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Johnny Depp If I could swap places with any person in the known world, it would have to be with the smooth-talking chap mentioned above. He's smart. He's charismatic. He has a nice beard. And he is talking to Johnny Depp in this show too. Yes! Of course I am referring to James Lipton. Who else did you think I was talking about? Johnny Depp? Hmm. Good idea. Let's see what they have to say to each over for 45-minutes in 2002, shall we?

Johnny Depp

It's another battle of the beards in this episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio'. In the tattoo free corner: is none other than the man with the balding top, James Lipton. Where as in the smoke filled corner: is the man with hair like a mop, Johnny Depp. 

Now in rather jovial form, James starts off this staged interview by asking Johnny questions on topics such as: (1) His family history. (2) What he got up to at high-school. (3) How he got into music. And (4) What prompted Johnny to make the move from musician to actor.

Here, please have a look at a number of JD quotes taken from this part of the program.
  • Depp mean's 'idiot' in German.
  • I didn't notice puberty. I may still be going through it.
  • You only get unconditional love in a family.
  • Tele-marketing was my first acting job.
  • They turned me into a product. I didn't want to be a teen-idol.
  • I am very interested in human behavior; especially in the 'outcast'.
  • Satisfaction is the death of an actor.
  • I feel very at home working with Tim Burton.

Next, James quizzes Johnny on his acting career, plus some of the movies he's made. What now follows is a selection of what Mister Depp's had to say about that.
  • On 'Edward Scissorhands' -- 'It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read; and I associated with the character a lot'.
  • On 'Ed Wood' -- 'I inhaled more angora than I wore'.
  • On 'Don Juan Demarco' -- 'The main thing I learnt from working with Marlon Brando, was to keep a straight face. He was hilarious'.
  • On Donnie Brasco' -- 'I wanted the real Donnie Brasco to be happy with that I did, because he and his family had to live with this movie afterwards'.
  • 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' -- 'I had to find a way of stealing Hunter Thompson's soul whilst he shaved my head'.
  • On 'Sleepy Hollow' -- 'I played Ichabod Crane: one-part school-girl, and one-part Angela Lansbury. I was sure that I was going to get fired'.
  • On 'Chocola' -- 'Juliette Binoche is amazing. She's a force. And a very dedicated person'.

Now in closing the show, James asks Johnny a number of questions taken from the Bernard Pivot structured questionnaire -- where we learn that his favorite word is 'why', and his least favorite word is 'no'. Before the student ridden studio audience subsequently asks him about his views of life, if he would play a woman in a film, and any tips he can give them on starting off their acting career.

I have to confess, that after watching this episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio', my opinion on Johnny Depp has not changed one single bit. I still think he's great. Honestly. I have not seen a more humble human being full of humility since Humpty Dumpty took a nose dive off of that wall for all of the Kings men. Heck, if I was a hormonal homosexual, I'd go nutty for this guy. Straight up. But I'm not. I'm just a fan of a very versatile actor who did his best to carve out his own career path in life.

Like many of you, I'm sure, I first noticed Mister Depp when he started to work with Mister Burton. OK -- admittedly -- I wasn't blows away by 'Eddy Scissor-mitts' all that much -- because I couldn't help but wonder how he wiped his own ass after going for a crap. But when I saw 'Eddy-Woody' -- POW! I stood up and took notice big time!

Inside the Actors Studio with Johnny Depp

You see, from that point on-wards, I've sort of warmed up to Johnny's acting choices a lot more than some other actors I like. I understood why he chose to play x like y instead of z -- to defy conventionality -- and oppose the norm but juxtaposing styles and ideologies. It just makes sense to me. Hopefully, like these Dippy-Deppy facts will make sense to you too. (1) John Christopher Depp Jr. was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, on the 9th of June, 1963. His Father, John Sr., worked as a civil engineer, whilst his mother, Betty, is of Cherokee decent and worked as a waitress. (2) Although he has never publicly regretted it, because he says it helped him become the person he is today, Johnny has been arrested several times for minor felonies in the past. (3) Johnny got his first film role in 'Nightmare on Elm Street', care of actor, Nicolas Cage, who was his first wife's ex-boyfriend. (4) Not only did the erstwhile Mister Depp drop out of high school and join the garage band, 'The Kids', as their lead guitarist. But they also became so successful that they even opened for musical acts such as 'Talking Heads' and 'The B-52s'. (5) Johnny has a stake in a restaurant, plus owns an island in the Bahamas. (6) He named his sons 'Jack' after the noted Victorian serial killer 'Jack the Ripper', who he has a morbid passion for. (7) To date, Johnny has 13 tattoos all over his body -- each of them signifying an important milestone in his life. One of these tattoos was transformed from 'Winona Forever' to 'Wino Forever' -- after he broke up with the actress he was going out with, Winona Ryder. (8) He will only dance in films when the routine is choreographed for him, and never in public. Johnny doesn't like dancing. (9) Johnny has always resented the fact that he became a teen idol on the hit television show, '21 Jump Street'. (10) He was playing with his band on stage at the 'Viper Club' in Los Angeles, the same night that actor, River Phoenix, overdosed on drugs and died there [click on link for review].

Young Johnny Depp

Sorry, dear reader. I do apologize for the rambling manner of this prose piece. But I do feel a bit tipsy after watching Johnny speak James. I've come over all 'Scissor-mitts' -- so to speak -- because I've remembered the one thing I wanted James to ask him...


Well, both Johnny and I do share the same fascination about this Victorian serial killer don't you know. And it would have been nice to hear him explain in more detail about this subject matter, huh? Still, apart from that little gripe, overall, this installment of 'Inside the Actors Studio' is a blast for any Depp fan to watch. It was funny. It was revealing. And I have say that it was very nice to hear how Johnny gives each of his characters a foundation based in neural imagery. Reminded me of something Peter Sellers one said (click here for this section). Don't you agree Johnny?

Er... no comment.


JAMES LIPTON WITH JOHNNY DEPP JAMES LIPTON WITH JOHNNY DEPP Reviewed by David Andrews on November 12, 2012 Rating: 5
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