Now can you guess what the following four actors all have in common?  Paul Newman. David Niven. Alan Ladd. And Elizabeth Taylor. No. It doesn't have anything to do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, you silly sausage you. At different points during their respective careers, they've all inspired the creation of different Green Lantern cast members. Paul Newman was the template for Hal Jordan. David Niven was the template for Sinestro. Alan Ladd was the template for Alan Scott. And Elizabeth Taylor was the template for Carol Ferris. Yeah. No messing about. Just ask my mate, Michael Farrah, who I talk to only the other day, whilst slapping a film-critique in the face with a timely magazine. 

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1) What is your role in the blogsite, ‘The Brightest Day’, Michael, and how did this venture come about?   My role is creator, owner, and blogger.

A while back I came across a site named 'Fandom'; and liked the way that it had all of my interest in one place. More recently, I became an active member of a Green Lantern message board, and helped to make there Facebook page more active.

But over time I felt a little unappreciated, so I decided to go it on my own.

I looked into different formats and settled on the blogger blog -- creating 'The Brightest Day'. The blog took off, and it's popularity has been steadily growing, although I'm still looking to built it up and make it even better. I also thought about recreating 'Fandom' right after I read it. But I didn't. I made two other blogs instead: 'Godmera's Fandom' and 'Kaiju Battle'.

One day I would like to have them all under one roof, but for now they will remain individual blogs linked together.

2) What are your own origins?   Born in New York and lived on Long Island since childhood. Was into all of my interest comics, kaiju, scifi, etc when I was young, although I grew out of it when I reached adulthood. But I eventually got back into it again, and have been a fan ever since.

3) What was the first Green Lantern comic you ever read?   To be honest with you I don't really remember. I was into Green Lantern, Defenders, and Iron Man back in the '70's. As well as the Super-friends cartoon among others. When I got back into comics it was Green Lantern #50 with Hal as Parallax.

4) If ‘Brightest Day’ was a piece of music, what would it be and why?   As a big KISS fan I would say a song by them, but the song I'd have to pick is 'The Touch' from the 80's Transformers Movie. 

5) What is your own opinion on DC’s current run of Green Lantern books?   When the New 52 started, I was afraid they were going to reboot the GL universe -- I was very happy they didn't. I think the current run is great -- not perfect, but nothing usually is. I love that they've built the GLC back up, plus the multi-color corps. I'm on the fence on the whole "event" things they keep doing, but the end result is pretty good. I was surprised they made Sinestro a GL again, and I didn't feel we need another GL with Baz. But he is a welcome member to the Corps.

6) Has your site received any praise by DC Comics or other noted sources?   No. Not from a 'named' sites. But a number fans and friends have liked it, I even got appreciation from a few 'celebs' too.

7) What is the one thing that makes your site stand out compare to other comic book related sites?   This is a tough one. I'm not sure. I hope it does stand out. I think if I can truly put the time and effort into this venture, it would definitely make its mark. I'm trying to give it unique features which I' hoping will be a step in the right direction.

8) I know that this is a difficult question to answer, but what is your most favorite Green Lantern creative team and story?   Actually, this isn't a difficult question. While Johns and the current crew are doing great, some of the classic stories by Marz, Banks, and Tanghal, with Emerald Twilight, was blooming amazing. It's what got me back -- so to speak -- and I was hooked for good.

9) If you could sit all the big-wings at DC down in one room together, and impart some advice on their line of publications, what would you tell them and why?   I would simply tell them to focus. If they'd produced great stories, shied away from reboots or events, and made the characters interesting, everything would be OK. A few tweaks can make a dull character cool -- just make great stories and cool characters.

... and so say all of us, Michael. I liked what you had to say an awful lot my Green Lantern pal. Plus I'm sure my readers will too; once they've checked out your site, 'Brightest Day', as well as followed you on your facebook, twitter, and google+ pages. Go on. Don't me mean. Be green!

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