Chaos And Creation Cover Now it's a very well known fact that you cannot make an omelette without breaking a couple of eggs. Come on. It is a part of life, isn't it? Destruction and regeneration. Death and rebirth. Paul McCartney and his music. Here, to see what I mean by this latter tit-bit, please check out this 60 minute live concert given by this one time Beatle in 2005. You'd love it, yeah-yeah-yeah!

Chaos And Creation

The venue is in an old Georgian House situated somewhere in Abbey Road. The time is most probably late, but before bed-time of course. And the artist in question is some chap called Paul... errr... McMuffin? No. McCartney. Yes. That's right. You know the guy, don't you? He was in that band, the... the... the Crickets? The Bugs? The Ants? No. The Beetles. Yes. Paul McCartney from 'the Beatles' spelt incorrectly. Unlike some of the grand songs he plays to a small yet calm studio based audience.

What now follows are the pieces he performs and what he says about them too: 

  • Friends to Go -- 'To me it felt like a George song'.
  • How Kind of You -- Accompanied by Paul's producer, Nigel, on the decks.
  • Band on the Run -- An alternate BBC promo version composed with two glasses, a harmonium, and a four track recorder.
  • In Spite of All the Danger (McCartney / Harrison) - A pre-Beatles piece of music that cost about a pound to make.
  • Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran) -- This song was part of Paul's audition to John after he had a pint of larger.
  • Lady Madonna (Lennon / McCartney) -- Also called 'Old Lady in New Clothes'.
  • English Tea -- A song inspired by Dickensian phrases British people use whilst they're abroad.
  • Heartbreak Hotel (Durden / Axton / Presley) -- Introducing Elvis Presley's double-base once played by Billy Black.
  • I Love You Baby Do / Strawberry Fields -- 'The Mellotron? What were they thinking? Cabaret music on the cheap!'.
  • Jenny Wren -- Motivated by an old Tudor rift Paul and George played at parties.
  • I've Got a Feeling (Lennon / McCartney) -- So do the audience.
  • Blackbird (Lennon / McCartney) -- Are you ready to fly?
  • Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins) -- An audience participation piece that comes in two versions. A safe one and an ad-libbed one.

Eventually, once the last song has been sung, Paul takes a bow, and soaks up the adulation from all in sundry. Boy-oh-boy! What a nice chap he is!

Now I was encouraged to watch 'Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road Studios'z by a fellow Beatles-enthusiast called Neil Dodds. One day he called me up on the phone and said to me "Oi! Ringo number two! You've got to check it out man. This show is a blast". "How so?" I quickly replied, before he then went 'off on one', and started rambling stuff and nonsense, I didn't quite understand until I eventually sat down and saw this program.

A few days later I decided to call Neil back. Here, what now follows is a basic run down of what we said to each other.

The Beatles On Abbey Road

ME: Oi!
ME: I watched it.
NEIL: So? What do you think?
ME: To be honest with you Neil, I kind of liked it. It reminded me of a good lecture at University.
NEIL: Huh! What do you mean by that Ringo number 2?
ME: Well, its just one of those focused programs that does exactly what it sets out to achieve. Entertain. Inform. And gives us a glimpse of how creative Paul really is.  
NEIL: Yeah. He's a star isn't he! I liked that bit when he was playing the Mellotron and took the piss out of it.
ME: Sure. That was a hoot. But I preferred the overall intimacy of the presentation; as well as the trivia Paul slipped out here and there. 
NEIL: Come on Ringo 2! You most probably heard it all before! Especially with you being a poxy Egghead!
ME: Yeah. I suppose you're right in part. Still, it was nice to see the man in action, and how his creative thought processes are inspired by people and events around him. Like George for example. Or that trip he took whilst he was aboard. Also, let's not forget that Paul is a very forward thinker, right? And that he has always tried to stay one step ahead of the game by creating and innovating.
NEIL: I bet you he wasn't inspired by that Heather Mills bird. Did you see her in the audience? Probably counting the divvy on what he made during this show. Silly biii...
ME: Oi! Leave that tap dancer alone, Neil. She's gone now. So there is no need to ponder on Paul's past gaffs.
NEIL: What you going on about! That fu....

Paul McCartney

The Beatles on Chaos And Creation
Well, from that point onward, Neil did a Finnegan and came out in a big way. Which, funnily enough, is what I want to do now with a brief factoid on the location where this program was based --- Abbey Road Studios. (1) This grand abode was originally built in the 1830's, as a nine bedroom Georgian townhouse. One of its inhabitants was none other than theatrical producer, Maundy Gregory, who was famous for being a political fixer for English Prime Minister, David Lloyd George. (2) Abbey's recording studio was established by the 'Gramophone Company' in November, 1931, and later would go on to be known as 'BMI' when they amalgamated with 'Columbia Gramophone'. (3) Path√© film captured the opening of the studios when Sir Edward Elgar conducted the London Symphony Orchestra there. (4) The Abbey National Building Society [now named Santander] was founded on this road in 1874. (5) Abbey Road is situated in a thoroughfare within the London boroughs of Camden and Westminster, whilst being allocated to the St. Johns Wood 'ward'. (6) Abbey Road Studios is a five minute walk away from St John's Wood tube station, situated on the Jubilee Line. (7) Not only did the Beatles record at this studio, but other artists did like Pink Floyd, The Hollies, The Zombies, The Goons, Badfinger, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The Alan Parsons Project, Duran Duran, Radiohead, and many-many more. (8) The famous 'Abbey Road' album cover was photographed by photographer, Iain Macmillan, who was introduced to the Beatles by Yoko Ono. (9) English Heritage gave the crossing and the building a Grade II listing in December, 2010, to prohibit 'external factions' from tampering with its history. (10) The film scores for 'Lord of the Rings' and the last five 'Star Wars' movies were recorded here. (11) Did you know that the Abbey Road crossing has a web-cam - www.abbeyroad.com/crossing/


Overall 'Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road Studios' is a really nice show for anyone who likes the Beatles, Paul McCartney, plus is interested in musical history and creativity. Just like I said to my mate Neil -- try to think of it as a 'very good University lecture' but with a legendary 'teacher', and some great 'grass-roots' music. Trust me. And if not me. Trust...

Boy-oh-boy! What a nice guy.


CHAOS AND CREATION AT ABBEY ROAD CHAOS AND CREATION AT ABBEY ROAD Reviewed by David Andrews on December 24, 2012 Rating: 5
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