The All Together Cover The colloquial English phrase, 'the all together', refers to a person being very vulnerable and nude to the outside world. However, do you actually think that any of the actors or actresses involved with this picture would have enough courage to get their giblets out for everyone to see? You know, this film Directed by Gavin Claxton; and Starring: Martin Freeman, Danny Dyer, with Corey Johnson. It was made in 2007 and last for 85-minutes.

The All Together

English wanker, Chris Ashworth (Martin Freeman), is just sick of his life. He's sick of his job as a stooge working in light entertainment. He's sick of his artistic-lodger, Bob Music (Velbor Topic), leaving his crap lying all over the place. And he is sick of his own home. Period. Which is why he intends on selling his house, leaving Bob behind to tend to this, whilst he goes to work, pandering to some weird-f*cker called Jerry Davis (Richard Harrington), who is interviewing a midget for his show.

Kind of.

Hey! Wait a minute! Do you know who else is also sick at the moment? Physically. Some American gangster named Mr Gaspardi (Corey Johnson), all over the brand spanking new car belonging to his English aide, Dennis Earle (Danny Dyer).

But Dennis can't have that now, can he. Especially when he's just ran out of petrol, and has no place to go. Or does he? Because there is a house nearby that Mr Gasparadi can vomit in. Chris' house.

Oops! Not a very good idea I'm afraid to say. You see, as soon as these 'villains' barge their way into this Plumstead premises, a lot of sh*t happens. OK, not just sh*t. Sick. Confusion. And human traffic a plenty. Two estate agents turn up to value the place. No. Let's make that three. Plus two Jehovah's Witnesses as well. Moreover, whilst Gasparadi empties his bowels into the bog, Dennis gets himself into a right pickle with these 'prospective hostages' arriving one after the other after the other.

Oh! Bloody hell! How will Chris feel about all this then when he returns home from another day tendering to his trade? Sad because Jerry has been a right prick all day long? Happy because the midget's mate takes a liking to him? Or as I suspect, pissed off because Bob was put him in charge of selling his home?

Good questions. And that is why what next transpires all kicks off just after Mr Gaspardi shoots Dennis, and just before a clown arrives at Chris' door. As hostages are wrapped - Chris is not ready for a scrap - Bob farts - and three months later a gangster turn into a work of art.

When I first sat down and watched 'The All Together' a year or so ago, I thought that it as a good bad film. The actors were great. The storyline was a bit mumbled. Plus the overall feel of this piece was one-half television movie and one-half satirical farce. However, upon watching this flick recently, and gauged on a more defined level what it was all about, I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot-lot more -- mainly because the invisible questions that hovered around this project did not intrude in any way shape or form.

Danny Dyer in The All Together

OK, I know what you are going to say, what 'Invisible questions' are these? Well, the first time I watched this comedy, all the way though it I kept on thinking to myself "When are Danny Dyer's and Martin Freeman's characters going to meet?", "When are the two stories going to intertwine?", and "How is Martins character going to react when he comes home and see all of the mess?". Which did distract me slightly. Obviously. Though upon my subsequent viewing, because these questions have already been answered in my mind, I could actually sit back and relax a bit more, and appreciate what this film for what it truly is. 

However, who is at fault here? Me, for being a curious chap? Or the writer / director, Gavin Claxton, for not second guessing audiences expectations? Now if truth be told, a bit of both, huh? But you have to realize that this matter of perception is not a bad thing were this film is concerned. I just find that the overall frantic and jovial pace of this piece really does help it into becoming a truly wonderful flick.

Martin and Squirrel in The All Together

Here, check out these cast related facts for the full 411: (1) Martin Freeman was on the British national squash squad between the age of nine and fourteen. (2) Corey Johnson was born in New Orleans, but he was trained as an actor in London's Central School of Speech and Drama. (3) Danny Dyer once said about his hair 'I'm receding a bit. But it only started after I dyed it. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll sue. It's down to Channel 4 I'm losing my hair anyway'. (4) Director, Gavin Claxton, first television project was called 'House of Rock', where a number of dead rock-stars, such as Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain, starred in a reality-based cartoon show together. (5) Velibor Topic originates from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated in Yugoslavia. (6) Martin's girlfriend is Amanda Abbington, who played his love interest in this film, plus had a cameo in his DeVito / Cruz / Paltrow flick, 'The Good Night' [click here for the review]. (7) Coreys real name is John Johnson. (8) Danny was born in Custom House, East London, England. (9) So far, this is the only film that Gavin wrote and directed. And (10) This was Velibor second British film.

All in all 'The All Together' is a really light and funny film to watch. It is well acted. The story is frantic and jovial. The direction is solid. Plus it has a very poignant British tone to it too. Making it a project that adders to both pathos and character development, whilst at the same time allowing it to comment on itself and this filmic genre without a care in the world. Agreed Martin?

A very nice film. But much better on second viewing.