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Samuel L. Jackson The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish, and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is James Lipton, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison Samuel L Jackson, in this one hour interview made in 2002. Amen.

Samuel L. Jackson - Mister Cool

Now who's the coolest cat in the class? Is it the man in the hat, Samuel L Jackson? Or the man with the beard, James Lipton?

Nah! Not saying. But what I will say is that James starts off this staged interview by asking Sam the following questions: (1) About his upbringing and his time in academia. (2) What his relationship was like with his estranged father. (3) How television and movies influenced his views on life. (4) What where the circumstances surrounding his Aunt Edna encouraging him to first perform on stage.

Here, check out some of Mister Jackson's responses in quote-given form:
  • I had an all-black education, but it was still pretty full.
  • We called 'The Black Image Company' the 'We hate white-y theatre group', ha!
  • I liked being the big fish in the small pond; it was my wife's idea to move to New York City.
  • Spike Lee won't say a lot -- on or off the set.
  • I got a job I love; and I want everybody around me to be as happy as I am.
  • I took so many drugs, I didn't know what the f*ck I was doing.
  • Gator Dance!
  • I like who I am. Greed was a factor. But I still had the strength within me to come out the other side.
  • Acting is like performing the perfect golf swing -- the less you think about it, the better the result.
  • I can't wait to see what I'm fighting in Star Wars. Ha!
  • I beat Tiger Woods at golf. First time.

Hey! Did you notice Sam's Star Wars quote? Well, he does talk about some of his movie work too you know:
  • On 'Do the Right Thing' -- My character was the conscious of the community.
  • On 'Jungle Fever' -- I played a drug dearer. I did a lot of research for that role, ha!
  • On 'Pulp Fiction' -- Quentin would describe a scene using many other films as references. He's Mister Enthusiastic.
  • On 'Jackie Brown' -- I like all of my characters to look very different. I designed Ordell's beard myself.
  • On 'Time to Kill' -- I based my character on the story.
  • On 'The Negotiator' -- My character was a very logical person, yet was still a ticking time bomb ready to explode.
  • On 'Changing Lanes' -- I was Doyle. There's a time in everybody's life when they question what they are doing.
  • On 'Star Wars Episode 2: The Attack of The Clones' -- If I tell you anything about it, I guarantee you I won't be in episode three.

Now in closing this show, Sam answers questions posed by James from the Bernard Pivot structured questionnaire; where we learn that he likes the word 'Mother f*cker', and hates the word 'No'. After that, he then answer's subsequent questions posed by the studious audience, about: acing with his wife as his wife, regaining his strength after a painful loss, and merchandising.

Honest. Real. Inspirational. And a men amongst men. That's the impression I got from Samuel L Jackson after watching him in this episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio'. I mean -- Wow -- what a great guy he really is! All of his answers were real honest and full of fun. And never did I hear him once pontificate or boast about what he's did or why he did it. To me, Sam is just the epitome of the American Dream come to life. The false-start. The period of adjustment. The fanning of hope. Plus the fledgling wish which one day became a reality.

Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes On The Plane
Honest to God. Sam is a really awe inspiring human being. Here, hust check out these facts for a taste of what I mean by this. (1) Although Samuel Lego Jackson was born in Washington D.C. -- on the 21st of December, 1948 -- he was brought up by his Grandmother and Auntie in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (2) Sam only met his father twice in his life before he died of alcohol poisoning. (3) In 1969 the aforementioned Mister Jackson was one of the many students who 'locked-away' Martin Luther King Senior in a room at his college -- Morehouse College. This was partly because Martin was on the board of trustees, and Sam wanted to shake-up the racial system there. (4) Sam was inspired to become an actor after watching a performance done by the 'Negro Ensemble Company' -- an erstwhile establishment that he would then go on and join. (5) Sam met his eventual wife -- LaTanya Estelle Richards -- briefly at Spellman Collage, and then when he joined the 'Black Image Company' a few years later. (6) When Bill Cosby wasn't able to attend the rehearsals of his hit sit-com -- 'The Cosby Show' -- Sam was hired as a 'stand-in' to take his place. (7) For a period of his life, Samuel L Jackson was addicted to both drugs and alcohol. But I'm happy to say that he became a much more prolific performer when the legendary actor, Morgan Freeman, and the director, Spike Lee, encouraged him to channel his energies in a more positive direction. (8) Will 'Sam the Man' strike thee down if you don't click on his website -- samuelljackson.com

Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Well, lets' face the facts. Sam battled his way through a turbulent childhood, a heavy drug addiction, and any racial snafus that came his way, and became a super-star that any man would love to be. Yeah. Even me.  Your ever loving pale-skinned reviewer. I would love to swap places with this Nubian legend in a heart-beat.  

Smilling Samuel Lego Jackson
I could imagine it now -- sitting in a diner -- hat on backwards -- and reciting his bible-slanted monologue from 'Pulp Fiction'. Granted, I'd most probably insert a Python reference for good measure. But that's OK. Yeah. Sam would approve. Because he knows that acting is all about good instincts and communal memory, both feeding off of each other in a very personable way.

Not once in this interview with James did he state 'that was wrong' or 'that was right'. Sam knows that knowing who you really are is the key to performing and drama. Moreover, Sam's very charming warm to boot; and I just loved how he said it 'like it is', without adding any airs or graces into the proceedings.

Sam is the man. And he will always be the man. No matter what the f*ck I say in this prose-piece of b*llshit. Say no more.

Mr Cool - Samuel L. Jackson


JAMES LIPTON WITH SAMUEL L JACKSON JAMES LIPTON WITH SAMUEL L JACKSON Reviewed by David Andrews on February 20, 2013 Rating: 5
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