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Beverly Allitt It strange what some people would do just to draw attention to themselves. They'd pretend to be ill. They'd lie for the sake of a story. They'd dress up in alternate attire. And they would actually kill people too. Yes. That's right. I said 'kill'. Here, have a look at this one hour documentary made in 2012 to see what I mean by this. It's a right stomach churner, I can tell you.

Angel of Death : Killer Nurse Beverley Allitt

In this episode of 'Born to Kill?', narrator, Christopher Slade, chronicles the sickly life and times of child murder, Beverly Allitt. Now to aide Christopher with his oration, on show are a number of video-clips, reconstructions, stock photography, as well as one on one interview's with people familiar with Beverly's case. For example there's Detectives: Stuart Clifton and Neil James; Staff Nurse: Mary Reet; Police Officer: Michelle Billingsley; Paediatric Doctor: Chardin Nanayakkara; Criminologists: David Wilson, Katherine Ramsland, and Louis Schlesinger; plus the father of one of Beverly's victims: David Crampton 

What now follows is a break-down of how this program plays out.

  • Who was Beverly Allitt?   Beverley Gail Allitt was born on the 4th of October, 1968, in the English country of Lincolnshire. At a very early age she developed a need to attract attention to herself, by causing harm to her person so she could get sympathy from others. Regrettably this then escalated when she started to train to become a nurse, playing crass and baroque games in class and on those people around her -- like beating up her boyfriend of instance.
  • What were Beverly's crimes?   Whilst enrolled as a state nurse in a children's ward in Grantham and Kesteven HospitalLincolnshire, Beverly killed four children, attempted to murder three others, and caused grievous bodily harm to one more. Presumably she did this by injecting them with a large amount of insulin when no one was around. Although other unidentifiable tactics were used as well.
  • Who did she kill?
    • Liam Taylor -- a seven week old boy who was admitted into hospital for a chest infection.
    • Timothy Hardwick -- an eleven year old boy with cerebral palsy, being treated for epileptic seizures.
    • Becky Phillips -- a two months old baby with gastroenteritis.
    • Claire Peck -- a fifteen month old child who suffered from asthma.
  • What children were saved from Beverly's dreadful endeavours?
    • Kayley Desmond -- a one year old child with a chest infection.
    • Paul Crampton -- a five month old boy who also suffered from a chest infection.
    • Bradley Gibson -- a five years old boy with pneumonia.
    • Yik Hung Chan -- a two years old child who had a rather bad fall.
    • Katie Phillips -- the two month old twin of Becky Phillips, who was sent to the hospital as a precautionary measure after her sibling's death. Kate now has brain injuries because of this encounter.
  • How was Beverly caught?   Beverly's name first came to light when the resident doctor called in the police to investigate why children on his ward were dying on him so frequently over the last two month period. At first she appeared to be an innocent party in this matter. However, after she tried to poison her own brother and more investigations were made, the f*ching b*tch was caught and sentenced to life in prison.  

My apartment smells like oily fish because my neighbour has been cooking her 'specialty' again. The Rastafarian outside my window is having an argument with his girlfriend in Klingon. And its so hot inside at the moment I feel like urine dipped in crap. But this does not bother me. Oh no. This I can take no problem at all. like water off of a ducks back in fact.

However, after watching 'Born To Kill? The Angel of Death', I can take no more.

Evil Nurse - Beverly Allitt

I'm angry. No. More than angry. I am fuming that people like Beverly Allitt still exist. OK, I understand that she is a very-very-very sick person. Sick in the head. But what on Earth can make someone want to kill a small child just for the sake of attention? And she was a nurse too! A child's nurse! That's mad! Madder than I feel. It's just... err? How did staff nurse, Mary Reet, put it again? 'It's inconceivable'.

One hundred percent.

Now I promised myself that I would not get emotional again after my 'Born To Kill? Fred West' review (click here to see what I mean). And I did manage to keep it together somewhat during my 'Born To Kill? Harold Shipman' review (click here for that). Nonetheless, now -- no -- I can't seem to do it. I want to be able to understand why Beverly did what she did!

Beverly Allitt Going To Prison

You see, in the past I have known of people like Beverly -- attention seekers -- who make up tales and do bad things for the sake of notoriety. Heck, one particular person springs to mind that tried to take a child off of her own sister for status and honor.

Though, come to think of it, as time goes on, this type of flawed character always manages to instigate there own downfall by their own actions.

Beverly Allitt With Baby
Wait a minute! That's it', isn't it? 'Born To Kill: The Angel Of Death' is a story about someone who will never get what she wants because she is who she is. Beverly will never know love. Beverly will never know emotion. And Beverly will never know freedom. All because she doesn't know about any of these things in the first place. She's redundant from the inside out -- or has 'Münchausen by proxy', as Louis Schlesinger says it.

OK, I am sure that the chaps in this documentary could have put it a lot better than I have -- especially my twitter pal, David Wilson, plus Stuart Clifton, Neil James, Mary Reet, and Louis Schlesinger himself -- all who presented some great incite in this show. But I am not them, am I? I am someone who will try my best not to get so 'emotional' next time round.



BORN TO KILL? THE ANGEL OF DEATH BORN TO KILL? THE ANGEL OF DEATH Reviewed by David Andrews on August 30, 2012 Rating: 5
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