Blue Girl FilmNow if you had the gumption, and a few of the resources, what type of movie would you make? A rom-com starring your next-door neighbor and that tramp sleeping at the end of your street? Or what about a sci-fi opus starring your cousin Frank and the local town drunk? No! Fair enough. My movie-mate, Nadine, wouldn't either. Please check out what she would make in this conversation I had with her only the other day, whilst casting a tramp and a drunk in a remake of 'Scary Movie 2'. Must be better than the original, huh?

1) What are your own origins Nadine? And what did you do prior to forming ‘Blue Girl Films’?   Origins? You mean before I became an X-Man? Ha! I'm just a regular person with a regular job who has an interest in film-making and photography. I used to record an on stage show for horror nights with Miss Gory Rae. Then, by way of a local zombie film contest, and inspiration from local talents -- Jen and Sylvia Soska -- I took the plunge into making films, and haven't looked back since. I'm kind of wondering why I never did this sooner.

Blue Girl Film
2) In your own words how would you describe your two existing projects, ‘Maya's Journal’ and ‘Madame Soleil's Tea Party’?   They are great cheesy fun mixed with blood. I'm a big fan of humor in horror you see, and did some in both.

3) If ‘BlueGirl’ was a piece of music or an object, what would it be and why?   Hmmm. I would say the song 'Ich Will' by Rammstein. It means 'I Want'. I want to push myself more into my film-making and work on making them better. This song is perfect personal motivation!

4) What odor would your films omit if they gave off a scent?   HAHAHA!!! Really? Interesting question. I would say an iron smell, blood, mixed with a nice smoked Gouda.

5) Could you list your top five all time favorite horror movies?   Listing favorites is very hard I tell you. My number one is easy: Evil Dead (all). Creepshow. The Thing (Carpenter). Hellraiser 1 & 2. Plus American Werewolf in London.

6) Has your wares had any media recognition as of yet?   I have had quite a bit of exposure from various indie horror sites. My shorts were first picked up by 'Black Flag TV', 'Indie Horror News', 'Promote Horror', 'Horror Palace', and 'Happywax's Video Vault', to name but a few. Whilst I was writing this, I was told I'm in the 'Haunted Digital Magazine' also. I've been very fortunate to have all these great indie sites support my work. The festivals also help with exposure too.

7) What was the first horror movie you ever saw? And how do feel about the current horror movie industry?   My first horror movie was 'Creepshow' when I was  five years old. This blew my mind that movies liked this existed. Hooked right away. I think there's a whole bunch of Indie talent out there that just aren't getting the exposure they deserve -- which is sad. Horror in Hollywood is just a joke most of the time. And seriously? Enough with the stupid remakes already.

8) What was your time like at the Montreal ComicCon?   My time at the ComicCon was utterly amazing. Working the Black Flag TV table was so great. I met a bunch of really nice people and finally got to meet SV Bell. On top of that, my world premiere was at the 'Montreal Horrorfest' for 'Madame Soleil's Tea Party'. The Con had 32,000 people attend, crazy busy! I would do that again in a heartbeat. One of the best times of my life!

9) Do you have any new projects on the horizon?   I do have 2 in the writing phase right now. I'm going to stick with a couple more shorts to gain a bit more experience before plunging into a feature. Stay tuned!

Damn right we will, Nadine! Right dear reader? Because I'm sure you will visit her great blogsite, bluegirlfilms.blogspot.ca, and do the tweet-tweet, face-face thing too. Go on! Click-click-click. 

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