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Fred and Rosemary West Sometimes being in a partnership can be a very rewarding experience. You can share things together. You can do things together. And to top it all off, you can just be together too. Although I do know of a partnership that did have a very adverse affect on those people around them -- Fred and Rosemary West. Here, have a look at what they did in this 45-minute documentary made in 2005.

Born To Kill? Fred West

In this episode of 'Born to Kill'; Steve Furst narrates the life and murderous times of Fred and Rosemary West. Now this ghastly tale is complemented with stock-photography, re-enactments, video-clips, as well as one on one interviews with Journalists: Dave Newman and Hugh Worsnip; Authors: Jean Richie and Anthony Daniels; Criminal Physiologists: Leo Goatley and David Holmes; plus Caroline Owens, who was once in the West's employee.

What now follows is a basic breakdown of how this program plays out:

  • Who is Fred West?   Frederick Walter Stephen West was a builder born on the 29th of September, 1941, in Herefordshire, England. Now given the benefit if hindsight, Fred's childhood was a rather turbulent affair. He was sexually molested by his parents. Uneducated. And suffered a de-habilitating injury because of a biking accident.  
  • Who is Rose West?   Fred's wife, Rosemary Pauline West, was born on 29th of November, 1953, in Devon. Now Rose -- just like her husband before her -- was abused as a child. Uneducated. And yearned to break from her harsh home-life. Something which Fred eventually gave her.
  • What crimes did they commit?   Between 1967 and 1987 the West's tortured, raped, and murdered, at least 11 young women and girls, and concealed their victim's bodies within their home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, plus their previous home and in a nearby field.
  • Who is Caroline Owens?   She was a nanny who looked after the West's children at the cusp of their murder spree. And although she was raped by them, she still managed to escape their grasp.    
  • Who were the West's other unfortunate victim's?
    • Charmaine and Catherine West (8 years old and 27 years old respectively) were Fred's step-daughter and his first wife respectively. Alleged that they both moved to Scotland together. They were murdered in 1971.
    • Lynda Gough (20 years old) shared a lover with Rose, and was supposed to have moved to Weston-Super-Mare to look for work. She was killed in April 1973.
    • Carol Ann Cooper (15 years old) went missing whilst walking back to her children's home from the cinema. She was killed in November 1973.
    • Lucy Katherine Partington (21 years old) was a university student who disappeared after Christmas whilst visiting a friend. She was killed in December 1973.
    • Therese Siegenthaler (22 years old) was a student from South London who vanished whilst hitch-hiking to Ireland. She was killed in April 1974.
    • Shirley Hubbard (25 years old) vanished sometime between leaving a work experience placement and returning home. She was killed in November 1974.
    • Juanita Marion Mott (17 years old) went missing whilst lodging at a friend's house. She was killed in April 1975.
    • Shirley Anne Robinson (21 years old) disappeared after becoming pregnant with Fred’s child. She was killed in May 1978.
    • Alison Chambers (16 years old) vamoosed for no reason what so ever. She was killed in August 1979.
    • Heather Ann West (17 years old) was Fred's biological daughter from his first wife, and she vanished after complaining to friends about her abusive father. She was killed in June 1987.
  • When were Fred and Rose West caught by the police?   In August 1992, a rumour surrounding the death of their daughter, Heather, caught the ear of a local police officer. The officer informed the police, prompting them to begin their two year investigations.
  • What was the result of this investigation?   Once they were both arrested, Fred West committed suicide amidst his trial, whilst Rose West was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes.  

My stomach is all a fluster after watching 'Born to Kill: Fred West'. Honest to God! My flesh is crawling from the inside out after hearing what those two b*stards did to those poor girls. I don't know why I watched this program for! Why? Why am I fascinated with this sort of morbid spectacle? What prompted me to watch a 45 minute chronicle explaining the facts surrounding a murder spree so disgusting, that part of me wants to drink myself to sleep?   

But then again maybe that's it, huh? The fascination. Trying to figure out why two sexually abused people sexually abused and killed eleven girls. We're all guilty of this you know -- us true-crime fans -- prodding away at documentary after documentary, hoping to conjure up a rational explanation to an un-rational act.

Victims if Fred and Rosemary West

In many ways I am reminded of something Keanu Reaves once said whilst starring in the film 'Parenthood'. 'People need a licence to own a dog. But they don't need a licence to become a parent'. And do you know why I thought of this remark? Well, this documentary just illustrated to me that any cock with a dick can get a bird pregnant -- if you get my gist. Yet in the same breath said cock can not always be the right cock to bring up the birds offspring.

Now could you imagine what it must have felt like to live in the West house-hold? Having to spend your life with two sexual deviants for parents, who torture, abuse, and kill, whoever they see fit, and then laugh about it afterwards? Heavens to Betsy! What a world, huh? A world that can be so deranged at times, that sometimes it is best to just turn off and think of better things.

Hmmm. Maybe that is were I come in, huh?

Fred and Rosemary West's House Removed

Now if you haven't guessed by now, 'Born to Kill - Fred West' has touched a nerve within me. In fact, it's disturbed me so much that it must be a good program, right? Or else I would have spent most of my time writing this -- errr, whatever it is -- telling you how bad or how good it was. And it was good. Yes. Very informative indeed. Presenting a very polite account about a very un-polite subject. Though that's what a documentary is supposed to do I suppose? Make you feel. Feel and learn to be a better person, and not do some of the cruel mindless things that the West's have done.

To be continued with the next installment of this show.


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