A building always needs firm foundations. It's something that stops damage or abrasions. Take the Bat-Cave for example. It's not a random sample. Of construction born of misjudged calculations! Well, that's what these experts told me. Writer: Scott Snyder; Artists: Greg Capullo and Andy Clarke; plus Publisher: DC Comics in October 2012. They gave me a quote last Tuesday.

So what’s the STORY morning glory?
Have you ever eaten a chilli cheese sandwich with a side order of candy floss before? No? Well, you should. It is very warming and sweet at the same time, and somewhat reminiscent of this issue of Batman -- entitled 'Bright New Yesterday'.

  • You see, six years ago, a young-ish Bruce Wayne is as directionless as Britney Spears with a compass.
  • He can not stop the 'Red Hood' gang from robbing his bank because the police suddenly turn-up in mid-ploy.
  • Alfred keeps on nagging at him to move back to Wayne Manor because his current 'mission' isn't really going according to plan.
  • And Lieutenant Gordon is curious as to why Bruce is so laid back in his business interests and currently living in a luxury penthouse situated in Crime Alley.
  • Bob-oh-boy! Bruce sure needs some direction in his life, doesn't he? Or maybe a sign which does not involve a boomerang or a future scheme devised by the 'Red Hood gang'?


Meanwhile, in the side-kick back-up feature, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson, can see their future in the sky thanks to a conversation between Gordon and his daughter, Barbara. A Bat-shaped future.  Click!

What is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
Now one of the funniest pieces of dialogue in this issue was when Alfred said to Bruce "Forgive me Sir. But I did warn you that operating a supercomputer was a bit out of my typical job purview". And I did like that segment where Tim 'stitched-up' his head-master. I'm sure that many kids dream about doing this as well.  

What was the BEST thing about this issue?
As much as I did enjoy reading the main-feature, in my eyes, the back-up feature in this issue was much more enjoyable to plough though. It was like a 'before they were famous' exert you'd find on YouTube or a television show -- having that 'I know something you don't' awe about it. Great. Just great. 

Moreover, I did like the little nods and winks to previous continuity scattered through-out this book. Like the 'Kane' reference for example. Plus 'the penthouse', the 'Nightwing costume', and that whole discussion between Bruce and Gordon. Smashing.   

What was the WORST thing about this issue?
Now I am not too sure about this 'Red Hood' addition to continuity. I hope that this does not detract from the original concept behind this 'gang' -- one comprising of rotating henchmen -- and tries to remain loyal to both the Jokers and Jason's role within the scheme of things.

Let's see, shall we? 

What was the most CREATIVE thing about this issue?
STORY: One of the stand-out scenes for me in this story was that whole segment between Bruce and Gordon. I just loved the suspenseful tone behind it with that 'boomerang' inclusion, because it gave it that 'hurry-up Bruce, get him to leave' angle that I really get a buzz out of.

ART: In my most humble opinion this title hasn't looked so good for a very long time. Good on you Capullo and Glapion. Apart from having names that are very hard to pronounce, you also have a very definable harder-edged style that suits this 'tale of times' past down to the ground. In addition to this, Andy Clarke's back-up feature was nicely presented too. And reminded me of his work on the previous Batman and Robin series -- just with a slightly more cartoon-like flavour to it. 

If you had to CAST TWO CHARACTERS in this comic book, who would they be and why?
BRUCE: Now the Bruce in this issue must be in his 20's, right? And appears' a little bit stubborn with his decision making. So why not cast someone like Zac Efron? He's a stubborn sod in his 20's. And I hear that he has a red hood too!

GORDON: I have a crazy notion that if Zach Galifianakis -- from 'Hangover 2' fame -- lost a bit of weight and tidied himself up a bit, he'd have that 'roguish cop swagger' needed to play this Lieutenant to a tea. 

If this issue had a MOVIE TAG LINE, what would it be?
Poor Bruce Wayne. He Has The Cash. He Has The Looks. He Has The Gadgets. But He Just Doesn't Have The Bat Yet.

If this issue were a MOVIE, an OBJECT, or a piece of MUSIC, what would that be and why? 
OK, so in essence this issue was a story about someone trying to find their direction in life. So why not compare it to something like the film 'Forest Gump', just with a bolder and grittier tone in prose?

Trust me; it works on a rather perverse level. 

FINAL thoughts...
Now if I had to define this issue in one pith comment, that comment would have to be 'What a nice story'.

No. Not 'great'. Not 'outstanding'. Not 'revolutionary'. But 'nice'. Although that does not necessarily mean that it was dire by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, confined by history and a ton of baying fans dreading what the outcome of this yarn might be, I'd even go so far as to say that it was a 'very-very nice story'. One that I am sure will pave the way for both Batman and the future of this title from here on in. 

MARKS out of 10? 9

BATMAN #0 BATMAN #0 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 27, 2012 Rating: 5
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