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Natalie Portman Now can you guess what the actress, Natalie Portman, and the movie maven, James Lipton, both have in common? No! It does not have anything to do with them looking good naked. And no! It doesn't have anything to do with their love for harming small animals either. It's that they've both appeared in this 60 minute program recorded in 2007 together. Very simple question, right?

Natalie Portman

In this episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio', the girl with the pretty face, Natalie Portman, has a rather refreshing tête-à-tête with the man with the pretty mind, James Lipton.

Now isn't that just a pretty turn up for the books, huh? As in earnest 'our Nat' answers such questions concerning: (1) Her family history. (2) The reasons why her family moved from Israel to America. (3) How her Father's profession made them travel from coast to coast during her youth. (4) Her love of dance. And (5) Revlon or bust.

Here, check out some of these 'Natalie quotes' for the 411:
  • On choosing 'Portman' as a stage name -- I got 'Portman' from my Grandmothers maiden name.
  • About her ability to listen -- You have to pay attention to whatever people around you are doing.
  • On her work ethic -- When you have stuff to do, you just have to do it.
  • On human-nature -- Our job as actors is to show empathy, like in life.
  • On being attractive -- Of course it helps.
  • On her time studying her physiology degree -- I never did my own laundry until I went to college at nineteen.

Also, throughout her interview with James, Natalie elaborates on her film and stage work as well:
  • On 'The Professional' -- I begged and screamed at my parents to allow me to do it. They negotiated my role of course.
  • On 'Beautiful Girl' -- Demi was a beautiful person. I'm very sad that he's gone now.
  • On 'Everyone Says I Love You' -- Woody took me to the dark room. No. Don't laugh. It wasn't like that! Ha!
  • On 'Mars Attacks!' -- Jack kept on trying to teach me how to whistle.
  • On 'The Diary of Anne Frank' -- It's was an indescribable experience to explain, especially when I think about my family history.
  • On 'Star Wars' -- I'm sorry to say this, but at first I didn't know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.
  • On 'Anywhere But Here' -- I did not want to do the sex scene. Thankfully, it was cut out from the final picture.
  • On 'The Seagull' -- Mike Nichols is the love of my life. I don't think I'm his though, ha!
  • On 'Cold Mountain' -- Jude Law didn't flirt with me. He didn't have to.
  • On 'Garden State' -- I connected to it straight away.
  • On 'Closer' -- It's about a group of characters that keep on swapping partners again and again and again.

In closing this interview, Natalie answers questions posed by James from the Bernard Pivot structured questionnaire -- where we learn that she likes the word 'Langer' and hate the word 'Genius'. Then, as per usual, she subsequently answers subsequent questions posed to her by the studious audience, relating to: breathing exercises, dance and physiology, plus any future independent film projects she would be interested in.

Now when I normally write this type of 'celebrity focused' review, I always attempt to associate the celebrity in question with someone I know -- just I can illustrate a 'character portrait' within my mind. For example; Mickey Rourke reminded me of one on my Dad's old drinking partners. Jim Carrey reminded me of me on drugs. And Clint Eastwood reminded me of a firm family friend that has always encouraged me to do better with my life. But to be perfectly honest with you, dear reader, in Natalie Portman's case -- no -- I have nothing. I can't seem to compare her with anyone at all.

Natalie Portman Sexy
Why is that though? I have a lot of pals that are pretty like she is. I know of a lot of cleaver and privileged people too. Moreover, I have a nice Jewish lady-friend who looks like Nat, and I've christened her by her name by default! Wait a minute! Maybe these facts might help me clear my mind a bit? (1) Natalie Portman's real name is Natalie Hershlag, and she was born on the 9th of June, 1981, in Jerusalem, Israel. She has dual Israeli / American citizenship. (2) Her mother, Shelley, is currently her agent, whilst her father, Avner, is a fertility specialist and gynaecologist. They first met each other at a 'Jewish Student Centre' situated at Ohio State University. (3) Believe or not, Portman's Romanian-born great-grandmother was a spy for 'British Intelligence' during World War II. (4) Natalie enrolled at Harvard University in 1999, to study psychology whilst working as an actress. She completed her degree four years later, in 2003. (5) 'The World Patrol Kids' was an environmental song and dance troupe she was a member of. (6) Actress, Kate Hudson, got hired for two of Natalie's films roles. 'Le Divorce' -- because Natalie turned it down. And 'Almost famous' -- because Natalie failed the audition process. (7) Did you know that little Ms Portman was discovered by a 'Revlon' casting agent whilst frequenting a pizza parlour in New York City? (8) When she was a young girl she worked alongside Britney Spears in the off-Broadway show, “Ruthless”, as an understudy. (9) Not only can Natalie speak her native languages of Hebrew and English, but she's also conversant in French, German, Japanese and Spanish too. (10) Natalie has her own website -- www.natalieportman.com

Natalie Portman Sexy

Natalie Portman Pout
Hey! Do you know what? Whilst reciting these 'Natty facts', I have cleared my mind just enough to to know who Natalie Portman reminds me of.

Me -- well -- 'kind of' like me.

Admittedly, she is a lot prettier than I am -- whilst I am a lot wittier than she is. However, the one thing we both have in common -- if I do say so myself -- is that we're driven people, who want to do the best in our chosen fields, while maintaining a humanitarian slant to our lives in the process.

Personally speaking, I think that this derives from us coming from a background steeped in history and pathos; urging us to strive forward like our forbearers once did. Also, another thing that we share is a nerdish, cute, and sarcastic demeanor; which derives from education and a need within us to educate in turn.

Alright, so it's possible that I'm talking out of my own ass when I say all this. Nonetheless, after watching this episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio', the one thing that I've ascertained from Ms Portman's, plus my own view on life, is that you should never judge a book by it's cover, because one day it may grow into an intriguing novel.

Natalie Portman Sexy

Just think about it.


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