Sin City, The Big Fat Kill Cover Now if might means right and sex sells, what does it make when you combine these two statements together? Mighty sex sells right? No. Doesn't sound correct at all, does it? Well, maybe this very black and white hard boiled adventure story can answer this question for us? You know, this one Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, and Quentin Tarntino; plus Starring: Brittany Murphy, Benicio del Toro, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson, with Michael Clarke Duncan. It was made in 2005, and lasted for 40-minutes.

Sin City, The Big Fat Kill : The Film - The Book

OK, so which one of these brave and bold characters turns the randy bastard, Jackie Boy (Benicio del Toro), into a pez dispenser first?

Is it his 'hard working ex' come 'punching bag', Shellie (Brittany Murphy), perhaps? Or is it Shellie's new boyfriend then, Dwight (Clive Owen), whose alighting in her bathroom nearby? Or better yet, what about the cops? Because they do chase him all the way down to old-town! 

Nope. I'm afraid to say that it isn't any of these people. It's Miho (Devon Aoki). She gives Jackie Boy a very short back and sides when he pisses off some of the local prostitutes in the area.

Listen, I'm sure that you will agree with me when I say that this does sound like a very cut-throat situation, my friends. But to make matters even worse than it is, Dwight quickly realizes that Jackie Boy is in fact Detective Lieutenant Jonathan "Iron Jack" Rafferty, and that his death will break a truce between the girls in old-town and the cops in Basin City. Furthermore, if his chopped-up corps is discovered, Dwight's one time lover, Gail (Rosario Dawson), plus her street-walking chums, will be in one hell of a lot of trouble!!!

Sh*t! What can Dwight do about this, huh? Maybe transport Jackie Boys remains out of town, and then dump him into the tar-pits? Yeah. That sound's like a plan. Let's hope that the brutish Manute (Michael Clarke Duncan) does not catch wind of this, or otherwise Gail and her girls will... BOOM!

Ooops! Too late.

Still, I suppose that is why what next transpires all kicks off when some Irish mercenary's come after Dwight. As saviors swim in sludge - bad-men hold a grudge - heads have no choice but to explode - and did you know that prostitutes are very protective of their own abode?

Now I have to confess, that out of the three stories depicted in this great movie 'mash-up', 'Sin City - The Big Fat Kill' is my least favorite out of the bunch. Please note though; I am not trying to imply that this section is down right rubbish! No way Jose! Instead, that the overall plot is a lot more simpler in tone, and that its overt use of the 'girls with guns' genre, isn't my own personal cup of tea.

Granted, it was very-very-very nice to see Rosario and the girls with their giblets out, all firmly pact into their tight-fitting bondage get-up. However, on the reverse side of this equation, I didn't find that this 'cosmetic protrusion' was really relevant where the general narrative was concerned. 

Stale Mate in Sin City, The Big Fat Kill

The Girls of Sin City
Anyway, enough about my own taste is bondage for now. Let's have some filmic-facts, shall we? (1) Quentin Tarntino guest-directed the scene between Dwight and Jackie Boy in the car. (2) Although she appears in all three sections of this flick, Brittany Murphy filmed all of her scenes in only one day. (3) Kate Bosworth was once the first choice for the part of Gail, whilst Anthony Michael Hall was in contention for the role of Dwight. (4) Director: Robert Rodriguez, originally wanted to cast Johnny Depp. Actor: Adrien Brody, auditioned for this role. But ultimately Benicio Del Toro was a much better visual match for the part of Jackie Boy. (5) The sword's Miho uses in this production are the same ones used by some of the Crazy 88 in the Tarantino action adventure 'Kill Bill Volume 1'. (6) Benicio Del Toro insisted that he should wear make-up in this film, even though Robert Rodriquez did not plan for it. (7) The majority of this film was shot upon a green screen background, except for Shellie's apartment, Kadie's Bar, and the hospital epilogue. (8) Originally this story was a five issue 'limited series' published by 'Dark Horse Comics' from November 1994 to March 1995. (9) In the comic book, Becky does not survive the gun fight in old town. (10) In 1996, this comic book compilation won the Eisner Award for 'Best Limited Series'. (11) This film has a website - www.sincitythemovie.com.

Clive and Rosario in Sin City, The Big Fat Kill

OK, so where was I? Oh, yeah! I remember. Bondage. Nice when the need arises -- and nice in a perverse sort of a way like 'Sin City - The Big Fat Kill'.

You see -- to me -- this flick is what I would call 'one of those movies'. The style is bold and brash. The acting is mannered and serious in tone. The conceptual story-line is simple and conducive. Yet, at the same time, its' very-very addictive too.

Never in this film will you say to yourself 'Why did x do that for?', or 'That seems rather far fetched to me!'. And do you know why none of these phrases will pass through your lips? This movie makes you believe in the story it's telling -- that's why.

Clive and Benicio in Sin City, The Big Fat Kill

For example, there is a scene in this picture where Dwight is speaking to Jackie boy -- who is dead in his car -- and all the way through it you can't help but become captivated by what the hell is going on. Is Dwight hallucinating? What was the point of Jackie coming to life like that? Who knows? And who cares? It's just one of those nice little Frank Miller touches that make's you want more-more-more -- like he did in 'The Long Goodbye' (click here for the review). Moreover, the suspenseful flavor to this film is just tangible to the touch, and reminds me of an old nineties fifties gangster film with some extra added titivation.

So if you are a Frank Miller, Sin City, or hard-boiled fan of kinky proportions, you best pick up this film straight away, or else your knackers might drop off. Agreed, Benico?

Perfectly put my friend. I think, ha!


SIN CITY - THE BIG FAT KILL SIN CITY - THE BIG FAT KILL Reviewed by David Andrews on November 07, 2012 Rating: 5
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