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Herbert William Mullin During my schooling, my class-mates voted me as being "The Most Likeliest Person To Use The Expression 'Slap The Granny' Whist Speaking To A Member Of The Government". And do you know what? They were right you know! But as for the class-mates of the killer seen in this 45-minute documentary made in 2012 -- err -- they were way off the mark. Shame. A bloody shame.

Herbert William Mullin

In this episode of 'Born to Kill?'; narrator, Christopher Slade, chronicles the life and times of the delusional murderer, labelled, 'The Serial Killing Slayer'. As per usual, Christopher's oration is aided greatly by a number of video-clips, stock photography, audio inserts, and one on one interview's with people familiar with these crimes. Such as Detective Sheriff: Terry Medina; Criminal Investigator: Harold Cartwright; Physiologists: Dr Joel Fort, Helen Morrison, and Louis Schlesinger; plus Legal Specialists: Jim Jackson and Christopher Cottle.

What now follows is a basic break down of how this program plays out.

  • Who was the 'Serial Killing Slayer'?   This was the name given to the deranged serial-killer who was originally known as, Herbert William Mullin's. He was brought up in the Santa Cruz area of California, although Herbert was born in Salinas, California, on the 18th of April, 1947.
  • What was Herbert's early life like?   On the surface, I suppose you could say that his time on this planet was initially relatively normal. His father was a World War II veteran that told him about his war-time exploits. His mother was a housewife that brought him up in a warm and congenial environment. And his class mates voted Herbert to be 'The Most Likeliest To Succeed in Life' because of his determined disposition.
  • What were his crimes?  Throughout 1972 and 1973, Herbert murdered over thirteen people living in and around Santa Cruz.
  • Why did Herbert decide to kill?   Not so long after graduating from high school, Herbert's mind incrementally became unhinged in a very extreme and baroque manner. For example: (1) He started to act weirdly around his girlfriend, who he was supposed to marry. (2) He mimicked people's behavior, for no apparent reason what so ever. (3) He took drugs to suppress his own paranoid tendencies. And (4) He kept on hearing the voice of God, which told him that he had to kill people so that the world would be saved from an impending doom.
  • Who did he kill?
    • 13th of October, 1972 -- Lawrence White, 55 -- a homeless man beaten to death with a baseball bat.
    • 24th of October, 1972 -- Mary Guilfoyle, 24 -- a hitchhiker stabbed to death after she was picked-up by the side of the road.
    • 2nd of November, 1972 -- Henri Tomei, 65 -- a priest beaten, stabbed and kicked to death, during a confessional.
    • 25th of January, 1973 -- Jim Ralph Gianera, 25; Joan Gianera, 21; Kathy Francis, 29; Daemon Francis, 4; and David Hughes, 9 -- a number of unfortunate victims murdered because Jim Gianera was the first person to give Herbert drugs.
    • 6th of February, 1973 -- David Allan Oliker and Robert Michael Spector, both 18; Brian Scott Card, 19; and Mark John Dreibelbis, 15 -- a group of friends who were shot dead whilst camping in a park.
    • 13th of February, 1973 -- Fred Perez, 72 -- a Hispanic man shot in the head whilst gardening.
  • How was he caught?   When an eye witness spotted Herbert shooting his last victim dead -- Fred -- this lead the police to catch him, lock him up, and then sentence him to life in prison.   

Ouch! As much as it pains me to say this, this episode of 'Born To Kill' really has knocked my noggin'. Should I feel sorry for Herbert Mullin's because he's a bloody nutter? Or should I hate him for the grizzly crimes he has committed?

Oh, sod it! It's the last one. Herbert Mullin's is a right tosser! Please allow me to tell you why.

Herbert William Mullin's In Court

Now a couple of years ago a really strange thought popped into my mind, making me believe that I was going to die at the tender age of 32. Well, Bruce Lee died at 32. Brian Epstien died at 32. Karen Carpenter died at 32. Heck, even Keith Moon died at 32 too. And me; being the idiot that I am -- who really admired all of these living legends -- guess what I thought was going to happen me as well? No. Not that I should take up martial arts or sing. I thought that I was also going to snuff it at this great age by whim of fate.

So picture the scene -- there I was -- thought-out my thirty-second year upon this planet -- patiently awaiting for something bad to transpire, which would make me depart from this mortal coil pretty damn quickly. Then suddenly -- it happened -- nothing -- I became 33 -- and I was alive and well to witness the great actress, Brittney Murphy, die at 32 not so long thereafter.  

Herbert William Mullin Arrested
Alright, I know what you're thinking to yourself. So what was the point of that story, 'Mister Reviewer'? And what has it got to do with Herbert Mullin's? Well, one of the main reasons why I'm telling you this dear reader; is to explain to you that we all get a little bit paranoid or delusional at times. I'm sure you've played that game of 'If I get this piece of rubbish in the trash-can with a single throw, I'm going to win the lottery', right?

But that's where we stop. We don't go around and kill people because we think it will help us and the planet in the process.

Granted, Herbert Mullin's delusional tendencies were far-far greater than mine. Moreover, his outlook on life was far more brutal and harsh by proxy as well. Still, does this stance justify why he did what he did? No. If anything, it just goes to show that there's a lot of crazy people out there, who need some guidance before they eventually snap and do something bad.

You see, another one of the things I took away with me after watching this episode of 'Born To Kill'; is why wasn't someone keeping an eye on Mullin's during this time? The Sheriff stated that he had good parents, and they did have him committed briefly because of his behavior (Please Note: I got this fact from a book and not from this documentary). Also, why did the people who knew Mullin's, never say to him 'Hey! Why are you mumbling to yourself for? Why are you mimicking people? Why are you learning how to be a boxer if you don't like fighting?'.

Herbert William Mullin Murder Scene

See what I mean, dear reader? Why wasn't there a system in place to stop Mullins becoming the serial killer he has become?

OK, I know that there some of you out there who would say, "That may sound all well and good to you, 'Mister Reviewer'; but you've now got the benefit of hindsight, correct?". And to that statement I'd have to reply 'Yes. Yes, I have. But I've also got the knowledge of other serial killers behind me to boot. And I bet my bottom dollar that Mullin's isn't the first -- or the last -- murderer who has committed this type of crime'.

Face facts. Society can not shy away from this type of person because of governmental negligence or communal short-sightedness. And society can not 'hope for the best' and prey that 'all will'be well' either. All of us have to look out for our nearest and dearest, and try to squelch this type of thing from happening as best as we can.

Herbert William Mullin Prison Photo

Now here endeth my sermon. I'm sorry that I've droned on for too long. But that's what a good documentary does to me here and there. It makes me think -- in a more proactive way of course.   


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