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The Accidental Husband Cover Sometimes you have to be very careful who you give advice to, because, you never know, this person might be a right nutter underneath it all. I mean, could you just imagine what would happen if you'd told someone to make a film about marriage and 'real love'? You may get something like this movie made by Director: Griffin Dunne; plus Actors: Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, and Sam Shepard. Especially in 2008 and for 90-minutes.

The Accidental Husband

If truth be tole, unshaven fire-fighter, Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), is a very-very confused man indeed. One minute he's going to get married to his Puerto Rican fiancée, Sofia (Justina Machado). And the next minute he's not. All because Sofia gauges some relationship advice from the novelist / radio 'love-guru', Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman).

So what do you think Patrick does about this, huh? Encourage his landlord's son to hack into Emma's marriage records, so that he can marry her before she can marry her fiancé, Richard (Colin Firth)? And then, when Emma confronts him about this 'glitch', he'd get her drunk, and put her into a very compromising position with a very important person as well? 

No. Not Wilder (Sam Shepard). He's Emma's Dad. Mrs. Greta Bollenbecker (Isabella Rossellini). She's the wife of the media mogul, Karl Bollenbecker (Keir Dullea), who in the process of either putting a clamp on / or keeping active, the publishing house owned by the person Emma loves. Richard - not Patrick.

Though, on second thoughts, maybe Emma does start to love Patrick? Well, he does have a way about him that really stokes her fire. Plus in addition to this, he helps Emma and Richard out with the Bollenbecker's in his own inalienable way.

Boy-oh-boy! Isn't life confusing at times? Let's hope this mess resolves itself once Patrick dissolves his marriage to Emma, so that their respective lives can go back to normal once more.

But then again that is most probably why what next transpires is a nice tale to tell on the radio I suppose. As Richard drinks caffeine - Patrick comes clean - Emma does not know what to do - and a fire removes a rather large church-queue.  

Now before I review 'The Accidental Husband', please allow me to spill some trivia first: (1) The director of this film, Griffin Dunne, starred in the John Landis horror classic, 'An American Werewolf in London'. (2) The production company which distributed this film, 'Yari Film Group', went bankrupt in between releasing it in the UK in 2008, and releasing it in America in 2009. That's why it went direct to DVD in the States. (3) Sam Shepard lived with Jessica Lange for seventeen years, and suffers from a fear of flying. (4) Jeffrey's character refers to Uma's character as 'The Bride' when he toasts her at the bar. This was the name Uma went by in the film's 'Kill Bill' 1 and 2. (5) Isabella Rossellini was once married to famed film director, Martin Scorsese [click here for his section], and is the daughter of the famous Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman. (6) To date this is the only film written by Mimi Hare, Clare Naylor, and Bonnie Sikowitz. (7) Lindsay Sloane is good friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and she was her bridesmaid at her wedding to Freddie Prinze Jr. (8) Colin Firth speaks Italian, and at one time or another lived in America, Nigeria, plus of course, England. (9) In this flick Jeffrey plays a fire-fighter, which was the same profession he played in a previous production he starred in called 'ER: The Crossing'. (9) Uma was named a 'Hindu Goddess' by her father, Robert Thurman, because he was the first westerner to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. (10) This film has a website, www.theaccidentalhusbandmovie.com

Uma in The Accidental Husband

OK, so now all that's off of my chest, what do I feel about this reluctant romantic comedy? Hmmm. 'Confused' I'd say. It's just one of those films that I do not normally go for really. Although the actors are great, the story-line is fine, plus the direction is fairly nice as well.

You see, my confusion with this film (like most of the characters in it as well) is - what's it trying to say? What's its message? Half of me applauded its realistic take on 'the concept of love'. Whilst the other half of me winced when I saw how this movie resolved itself. 

Listen, I am no sceptic; I know how hard it is to find the right partner in this more media driven age. And I am not trying to imply that people should not go with their gut instinct at times, and find someone who is able to 'keep them home-fires burning'. However, in the same breath, for a film that is trying to be grounded in realism, the way that the 'romance' blossomed between Uma and Jeffery's characters, to me, was rather far fetched in its execution.

Morgan and Uma in The Accidental Husband

Well, if you think about it for a moment or two, Uma's character is supposed to be a person who is a firm believer of 'nurtured love' -- how two people grow to appreciate each one another over time, due to the fact that they share a common bond and a vested interests. So what does she do? Fall for someone who is the complete opposite to the person she is currently engaged to, just because she spends a bit of time with him?

Nah! Not buying it myself. And that is what I find is the main problem with 'The Accidental Husband' is myself.

Apart from that though, it's not a bad movie. I like to think of it as an amalgamation of 'The Fisher King' and any other rom-com you can think of. Plus I have to admit, that on occasion I did not mind its logical take on an illogical subject.

Well, 'Real Love' is a strange concept on a certain level, where emotion supersedes a rationale of reasonable proportions. Agreed Fab Four?

Bless em'


THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on October 01, 2012 Rating: 5
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