The Batman vs. Dracula Cover Now its 'point' verses 'point' in this animated adventure of the ages. As in the red corner it's none other than the man with the pointed teeth, Drag... something or another. Whilst in the blue corner it's that chap with the pointed ears, Cat... err... thing... hmm... person. Honest to God. Just check out this pointed extravaganza made in 2005, which lasts for a whole 83-pointed-minute's. HahahHAHAhA!

The Batman vs. Dracula

Sigh! There are a lot of 'firsts' on the mean streets of Gotham City tonight, all because the Joker and the Penguin suddenly decide to escape from Arkham Asylum.

The b*stards.

Well, it is the first time the Joker seemingly falls to his death amidst a battle he is having with the Batman. And on top of that, it's also the first time the Penguin unwittingly frees Count Dracula from a sealed coffin at the local cemetery too!

Yes my friend. That is correct. I said 'Count Dracula'. None other than the prince of darkness himself has returned from the dead, and is now ready to transform Gotham's citizens into his own personal 'Army of the dammed', before setting his sights on a couple of its more noted personages.

Namely, TV host: Vicki Vale; and hometown vigilante: the Batman.

Admittedly, this does sound pretty harsh within the scheme of things. Agreed. Still, what can anyone do about it, huh? The Count has an all powerful gaze which can bend people to his will -- as experienced first-hand by the Penguin. He has a bite that can transform people into mindless monsters to boot -- as witnessed by Vicki Vale, whilst attending a charitable function hosted by Bruce Wayne. Plus let's not forget that he's very fast, strong, and agile as well -- just asks the Batman about that, POW!

Oh! So what can anybody do then? Prey perhaps? Prey for a person who can turn the tide of this adventure in a more alternate way?

Yeah. Why not? Though that most probably explains why what next transpires begins when the harlequin of hate rears his ugly clownish face again. As nutters become reborn - love is unmistakably torn - science is ready for a fight - and would it be too cliché of me to state 'villains see the light'?


Now there were two little known facts I took into consideration whilst watching 'The Batman Vs Dracula' cartoon. Firstly, that these two characters met in two unauthorized movies made in 1964 and 1967  -- called 'Batman / Dracula' and 'Batman Fights Dracula' respectively. And secondly, it's possible that this animated adventure was inspired by the 'Elseworld' story 'Batman & Dracula: Red Rain', plus its sequels 'Bloodstorm' and 'Crimson Mist' -- which were created by writer, Doug Moench, with artist, Kelly Jones.

The Batman vs. Dracula Wallpaper

Hey! Do you know what else I've also discovered about this Transylvanian tosser? These alternate -- yet chronologically ordered -- filmic-fact: (1936) Dracula's Daughter: Correct. Nosferatu has a kid; and she looks a lot like Gloria Holden in bondage. (1943) Son of Dracula: Lon Chaney Jr. wears the fangs in this adventure set in Americas deep South. (1948) Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: Now if I may paraphrase a piece of dialogue from this comedy 'Aaaaabbooot? Is Bela Lugosi still alive?'. (1953) Dracula Istanbul'da: Old Nosferatu skewers a kebab in this Turkish made production. (1966) Billy the Kid Verses Dracula: John Carradine plays the cape-wearing ghoul in this Wild West slanted tale of bite verses bullet. (1972) Blacula: When Mister T kept on saying the word 'sucker' for all those years; do you think he was referring to this very exploitative film? (1976) Dracula, Father and Son: Although neither of them have any sense of humor what so ever, Christopher Lee and the French poke fun out of everyone's favorite garlic hater, set in not so gay-Paris. (1978) Zoltan, Hound of Dracula: Yes. You got it in one, folks. Dracula has a dog, and he bites. (1979) Love at First Bite: A disco dancing George Hamilton does Dracula proud in this film spoof. (1988) Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School: Do I have to explain this one to you? (2004) Dracula 3000: All I have to say is 'Dracula in Space', starring Erika Eleniak. (2004) Blade Trinity: OK, I know everybody calls him 'Drake' in this flick. But who is this rubber-wearing vampire-hunter trying to kid, huh?

Zombies in The Batman vs. Dracula

Now have you digested all of what I have just said, dear reader? Good. I hope so. Because it will give me the opportunity to explain to you what these facts have to do with 'The Batman Vs Dracula'.

You see, in my own personal opinion, my trivia-splurge substantiates that both of these nocturnal characters are versatile, transposable, and in some way a perfect match to pit against each other. Well, come on; let's face it -- Batman and Dracula share much more than a cape, don't they? They share an adaptable history which can be reinterpreted by society's leanings, whilst at the same time holding onto an 'inner truth' that is one-half mystical, and one-half elusive.

Just take this great cartoon for instance. The tone is seventies in flavor. The execution is dynamic and bold. Plus to top it all off, the overall narrative is lucid and free-flowing. That's what makes these darkly hued chaps legends -- attemptability -- and that is what makes this a great cartoon as well.

The End of The Batman vs. Dracula

OK, I have to admit; I've sat down and watched better animated tales in the past, with a much more expansive story-line that made me think about concepts and feelings. Nonetheless, this one is still up there where character and tone is concerned; because it has that really retro vibe that I really do dig. Honest to God, this is a must see for anyone who'd like to see a Marshal Rogers Batman pitted against a John Carradine Dracular -- it's that good. Also, I have to state for the record that I didn't mind the villain's inclusion either -- apart from how the Rasta-looking Joker looked.

Overall, 'The Batman Vs Dracula' is a great toon for any fan of Count pointy-teeth and Mister pointy-ears. Trust me, it's like the seventies come back to life with a touch of brash Clint Eastwood swagger, just without the Lalo Schifrin musical accompaniment of course. Agreed 'fan-made' trailer?

Ohh! Now that I'd like to see!


THE BATMAN VS DRACULA THE BATMAN VS DRACULA Reviewed by David Andrews on October 22, 2012 Rating: 5
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