Clint Eastwood as Batman Ever since I have become a blogger, I've often contemplated what's the biggest difference between the two forms of entertainment I write about: comic books and movies. Well, try and think about it for a moment or two. Whilst movies generally are a much more adventure driven form of entity, that's by in large fairly 'stand-alone' by nature. Comic books, on the other hand, are exactly the same thing; except they're a lot more episodic by default. Just like certain... 

internet shows I could mention.

Yeah. I'm not messing with your melon, man. Most films largely have a beginning, a middle, and an end, all rolled up into one. Where as comic books and internet shows are quite fractured, with the beginning, the middle, and the end, all scattered about willy-nilly all over the shop.

Granted, this isn't necessarily a 'bad thing' in retrospect. No. Of course it's not. In some way you can gauge more from an episode driven tale than those of the more self-contained variety. They're more encompassing. They're more engrossing. Plus they have a lot more character development and story in them too.

Here, check out this list for some idea on what the hell I'm gabbing on about.

The Village People
[ Band Of Brothers]

Midget Wrestling
[ Two & A Half Men ]
Madonna and Britney
[ The Golden Girls ]

Obama and Blair
[ Starsky and Hutch ]
Rasta Monkey
[ Happy Days ]

See, folks? Weren't those television shows of yesteryear a blast to once watch? Furthermore, now, thanks to those great chap and chap-ettes at (click on the link above for more information), you can watch modern day great as well; all through the power of your very own internet connection.

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Ha! Say no more.