What do you get if you take a Graphic Designer, a Space Ghost, the heir to Doctor Doom's fortune, plus an Alcoholic Australian, and then stick them all in front of a microphone together? No. You don't get a monkey addicted to porn (which is a shame if you think about it). You'd get FanBoysInc!!!! A dynamic postcast that's as dynamic as a stick of dynamite with the word 'lubricate softly' stamped on it's side! Here, check out this conversation I had with the Graphic Designer, Herb, just the other day, whilst building a space-bomb made our of vodka to fire at Latveria.

1) What are your own origins Herb? Plus what path did you take in life to get to where you are today?   Now my origins are nothing like Wolverines; so I hope I don't bore you. I was born and still live in up-state New York, and went to Syracuse University for Graphic Design until I had to leave for financial reasons.

After a stint with the 'boring life' in retail, I got into the Bar Industry as a bartender. I did that for 14 years, working my way up from bartender to General Manager of a 'resort town' entertainment complex. I then decided to get back to my roots and picked up the pencil again.

Reading comics as a kid inspired me to draw-draw-draw-draw; and I wanted to get back that feeling. They allowed me to step into a different world for a bit, and forget the crap that was going on around me. So I decided to let the inner kid pop-out and start a new chapter in my life.

Not so long after doing some freelance logo / design work, I decided to start up my own company -- Walker Designs [2009]. You see, with my years in the bar industry, I had made a lot of contacts, which focused me on what to do with my new business. Then, as my business grew, I expanded our services to Social Media Strategy, Design, Web Design, and Apparel. 

I found working from my home studio gave me the freedom to catch up on my comic book reading and research online. I also did work for a client [who now is a great friend], who needed graphics for his new Internet radio station -- RadioUgly.com. He needed a logo and branding for his new venture, and eventually, persuaded me into becoming his co-host for a weekly music podcast.

Thankfully, with my company doing well, I tried to get back that feeling I once had as a kid. I had seen a show on AMC staring the guys that ran Kevin Smith's comic book store in Redbank, New Jersey [Comic Book Men]. So after years of not collecting comics, I started again, and decided to go and visit the boys in NJ.

Boy! Was I inspired by the store and them; yearning to do more within my company, that focused a bit more on comics, movies, and pop culture. So using my resources, knowledge, and a couple a friends, I started FanboysInc.

2) What inspired you to create the ‘FanboyInc’ podcast / website?   After not collecting for about 2 years due to me being anyway, I found that comic books lacked direction and focus. Though 'Nub' got me back into collecting again, with DC's New 52. Also, this was around the time Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men" aired on AMC. It was cool to see a reality show that kinda catered to that genre.

After watching the first show, I did some Googling, and found his Smodcast Network. Which I started listening to immediately. Mainly 'TESD' and 'I Sell Comics'. After listening to a few episodes of 'ISC', I told Nub and Tao about them, and said "Hey we could do that?". 

Comic Book Poster
At that time Nub and I would talk comics and movies almost everyday. We would talk about what might happen with story lines and our speculations of what may happen in both comics and movies. So I was -- well -- what would you think about doing our own podcast about the stuff we already talk about anyways? Nub was like sure -- sure -- not taking me too serious. At that time I also found a guy on Facebook who was doing comic book revues [yes 'revues'] on Kevin Smith's S.I.T YouTube Channel. Comichead created by Brian Faraldo was just one more thing to get me pumped about doing our own type of thing.

A new laptop, mics, interface, and mixing board later, I was ready to go. With my past experience with co-hosting on a podcast for Internet Indie radio station [RadioUgly] I already had some knowledge of the equipment [when I say 'some', I mean I could talk in the mic, lol]. I taught myself what I didn't know within 2 weeks, and went back to Nub and said what are you doing next. I then reached out to long time friend, Tao, who was a huge movie buff, and asked him if he would be our 3rd Fanboy. He of course was like 'Fuck Yeah!'. I set up our online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course, our podcast page. [also on itunes and Stitcher] 

So FanboysInc and our weekly IncCasts were born!! It is a little bit on the adult side as per our language, but we do give useful info, news, and just fun speculations. Isn't that what comic books are about when you really think about it? And as they say: the rest is history... 

3) How did you meet up with your collaborators, ‘Nub’ and ‘Tao’?   I have known Tao for a long time. We met back in the day while working at a pub. We both worked together for a bit and spent many hours bellied up at the bar.

I had known of Nub for awhile as well, but really didn't get to know him and hang until just a few years ago. We hit it off as we're both artists and comic lovers. Tao and Nub didn't meet till our first podcast [14 weeks ago]. We all clicked together immediately! We have a great dynamic and it shows on our shows!

Oz became a fan of our page and podcasts right from the start. He reached out to me and we started chatting online as he lives in Australia. One thing lead to another, and I brought him on as our Tumblr writer/contributor.

4) What have you learnt about each other during this collaboration together?   I have to say being friends 'off pod' is what got us together, although, podding every week has brought us even closer. You can learn a lot about someone when the mic is live and no re-takes, ha! We have learned I ruin the English language on a daily basis. We have learned that Nub's useless knowledge about Comics and Pop Culture has gotten us out of tight situations many times. And we've learned that Tao has many personalities, and will give you the shirt off of his back.

All of it has been good; and with all of us busy with our own lives, it gives us a chance to hangout / shoot the shit / have a few pints, and, of course, entertain our fans.

5) If a movie was made about your podcast, what actor would play who, and again, why?   Hmmm? Tough question. I think I would want Robert Downey Jr. to play me. He's almost as good looking as me, can play the playboy, techie, and just funny all around.

Nub would be played by Vince Vaughn. Per Nub himself "People have told me I act like him, plus I'm tall and Vince is as funny as me".

Tao would be played by Michael Rooker; just as Tao puts it" He's a Badass!!

6) What smell would you say best represent your podcast, and why would this be the case?   What smell would we be? Well? I think Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because we're swe... Oh! Who the hell are we kidding! We're more like Red Bull / Vodka, and Cigarettes. We are told they may be bad for you [not true] but they both can be sooo good. Just like our show, it may be bad for you but you want to come back each week to hear what we will do next.

7) If ‘Fanboy’ was a a piece of music or an object, what would it be and why?   I guess if you were to compare us to a piece of music, I would have to say we're a mix of Henry Rollins 'Spoken Word', Rage Against the Machine, Run DMC, and a little bit of John Williams.

8) What was the first comic book you ever read? And what can you still remember about it?   The first book I had in my hands was X-Men #1 [1963]. I was 7 years old when I picked it up. It was from my uncles collection. The art and the action in the pages was like "WOW! This is sooooo cool". Just seeing the characters and reading about special powers was awesome to my 7 year old self. It inspired me to pick up a pencil and start drawing!

 I also read my uncles 'Kamandi' collection by Jack Kirby; which I was given later by my uncle and is in my current collection as is the X-Men #1.

9) If you, Nub, and Tao, were all stranded on a desert island together, who would be the first person you’d all want to kill?   Ha! That's an easy one. Tao and myself would gang up on Nub; as he is the bigger one of us. He could feed us both for a bit. After that I guess we would toss a coin for the next to go. It's only fair right??!! [Hint: Pick tails as it comes up 51% of the time :)]

OK. Duly noted, Herb. Duly noted. So there you have it folk: the life and times of Fanboysinc in a nutshell. When you've got the time, I'd defiantly encourage you to give it a click or twenty. It's one hell of a hoot to listen to. Plus please remember to check them out on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr as well.  Go on. Be a devil. 

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