Now for many creators to figure out how to channel their own energy, they themselves have to experience many-many-many different things. Hardships. Happiness. Honeycomb. And any other word that begins with 'H' that may sound somewhat appropriate. My Scottish mate Graeme knows what I am talking about. Here, check out an interview we had just the other day, whilst playing hop-scotch with Robert The Bruce.

A Short History of Scotland

1) What are your own origins Graeme?  I was born in Dundee and lived mostly in Edinburgh. After a series of events I decided to return home and basically start again. This time I was determined that whatever was to come I would aim to do the things I should have done long ago. It's not much, all I want to do is learn and follow my own little dream.

Creepy Scarlett
2) What are your own artistic and personal aspirations? Plus what inspired you to create the comic ‘Creepy Scarlett’?  I really don't have many aspirations. To be doing something I enjoy and to be able to express myself creatively is a good place to be just now. All I aim for is to keep learning and improving.

The comic was inspired by a lot of things. When I started to learn film-making I was looking for one idea I could run with when I thought I was capable of doing so. Each short film was to learn and to test an idea out. When I made the Creepy Scarlett short film last Halloween I knew it was the one. I had already started work on a comic book and when things went awry with that then the Creepy Scarlett idea came along. The character of Pumpkinface was from a short film from the previous Halloween and the two ideas just came together. The opening scene from the comic is taken from the Halloween Nightmare short film featuring Pumpkinface.

Aside from that, the cemetery in which it is set has been where most of my inspiration came from. I spent a lot of time there learning to use my video camera and making little test videos to learn editing. The cemetery on a hill, the bridge, the town below, the sunsets. It was my own little world of solitude and it became Scarlett's.

3) Who would you cast in a ‘Creepy Scarlett’ movie if one was devised?  It's my ultimate dream to make a movie from it. It would be a big decision to cast Scarlett and it's something I wouldn't want to give to anyone else. Hopefully it can be successful and I would have my pick.

4) What song would you say best represents your comic book and why?  If I say something by Justin Beiber then we'll get more hits, right? No, I had a think of a few and went to listen to them and it can only be "Bad moon rising" by Creedence clearwater revival. It's a jolly tune about not so jolly things and even the lyrics fit well right down to the line "one eye is taken for an eye", which if you read the comic is obvious to spot it's relevance.

5) Do you have any other projects on the horizon?  No. I'm 100% into trying to make Creepy Scarlett the best it can be. I won't be thinking about anything else until it's over.

6) If you was stranded on a desert island, and you was only allowed to bring one thing with you, what would it be and why?   Mr. Ted of course. We're more or less stranded in the cemetery so an island wouldn't be much different I guess. They have candy shops on this islands, right?

(Sorry, Scarlett wanted to answer the last question).

No problem, Graeme. Scarlett can have her say. And I suggest that all of you out in cyber-space take heed of her example, and visit this creepy lady on facebook, twitter, and youtube too. Trust me, she is one hell of a Bonnie lass.

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