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I once watched an episode of Cagey and Lacy. And it reminded me of the vile villain, Lafreeze. There was shaft of orange hair. Shoulder-pads with a touch of flair. Plus an accent that sounds a lot like musician, Count Basie. Honest to God. Just ask. Writer: Antony Bedard; Artist: Tyler Kirkham; and Publisher: DC Comics in August 2012.

So what’s the STORY morning glory?
If you have ever urinated onto an electrified pylon before, then I'm sure that you can relate to this New Guardians tale entitled 'Operation: Agent Orange'. Electrifying -- yet slightly satisfying at the same time.

  • Picture the scene humanoid; if 'The New Guardians' and the Weaponer don't smash Lafreeze's face in post haste, Invictus has no choice but to remake the Solar System of Vega into sh*t.
  • But are they able to accomplish this mamouth task? 'Agent Orange' has a shed load of replicates at his disposal, and let's not forget his very own Guardian called Sayd, too?
  • Still, you know the old saying don't you? Nothing lasts forever.

BANG! Not in the way you might think though.

To be continued once a surprising revelation is made.

What is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
I thought it adorable when Glomulus said to Lafreeze 'Where LanternKyle?!'. In my head I imagined his squeaky little voice reverberating straight away.

Well, I presume that his voice is squeaky. Like Chip and Dale with some additional echo.  

What was the BEST thing about this issue?
So now we all know who has cobbled this colourful band of merry ring-warriors together. My God! What a surprise that was. Half of me expected it to be someone from another book. But no. It was **** (name omitted, because I can be a bit of a ******** at times).

However, is this revelation a good thing or a bad thing? Like the apparent death of ****** for instance? Time will tell, I'm sure.

Good work Mister Kirkham. You got me with that one, a hundred percent. You ****.

What was the WORST thing about this issue?
I suppose the one thing that I was a slightly disheartening about, was the fact that the majority of this tale was just one big fight scene, with a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure.

Good surprises though. (see above)

What was the most CREATIVE thing about this issue?
STORY: The scene where Invicus played God with those two planets did puzzle me a bit. You see, if he was all that powerful, why the hell does he need the 'New Guardians' help him? Moreover, if he's supposed to be an angle, why not create instead of destroy?

Logical gripes, I know. Nonetheless, these two questions do make me think more about this innovative scene than on first glace.

ART: Another thing that puzzled me about this issue was the depiction of a character's demise -- the scene where the 'traitor' is evaporated by Lafreeze. Well, it was carried out so 'brashly', I'm actually unsure if this character will stay dead or not. Probably not. 

Not a bad thing. Just an emotional thing.

If you had to CAST TWO CHARACTERS in this comic book, who would they be and why?
LAFREEZE: Now if this orange hued villain was a soft drink, he would have to be a can of 'Iron Bru'. Tangy to the taste buds. A hard exterior. And looks like something only Ray Charles would design.

KYLE: But if Mister Rayner was a soft drink, he would have to be a bottle of Sprite. Green on the outside. Clean on the inside. And rather refreshing to digest. 

If this issue had a MOVIE TAG LINE, what would it be?
Watch Your Back You Greedy B*stard. Theirs Going To Be A Knife In It Soon. STAB! Free Of Charge. 

If this issue were a MOVIE, an OBJECT, or a piece of MUSIC, what would that be and why? 
OK, so this colourful story was about a group of heroes fighting a common enemy so that they can save the galaxy from going 'BOOOOOOM' by a confused angel, correct?

Hmmm. What about comparing it to 'Spaceman' by Babylon Zoo? What do you think?

FINAL thoughts...
Overall this was a so-so story really. On the one hand there were a couple of surprises that really did surprise. Whilst on the other hand the cartoon-like vibe that this book projects, compiled with a very simplistic narrative, does not really put it in its best light.

Still, it does have an intriguing future perhaps. You ****.

MARKS out of 10? 8

NEW GUARDIANS #11 NEW GUARDIANS #11 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 16, 2012 Rating: 5
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