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Lady Dragon The MovieI sometimes find it is very difficult to singularly classify a genre of film. Is it an action adventure? It is a romantic comedy? Is it a superhero movie? Or is it a dramatic superhero action adventure with a touch of horror, comedy, and suspense, thrown in for good measure? Well, my pretty pal, Kristina Michelle, knows exactly what I am talking about. Here, check out a conversation we had only the other day, about her great new movie project 'Lady Dragon'.

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1) To me, Kristina, your movie, ‘Lady Dragon’, looks like a cross between an eighties cartoon and something like ‘Buffy - The Vampire Slayer’? In your own words how would you describe your movie?    Lady Dragon is a very ambitious and unique project, and I say that because there is so much going into it. While it mainly fits into the action / super hero genre, there are many other aspects to it. It's action, adventure, horror, drama, suspense, crime, and even a little comedy thrown in. Yet the story isn't convoluted. We chose the best of each of these genres, and I feel all of the pieces fall into the right places.

It's funny that you referenced Buffy though, because I do refer to our main villain as the big bad (not in the film, but in describing him to people interested in the film).

Lady Dragon Sexy Fight
2) What film, or amalgamation of films, could you compare your piece to?    In comparing this film to others of the superhero genre in particular, I would have to most compare it to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. I say that because it's a more realistic, darker film. It's out there, but it's more believable that some of the more supernatural stories. It's more human, more relatable. But the story itself is unique from others, in my opinion, and can't be compared to others in that sense.

3) What attracted you to this project in the first place?    I've always loved comics and superheroes. Working in the film industry, I always secretly hoped to be one those heroes some day. To make this a reality, we considered doing a fan film, but the ideas snowballed so much that eventually, my co-creator (Ray Szuch) and I came up with our own unique hero and story. The other thing that attracts me to this project is the chance to use my stunt skills more. Being a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, working in stunts allows me to mix that with my acting career. The chance to do my own fight scenes in a role like this is very unique and exciting.

4) If 'LD' was a song, what song would it be and why?    This is a difficult question, because there are so many songs that would fit different aspects of the film. I think one of the top songs I would have to choose is "Street Fighter (War)" by Sick Puppies. This song fits in a lot of ways. For instance, when it says "You had all your life to run and hide / Now Step Up, Now step up / Let's Do This!" This fits the transition Lady Dragon goes through, from being basically this wallflower who wants to discover the world, and yet is hiding from it; to this kick-ass, empowered woman with a mission to take the fight to the street and stop this evil growing in her city. And when it says "This is war, and it never ends.." that really fits the ending, which for the short film, is a cliffhanger to what's next. Without spoiling too much, no the fight is not over at the end. It's just the beginning of what's to come.

5) If you could assign a smell to your movie, what odour would it be and why?    Smoke and blood. Smoke, because fire is the essence of Lady Dragon's power. Her powers come from the dragons of what we believed to be myth, so that's an easy choice. Blood for many reasons. Lady Dragon fights a lot of people, and obviously there is a lot of blood shed. Poppa Joe (the main villain in the movie) is a Voodoo Priest and uses blood magic to raise his army of the undead.

Lady Dragon Art
6) What are your own aspirations for this project?    After our current Kickstarter campaign, and after we shoot the short film, we'll also be releasing a "Lady Dragon" comic book. These will both be used to drum up interest in the concept, and we'll also be going into production on a feature length "Lady Dragon" movie. My own aspirations for the project are to make way for more female superheroes and action stars. Female action movies have their own niche and die-hard fans, but the general public are much slower to accept them. For whatever reason, this is especially true when it comes to female superheroes. Very few of them have been accepted in the same light as the male heroes. People need to understand that a hero has no gender, no single form. I think this character has staying power, and hopefully will be the inspiration for others to make their dreams a reality too.

Lady Dragon The Movie
7) What are your own origins Kristina? Plus what path did you take to get into this movie making business?    I'm one of those select few that was lucky enough to know what I wanted to do with my life from the beginning. Because of that, I was able to start down that path at an early age and get into acting classes. It wasn't easy - and sometimes still isn't - but I've steadily been working in movies for several years now. After a while working in front of the camera, I became interested in learning the other side of the process. So, aside from the acting, I also write and produce. I really do enjoy working in this business and see a long career in it for myself. Working on both sides of the camera is great, because whichever side you're working on for one particular project, you have a better understanding of what the other side is going through.

8) If your movie was a 'singleton' going on a date, who would it be attracted to and why?    As a singleton, I think "Lady Dragon" would be interested in a lot of different people. Fan boys/girls. Someone who likes action and a good time. Dreamers. I don't know, this is kind of a tough question.

Lady Dragon
9) If there was a message behind this movie, what would it be, and why would you want to convey it?    With the growing interest in all things superhero, there is a need to introduce a female character that will bring a new identity to the industry. There is an untapped market of fans (men and women) that will identify with a positive female character that is educated, strong, driven and cares about the fragility of the world, whilst at the same time, understands the darkness and isn't afraid to get out her stomping boots. The message is also that there is darkness in this world, in many of us. The line between good and evil is thin, but that darkness is not as strong as the light and good in this world. There's a hero in everyone. We just haven't all found it yet.

Perfectly put, Kristina. Very poignant stuff indeed. So there you have it dear reader , a great independent film in the works 'Lady Dragon'. When you have the time please check out their kickstarter campaign, plus remember to do the facebook and twitter thing too. Go on. Hop to it. Or else Kristina will come round to your house and kick you up the butt. Amen.

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