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23 Nov 2012


By David Lee Andrews   Posted at  08:00   YOUTUBE

Penguins Vs Possums CoverEver since the dawn of time, many different battles and wars have been fought on many different fronts. For example; there was the great war between the Monkeys and the Dolphins in 1066. After that, there was the not so great Rhubarb / Tomato skirmish of 1742. However, the greatest battle of them all, has to have been the Penguin Vs Possum debacle in the comic books. What? You've never heard of it before! Are you sure? Here, check out this three-way conversation I had with the creators of this opus -- Sebastian, John, and Lindsey -- whilst sharing a Monkey and Dolphin sandwich in 1888. 

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Penguins Vs Possums Artists
1) What are your own origins, gang? Plus how did you meet up with your collaborators?   SEBASTIAN: My origin story is thus: half man, half god. I can’t tell you which half is which. But I can tell you that the result is met with mixed reactions. Oh, and I’m also from the Bay Area originally. I went to grad school in Dallas, and then traveled a little doing theater before landing in Los Angeles.

As luck would have it, I crossed paths with John and we began making comic books! Lindsay is his fiancé, so I met her through John.

JOHN: My X-Men Origin. I was born and raised in south Georgia, in a little town called Valdosta. That's where I also went to college and met my sweetheart (and soon-to-be-wife) Lindsay, who just so happens to be an excellent writer and collaborator. I moved to LA about seven years ago to get into TV and movies, only to meet Sebastian while working on a show and start making comic books again.

Penguins Vs Possums Art
2) What inspired you to create   SEBASTIAN: We indeed needed a place to house the glory of PVP. Honestly, it is a good way to consolidate everything and keep people updated about all of our con appearances as well as any new comics or merchandise we have. We have a ‘store’ on the site where people can buy issues or paraphernalia easily (and everyone should really take advantage of this)!

3) In your own words how would you describe this story? And do you have any publishing affiliations?   JOHN:  have been at war since the dawn of time. Their war has always been fought in secret, but as the conflict continues to escalate, every human on the planet will have to choose a side!

As for publishing affiliations -- nope! We self publish all of our books. That is, until someone wants to pick us up!

LINDSAY: PVP is the story of two animal species that have been at war since the dawn of time. Really it's the story of the relationships between all of our characters on each side. And the one thing we tell people is the story forces you to choose between them, to literally choose a side. It's important to us that the readers really don't know exactly who they should choose after reading both issues because we want them to feel torn. We like to say this is a ridiculous concept that we take 100% seriously.

SEBASTIAN:  I love mythology, conspiracy and secret civilizations, so for me those are some of my favorite aspects of this book. I also love the idea of Armageddon and the role humans will play in pitting brother against brother -- so maybe you’ll find that in future issues! These particular issues are about conflict, internal and external. They also deal a lot with societal roles and whether individuals accept or reject these roles. Oh! It’s also about penguins with Uzis and possums with ninja stars because that rules.

Penguins Vs Possums Artwork
4) If ‘pvp’ was a song, what song would it be and why?   LINDSAY: Okay, this is going to sound like a super weird answer. The song that is popping into my mind is "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer. The feel of that song is pretty powerful in it makes you want to go out and start a fight! But it also doesn't take itself too seriously. I love that feeling. I think we do a good job balancing the dark with the light.

JOHN: The only song that comes to mind is 'Achilles Last Stand' by Led Zeppelin. It's an epic, epic song! It's one of my favorites, and has always felt like it would fit right into the soundtrack for PVP.

SEBASTIAN: The song does not exist yet, because if it did, God would be so pleased with it, the angels would take us all up to Heaven so we could just bask in the glory (of the most perfect sound ever created).

Meryl Streep
5) If you could vocally cast a movie based on your creation, who would you cast, and again, why?   JOHN: Wow, I hadn't really thought of this before. We only have a handful of major players in our book so far, so I'll lay them out:

  • The Chosen One - Ewan McGregor, but without the accent. He's got an earnest quality to his voice that I think would really work.
  • Zolin - Tom Hardy. The guy is awesome. Why not?
  • Erendira - How can you go wrong with Meryl Streep? If this is dream casting, I will always cast her.
  • Doc - Christopher Lloyd. I mean, he's called Doc. How can I resist?
  • Xiao - Cillian Murphy. He handles sinister-yet-sympathetic rather well.
  • The Emperor - Laurence Fishburn or James Earl Jones. Deep, booming, commanding voice. Perfect.
  • Zhou-Si - Definitely Tiny 'Zeus' Lister, from The Fifth Element, Friday, No Holds Barred, and many more. He was the inspiration for the character (I specifically said Deebo from Friday, but a Penguin) so I'd have to go with him.

