play-play-play, like a rabble of rebellious rascals. However, since the advent of internet, RPG has been given a brand new face. One I'd like to share with you now by telling you about...

Algadon Facebook game

Yes sir-re-bob. That's correct. I said that 'Algadon' has integrated itself into the facebook platform, thus expanding upon it's already vast and dedicated community of followers. Isn't that just great news! This way all you need to do is click-click-click your way into adventure and beyond. Just log-on. Select a quests. Punch a player. Muck about with a monster. Fortify a fortification. And grab weapons, potions, armor, and any other items that will help you progress through the levels and become much-much stronger!

Heck, just the other day I did battle with a Mystical Warrior whilst outsmarting a blond-haired angel. Plus I did this before I even brushed my own teeth!!. Granted, Mum wasn't very happy about my shenanigans -- but then again she never is. Although she was very happy that Agadon is well monitored, well educational, well safe, and well free too.

Yes. That's correct again. You don't have to pay anything to play this pleasantly practical past-time. Moreover, the design of the game is so easy to use, it's literary click and play. Here, have a look at this screen shot to see how dynamic it looks...

See. Doesn't it look great? Gold. Gems. Health. Energy. Stamina. And experience. All you ever need to see on screen at the same time dear reader, just so you can adventure till your hearts content. So what are you waiting for! Go ahead. Click on the link provided so you can hocus-pocus like the great Merlin himself.


ALGADON FACEBOOK GAME ALGADON FACEBOOK GAME Reviewed by David Andrews on August 05, 2012 Rating: 5
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