Evil Weed Cover Pssst! Hey you? Yeah. You. The funny looking monkey reading this sh*t. Do you want to buy some stuff, buddy? You know -- sniff-sniff -- 'stuff'. It's pretty good you know. Not anything like the bad stuff seen in this film Directed by David Wexler, and Starring: Brianna Barnes, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Cynthia LaForte, and Bekim Trenova. It was made in 2009 and lasts for a whole 70-minutes.

Evil Weed

Honest to God, Emily (Brianna Barnes) thought that it would be a good idea if her and some pals would travel to her parent's country house for the weekend, just so they could all hang-out together.

Now her boyfriend, Murph (Ryan Willard), just loves this idea. Because this rather rustic location would be a really great place to propose to his sweetheart. Emily's sister, Danielle (Genevieve Hudson-Price), just loves this idea too. Because it giver her and her dope-smoking boyfriend a chance to get high in relative luxury. But as for the reluctant on and off couple of Dan and Tinny (Bekim Trenova and Cynthia LaForte) on the other hand... err -- they go anyway -- just to make up the numbers.

Now at first this excursion appears to be a memorable one on the surface. They all chill out-together. They all prance around half-naked together. And to top it all off, Danielle and her feller get the opportunity to sample some weed on the sly. However, not so long after Murph pops the question to his very blushing bride to be, something very strange starts to happen in the immediate vicinity.

No. Don't fret, dear reader. It does not have anything to do with Dan and Tinny arguing then screwing in Emily's parent's bedroom. Instead, it's Danielle's pot-smoking pal.

You see, he starts to act very strange and very aloof around Emily and the rest of the gang. Furthermore, his drug of choice takes a hold of his mind, prompting him to do some very-very-very bad things indeed.

But then again, I suppose that is why what next transpires all kicks off when a killing occurs? As people scream - other people look mean - sharks don't attack - and please remember to never look back.


Within recent months I've started to connect -- so to speak -- with the independent film market. Granted, nothing 'major-major' in the scheme of things. Nonetheless, this occurrence has prompted my interest just enough to actually sit down and do a -- whatever this is -- for one of these low-budget productions.

Now I personally chose 'Evil Weed' to be the first of these types of films to review, for three very simple reasons. Firstly, it was cheap and short in length (well, I have to be honest, don't I?). Secondly, I knew that this film touched upon the horror genre, and I am somewhat familiar with the structure and tone of this type of flick. And thirdly, I heard that it was in same vein as another film that also came from the independent world which I really do like, 'Evil Dead' (click on the link for the review).   

Evil Weed Cap

Brianna Barnes
OK, so what's my conclusion then? Is this movie a dud or a ding? Well, to be completely frank about it (whoever he is), this production is more of a dom. Please allow me to explain. (1) As with most of the other horror movies I've watched, the story to this one was very thin on the surface. For example: A group of pals go to a house in the middle of nowhere for the weekend, and something bad happens to them -- the end. Granted, this pretext is a very valid pretext to build upon. However -- it doesn't. It just pouts and poses for the sake of cosmetic frivolity, without adding meat to its collective bones. (2) One of the aspect that confounded me the most with this flick, was that whole thing between Dan and Tinny. You see, in the space of about twenty minutes or so: they weren't speaking to each other -- they argued with each other -- and then they were humping each other. This was too quick in execution, and didn't possess enough girth. (3) I'm afraid to say that the first ten minutes of this film was just abysmal to watch; because it came across like a home-made movie set to a story. Too wooden -- not enough exposition -- plus there wasn't any vibrancy to it what so ever. (4) Personally speaking, I found the nudity in this film very nice to look at, although it added no substance to the overall tone of the piece. Truthfully, its inclusion felt like a deliberate ruse to attract people attention to watch it. (5) I wasn't expecting all that much from the special effect in this film -- and a good job to -- say no more.

Evil Weed Woman

Listen, I know what I've just said doesn't shine a bright light upon 'Bad Weed'. Though, I have to admit, there were parts of it that I really did like. Initially a big shout-out should go to Brianna Barnes and Ryan Willard: because these two actors did have enough charisma and grace to hold whatever screen time was allotted to them. Also, I have to say that Bekim Trenova and Cynthia LaForte weren't that bad either: although a little stiff and a little hammy for my own personal tastes. Apart from that though -- err -- see above.

Evil Weed Tits

Weed in Evil Weed
Hey! I tell you what. Just to end this -- whatever it is -- on a good note, please allow me to raise the tone a bit with some facts about cannabis, OK? [Pun intended]: (1) An unnamed writer claimed that the ancient Jews, the early Christians, and the Muslim religions, have all applied this stimulant to religious sacraments as early as 512AD. (2) Cannabis was first introduced to the 'civilized western world' as a substance to prohibit Elizabethan women to 'pass wind' in public -- i.e. flatulence prevention. (3) One of the more practical uses of this narcotic is to sew or crochet with. (4) Cannabis has been used to treat depression, anxiety attacks, and act as a pain relief. (5) Allegedly the noted playwright, William Shakespeare, dabbled about with this narcotic. (6) At the start of the early 20th century this drug was criminalized in numerous countries throughout the world. In America it was banned in 1906. In South America it was banned in 1912. And in England it was banned in 1920. Please note, though: these laws did not prohibit these countries from producing it for 'scientific or medical purposes'. (7) During World War II cannabis was used as a truth serum by the newly formed American government intelligence agency -- the 'Office of Strategic Services' [OSS]. (8) The American 'Marihuana Tax Act' was passed in 1937, and was put in place to stop the production of hemp and cannabis farming. It is believed that one of the main reasons why this act was passed through congress, was because movie magnet, William Randolph Hearst, owned a lot of paper-mills, and hemp was perceived as a 'cheaper substitute' than pulp at the time -- thus a threat.

Overall 'Evil Weed' was a not bad independent film -- and I'm sure that we'll see the director plus some of the actors involved soon on the big or small screen.


EVIL WEED EVIL WEED Reviewed by David Andrews on January 31, 2013 Rating: 5
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