Sea Breeze LaneNow if truth be told, here and there I've always wondered about the true nature of our collective existence. Well, are we human-beings plonked upon this planet willy-nilly by Capri of fate? Or does it have something to do with Jennifer Lopez and the size of her tush? Hmmm. Maybe by comic creating pal, Trevor, will have an idea about this existential quandary, huh? Here, check out this conversation we had only the other day, whilst pondering on the size of Kim Kardashian's ego. 

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Columbia 1) What are your own origins Trevor? Plus what path did you take in life to get to where you are today?   I am originally from Columbia, MD, my parents are from Jamaica and Guyana and I came to New York to attend St. John's and study English and Education. I did just that and luckily for me I got a job as an 11th grade teacher about a year out of school. I always wanted to create my own comic but I never quite knew how to go about it, with kickstarter and sites like Conceptart.org and deviantart, I was able to find others who wanted to create something as much as I did.

2) What inspired you to create the graphic novel ‘Sea Breeze Lane’?   I've always loved superheroes, comics, anime and even power rangers, basically every kids and teens show during the 90's -- I love it -- and my work is influenced by that entertainment era. For Sea Breeze Lane specifically I was influenced by movies like Minority Report and Moon, even Prometheus. Comics like Saga and the envisioned Prophet series, as well as various short stories and anime as well.

Moon Light
3) In your own words how would you describe this story? Plus what formats does it come in?   The story is about a guy who feels out of place, he knows something is off but he doesn't know quite what it is. He's been told by his father growing up that the world isn't what it seems and now he's determined to find out what's 'real' so to speak. However he isn't the only person who wants to see change in the world or wants to shake things up. He meets Luna, a Duster (kind of like a moon nomad) who saves his life and is also looking for some truth in this world but the two of them butt heads a lot because of their backgrounds and history. 

The book comes in 3 formats: Digital (PDF), Hardcover collection (all 5 chapters), and single issues (22-28 pages each). 

4) If ‘Sea Breeze’ was a movie, a piece of music, or an object, what would it be and why?   Sea Breeze Lane would be either an Anime or a movie definitely. It has the foundations for a good strong 13-26 episode limited series anime, and the scale of the locales and the things you see in the story would make for a good sci-fi romp. 

5) If you could cast a movie based on your creation, who would you cast and why?   Good question, I never thought about that. Let's see, I'd probably say Jennifer Lawrence for Luna, Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) for T.K. and for David, probably Andrew Garfield or Anton Yelchin.

6) How did you meet up with Salomon Farias, Frank Luera, David Aravena, and Erin Teresky? And what have you learnt about each other during this collaboration?   Well, assembling the All Star team was a bit of a journey. I met Salo on conceptart.org. David is his friend and they were a package deal (awesome team by the way). And Erin and Frank are both friends of mine I met through my second job. They were the last two on board but have helped me sooooo much its immeasurable. 

Jennifer Lawrence7) What was the first comic book you have ever read? And do you still read mainstream comic books?   The first comic book I ever read was a doozy, it was 'Batman: Death in the Family'. I didn't even know what I was reading but I had it since I was a kid and after I got older and understood what I was reading it was only a matter of time before I was really hooked.

8) If your lead character was a singleton looking for a date, who would this date be, and why would he want to date this person?   Now this question is surprisingly easy to answer. David would go on a date with Zooey Deschanel or someone like her, someone who is able to find the beauty in the world or the brighter side of things. He needs someone like that.

9) During your time as a writer, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   Pressure and positive feedback. I don't mean people saying that the story is perfect but, I mean people saying that its good but also offering ways to make it better. I work better under pressure as well -- that's usually when I shine. 

10) When can we expect to see ‘Sea Breeze’ published?   Sea Breeze Lane will be published come hell or high water, in April of 2013 as a hardcover graphic novel and periodically on a monthly basis up until the collection is released.

Brilliant! That's great news, Trevor. So you know what you have to do, dear reader! Strip naked. Have a dance. And then check out my pals website, Lakefrontcomics.com, plus of course the tweet-tweet / kick-kick thing. God bless. 

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