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Imagine that your Father is one of the most honored dead presidents in the United States of America. Then imagine that your Mother comes from one of the most prestigious family's of high flying stock-brokers in recent history. And finally imagine that you yourself are a socialite, a pilot, a publisher, and a lawyer too. So what does all of that make once you put them all together? Correct. A tragedy waiting to happen. As seen in this 50 minute documentary made in 2005.

Kennedy Jr., John - Final 24

Now this very well-polished installment of 'The Final 24' presents the rather bi-polar life and times of sociable media magnate, John F Kennedy Junior. Though, to help this program relay this rather strained tale, it displays a select number of archived-images, re-enactments, video-clips, and one on one interview's with people who knew of this prior presidential son. For example, there's Aviation Experts: Allan Marx and Kyle Bailey; Authors: Laurence Leamer, John H. Davis, Letitia Baldrige, and C David Heymann; Plus Friends and Business Associates: Robert Littell, Jack Kliger, Peter Duchin and Marta Sgubin.

What now follows is a basic overlay of how this program plays out:

DEATH'S IN THE FAMILY: Now if it wasn't bad enough that John F. Kennedy Junior spent the majority of his childhood in the media spotlight, worst still, his presidential father -- John Kennedy Sr. -- gets assassinated in Dallas, prompting him to spent the next three years in seclusion with his mother and sister. Moreover,  two years after that, his then surrogate father figure -- his Uncle, Bobby Kennedy -- gets assassinated too. All before John is even eight years old.

A LIFE ON A LEASH: Once John's mother -- Jacqueline Kennedy -- marries multi-millionaire, Aristotle Onassis, she adamantly tries her best to curb his future by guiding the career path of her 'average child'. Initially, this takes the form of instructing John to participate in lavish external pursuits -- like a work-trip to Guatemala for instance. Before she then forces him to become a layer, although he really wants to be an actor instead.

BREAKING AWAY FROM THE APRON STRINGS: Not so long after Jacqueline tragically dies of cancer, John takes it upon himself to do all the things he wanted to do with his life. He starts up a political magazine called 'George'. He learns how to fly an airplane. Plus he gets married to fashion publicist, Carolyn Bessette, as well. Unfortunately, though, all of these choices don't work out for the best for poor John. 'George' falters after a couple of years in print. His marriage wanes because Carolyn takes drugs and dislikes the media spotlight. And as for flying? Well...

THE FINAL 24: The last day of John F. Kennedy Junior plays out as follows: (5) John meets up with his wife and his sister-in-law in a New York City Hotel, where he and his 'sis' both manage to persuade his estranged wife to fly with them to a family wedding for the following day. (2) After this meeting, John spends that same night planning for another meeting with his publishers in the morning. It relates to the future of his magazine, 'George'. (3) Regrettably the publishers meeting comes across as very translucent on the surface. Because John is only able to delay them from pulling the plug on his wares for the time being. (4) John goes to his office and tries to sort out two things on his immediate agenda -- his businesses plan and his flying trip. Alas, this latter pursuit makes him late for his former pursuit. (5) John, his wife, and his sister-in-law eventually get on his plane and take off for their final destination. But none of them get there due to the bad-weather conditions and John's inept planning.  

Now after watching this episode of 'The Final 24', I feel that I know who John F Kenney Junior really is. Granted, I can't say that I know him one hundred percent. Agreed. I've not really been thrust into the media spotlight myself. Or have parents which come from a very prestigious background. Nonetheless, I know of John's 'type'. His character. Because I am very good friend with quite a few people who are quite a lot like John in many-many ways.

Hey! Please don't fret those of you who know me out there. I won't name names. Rather, I will paint a scenario so you in cyberspace can get a better picture of the archetype I am referring to.

John Kennedy Jr. - Final 24

OK, so let's just say for arguments sake that this chap is called Ron, he's an only child, and his mother wants him to be a businessman. Moreover, Ron's father is a very well respected member of his community, and that Ron himself is a rather good-looking and charismatic simpleton who does not know what he wants to do with his life.

John Kennedy Jr. Kid
Well, when I say that 'Ron doesn't know what he wants to do', what I mean by this is that he is very good in some things he does, but not that good at his chosen business-slanted career path. Also, to rub salt into Ron's collective wounds, he is unsure about forming relationships with the opposite sex, because deep down he is unsure of his ideal marriage partner.

Do you see what I mean dear reader? Rob is John. Both of them living that life of ying and yang, and never sure of who they are because of 'external influences' and 'foreign stimuli'.

Listen, I'm sure that you know a person like Ron / John yourself. You see them here and there, doddering about with one thing or another, until -- BANG -- life makes their choices for them.

It's a shame though, isn't it? How people are cajoled in this manner. I honestly wish that there was a magic word or a special potion that these people could say or drink, just to cure what ails them inside. But there isn't. Is there? There's hope. Hope and an understanding that someday life will shine upon them and things will turn out for the best.

Bless you John F Kennedy Junior. You never got this chance for hope, did you?

John Kennedy Jr. RIP

Great documentary -- as always (click here for 'The Final 24' section).


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