Myth The Comic Book Now what would you do for charity? Would you strip bare naked and then submerge yourself in a bath of baked-beans? Or would you do something like my great make, Michael, did? And donate the profits of your great new comic book to a very worthwhile cause. Yeah. I'm not kidding! Here, check out this interview I had with Michael only the other day, whilst we were both stripped bare naked and then submerged in a bath of baked-beans.

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1) What are your own origins, Michael? Plus how you met up with your collaborators, Dan Lauer and Dollman?   I've always been inspired by storytelling. At a young age my brother and I would create our own movie scripts and story-lines of adventures and comedy. We even filmed our own ridiculous action movies with lame stunts and pyrotechnic work that wasn't up to code. I just loved storytelling. While in college I made the conscious decision to focus on the comics medium as my storytelling outlet. I’ve been working at it ever since. In that time I've had short stories published by 'Image Comics', 'Ape Entertainment', and 'DC Comics’ digital imprint, 'Zuda'.

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I've been extremely fortunate while working on 'Myth'. My two collaborators are amazing individuals. Dan Lauer has grown into such a great friend. We met by chance on a short story I was working on in 2012. I placed an ad on the comic creator forum -- penciljack.com -- and he responded. Our experience on the short story was so positive and I felt he would be such a fantastic collaborator on 'Myth'. He was so supportive from the get go and has brought so much to this story. He is a master of layouts and manages to capture the action and emotional subtlety of this story so seamlessly. Besides being such a great artist, he is just a great person. He was even nice enough to create the visual artwork for a story that my students created. It’s such an amazing feeling to see your story come to life visually and for Dan to give my students that experience just speaks volumes to his character. 

E.T. Dollman has been a longtime collaborator and friend. Without him, these stories could not exist. He has worked on every one of my stories and has brought them to another level with his lettering skills, graphic abilities, and industry knowledge. He always brings the completed work to its highest level and he couldn't be more professional while doing it. He really is the voice of Myth. 

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2) What inspired you to create the comic ‘Myth’?   The idea for 'Myth' began back in 2007. I was working with students with disabilities and far too often there were cases of neglect and abuse. It can really affect you to see these wonderful children become victims. I was taking night classes at the time and while waiting for them to begin I would sit in my truck and write. This idea of a neglected child who befriended this massive giant popped into my head. The giant obviously symbolized his protector. I started writing about their adventures together and that’s where it all began.

It's because of these experiences that we have made the decision to donate all proceeds form the sales of Myth #1 to Childhelp.org. Childhelp is a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. We have been working with Childhelp to spread awareness about their cause and so that 'Myth' can play a role in helping children directly impacted by abuse and neglect. If you would like to donate to Childhelp directly, you can visit their website. 

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3) In your own words how would you describe this story?   At its core, Myth is a story about a lost boy struggling to find his home. This boy, Sam, has been through so much hardship. He was tossed away at birth and has been in and out of abusive homes and orphanages. It has made him a hard, cynical kid. But, deep down, he has those innocent childhood desires; love, belonging, happiness, friendship. He has never had the chance to be a kid and that’s what he’s fighting for. Hopefully this boy, who has been through so much, can find what he really deserves.

4) What song would you say best represents your comic and why?   What a great question! Music really does play a role in creating a story. It brings out so much emotion. For Myth, a band like 'Explosions in the Sky' resonated with me. One song in particular, 'Human Qualities', seemed to echo Sam’s journey.

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5) If you could get any celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your ‘Myth’, who would you get, and why would you choose this particular person?   I think to have a filmmaker like Steven Spielberg as your supporter would be an incredible honor. Especially since he was always a tremendous influence on me but more so because many of his stories and films center on childhood. Childhood innocence is a fragile thing and, unfortunately, experiences can tarnish it. I think some of his films have characters struggling to reclaim a childhood stolen from them and Myth plays with the same elements.

6) What have you learnt about your collaborations during this venture?   Comics are a collaborative medium. You have to work as a team at every level of the process. From the artist all the way to the publisher, you are constantly working together to bring this story to its maximum potential. Being open and positive, but, most of all, appreciative and grateful to everyone’s efforts, really does go a long way in making a successful book.

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7) Who would you cast in a ‘Myth’ movie if one was ever devised?   That’s a tough question. I think the reason why is because I've never imagined 'Myth' off of the page. I mean, when writing the story you try to think visually and cinematically, but in terms of choosing actors and things like that, it’s pretty tough. I can say that in the design phase, a character you will meet in issue two, someone who will be very important to the story, was visually inspired by Helena Bonham Carter.

8) During your time as a writer, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   When I was a kid, it was so exciting and rewarding to create these stories with infinite possibilities. They were adventures, they were mysteries, comedies, they were a way to escape into a place where anything was possible. That feeling of creating is something I never want to lose. I think that keeps me at this dream I have of writing. I don't want to let that kid in me down.

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9) What was the first comic book you ever read? And do you still read mainstream comic books today?   Comic books were very much a part of my youth, so I always had books like 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Batman' growing up. But the one book I really fell for was the original Mirage 'TMNT' comics. I would read the first volumes over and over again. I wore out the spine on some of them and the pages were starting to bend from so many readings.

I went through different phases, I guess, because the next phase was 'Aliens' comics by 'Dark Horse'. I was loaded with single issues and graphic novels from that series and I remember just how cinematic they were.

Today, the most mainstream comic I read is still 'Batman'. I'm mostly leaning to independent work now. The independent publishers are putting out incredible books everyday and I'm finding myself discovering so many new titles by fantastic creators. It's an exciting time for this medium.

I know what you mean, Mike. One hundred percent. Plus I'm sure my readers know where you're coming from too. So what are you waiting for, folks? You know what you have to do! Check out 'Myth' at Alterna Comics today. And don't forget to pop on over to Childhelp.org if you're feeling in a charitable mood. Go on. It'll do everybody some good. 

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