EARTH 2 #10

Will Khalid finally embrace his fate? Or will he choose to gain some weight? Jay hopes not. Where as Jay's Mum shouts, 'Great Scott'. Whilst serving his dinner on a plate. Yeah. He's having some lunch with the Writer: James Robinson; the Artist: Nicola Scott; plus the Publisher: DC Comics in April 2013. They're having eggs and ham.

Using GENERAL terms, answer the following 4 questions about this FIRST PART of 'The Tower Of Fate'.
  • WHAT'S THE MAIN THRUST OF THIS TALE: If Jay and his Mum will allow him to get a word in edge-ways, the evil sorcerer, Wotan, tries his best to gauge from Khalid where he banished the 'power of Nabu' all those many moons go, before forcing him and the Flash to go and retrieve it for him.
  • ARE THE MAIN OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED: No. Not yet. But a start is made.
  • ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN: Green Lantern and Hawkgirl go in search for the killers of Alan Scott's boyfriend, Sam.
  • HOW DOES THIS STORY END: With a magical beast going 'booo'!

All in all, what is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
Ouch! Now to be perfectly honest with you, I did find it very difficult to select a piece of prose from this smashing tale, because there was so much to like 'dialogue wise' throughout it.

Well, reading Khalid's 'origins' was very engaging, wasn't it? Plus what Wotan had to say about magic was very interesting too. Yet, out of the bunch, I'd say what Sam's Dad said to Alan was the most poignant by far...

'But would I prefer my son gay and alive or dead and gone? Of course my answer is the former. I'm not a monster. And I admit, even to my disproving eyes it was clear how happy you made him'.

Ka-Pow! I thought that was very honestly put myself. And I'm sure it shares a very similar sentiment of many parents with homosexual children.

What are the BEST bits about this issue?
(+) I did enjoy the quick 'teaser lead-in' to this first part of this much boarder story arc, because it did make me wonder how Hawkgirl got her wing during that deliberate 'time lapsed' sequence.
(+) Another thing that I thought was brilliant about this story was how it gave Alan, Jay, Kendra, and Khalid, some time to show who they really are. For example: Kendra is the adventurer. Jay is the reluctant adventurer. Khalid is the reluctant egg-head. And Alan is the no-holds bard businessman with a heart of Gold.
(+) Now wasn't the whole mythological aspect about 'The Tower of Fate' a pleasure to plough through? I personally thought it was very informative and very intriguing all in all; as it told just enough to make me want to know more.

What are the WORST bits about this issue?
(-) I've only got one bone of contention to pick with this issue. In places the 'exposition' ran on a bit too long for my own liking, inadvertently making these scenes a lot more 'slower' compared to the rest of the book. Apart from that though, bloody amazing.

< Choose TWO CHARACTERS out of this comic book, and then compare them to two REAL LIFE PEOPLE.
HARVEY MILK AS ALAN SCOTT: For those of you not in the know, Mister Milk was a gay politician that had to make some very forthright decisions in his life, just like Mister Scott has done in the past.

DAVID BLAINE AS WOTAN: Please don't tell me you never thought the same thing I did as soon as you clapped your eyes on this green hued magician! Look. He and Blaine have the same icy glare!

What QUOTE would be appropriate to sum-up this story?
'The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane' -- Marcus Aurelius

What SONG, THEME-TUNE, or MELODY, would complement this tale, as well as add and extra dimension to it by default?
'BLUEBERRY HILL' BY FATS DOMINO: For some bizarre reason when I was thinking about a song to compare to this comic book, this classic melody just popped into my mind nigh on straight away. It must be something to do with 'Location-Location-Location', huh?

So far this installment of 'Earth 2' was the most enjoyable installment I've read yet. From my own perspective I just loved the way that it showed more character than normal, and gave us a bit more 'back-story' than it usually does. Furthermore, the art by Nicola Scott was 'on point' throughout this whole book; plus never did she dilute her work to accommodate any unnecessary 'comings and goings'.

Honestly. In my eyes this story was faultless. It's set-up a pretext. It spread a bit of intrigue. And now we're primed and ready for the adventure ahead.

Well, don't you guys, agree? Throw us a spam. And I'll throw you a monkey. Ogga-Ogga!


GIVE IT, IT'S DUES: If This Comic Book Was an Unknown Substance You Could Eat, It Would Be Some Sort Of Beef Flavoured Fluff That Tastes Very-Very Nice.

EARTH 2 #10 EARTH 2 #10 Reviewed by David Andrews on March 27, 2013 Rating: 5
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