Amazing Spider-Man #359
6) What was the first comic book you've ever read? And do you still read mainstream comic books today?   JOHN: Not sure what the very first comic I ever read was, but the first I recall buying was Amazing Spider-Man #359, which featured the return of the villain Cardiac! I think it was the early-career Mark Bagley art that really wowed me at first, and soon I was off buying early Image Comics as well as a lot of X-Men comics. I am definitely a mainstream comics reader to this day. Actually, I feel like I'm part of a dying breed that still reads comics month-to-month. I read my fair share of smaller books ('Saga' by Brian K. Vaughn is really excellent), but I never stopped getting my monthly Spidey and X-Men fix since the early 90's.

SEBASTIAN: Man! I was so young I can’t remember the first. Probably Superman or Spider-Man. I know I was really into the old books when I was first starting out. My friends and I were into finding reprinted collections of the Ditko Spider-Man stuff. Oh, and I had (and still have) this awesome Superman book that’s a collection from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Mainly what I collected when I was young was Amazing Spider-Man, but I stopped around the time Bagley took over. Funny John mentioned that; because I had loved Erik Larsen’s run and when Bagley took over with Cardiac I lost interest. I also loved Hulk and X-Men and followed Larsen to Savage Dragon.

Now I don’t collect monthly. I’m definitely still into mainstream comics but the monthly grab just got too costly. I am one of those jerks that borrows from his friends, and then collects the trades.

LINDSAY: I can't recall the very first, but the first that had an impact on me was 'Maus' by Art Spiegelman. I have always been drawn to stories with heart and deeper meaning. I suppose all stories have heart and it's up to you as the reader to relate and find that deeper meaning.

Stan Lee
7) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your comic book, what person would you get, and why would you want to choose this particular person?   SEBASTIAN: Stan Lee because he is Stan Lee. Also Jesus because seeing him hold a copy of PVP and laughing about Armageddon would just be tops. And he did a really good job of promoting the Bible. He did that right?

JOHN: Wow. I mean, the mind immediately leaps to Stan Lee, but I'm going to have to go with 80's-era Hulk Hogan. That guy was just pure charisma, and could you just imagine the line "Whatcha gonna do, BROTHER, when the Penguins and Possums run wild on YOU?"

8) Have you ever seen a penguin or a possum fight in real life? And if not, have you ever thought about making this happen?   LINDSAY: Yes. Happens all the time. What's it to ya? These two species are smart and vicious. It would be WAR.

JOHN: Never in real life, no. I think when we become multi-billionaires from the sales of PVP comics, we will host a charity fight between a real penguin and a real possum. Though I think the audience would be the losers in that match.

SEBASTIAN: I’ve definitely never seen it happen in real life. I’m going to say “no, I have never thought of making this happen”. Because that way when John organizes that charity fight and the animal rights activists take away his millions, I’ll keep mine.

Angry Penguin
9) During your time as a creator, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   SEBASTIAN:  It is incredibly fulfilling to meet people at the conventions and see their reactions, their laughter and then to see them again at the next convention and they want the next issue. What I love about conventions, or really even emails and Facebook posts, is that we get that feedback. I love this book, but the fact we aren't just shouting into the dark really helps me carry on. Beyond that, I just love telling this particular story, and I’m lucky enough to do it with a great group of collaborators.

JOHN:  I think what's kept us going this whole time is the reaction that people have to the comic. Whether it is a giggle at the name, or a guffaw when they turn the page to see a penguin shooting an Uzi, there is always a reaction. The good people who have given our little comic the time of day in a very crowded market keep our heads up and keep us working hard to continue the series. Plus, we have served as the inspiration for a handful of people who wanted to make their own comics. The fact that people are making their own comics as a result of what we're doing is the greatest gift of all. We love giving back to the comic book universe since it has been so good to us since we were kids.

LINDSAY:  Working on PVP has been fulfilling for me in learning the value of collaboration and support. I feel that my role is to support Sebastian and John in story-telling and to help and guide shape the story into their vision. I am happy to be a part of it! My opinion on any art form is that if it's something YOU like and YOU are interested in, other people will like it and be interested in it as well. It's all about being genuine. And we genuinely love this.

Wow! Lovely Stuff, Lindsay. Your words, plus those of John's and Sebastian's, have really put Penguin Vs Possums in a very good light. So what are you waiting for, dear reader? Give it it click! Plus don't forget to check out their deviantart site, their YouTube account, plus their face-face / tweet-tweet thing too. Go on. You won't be sorry that you did.

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