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Eclipso Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe, once said 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'. But I'll tell you something, she would never have thought of this pithy expression if she saw this cartoon beforehand. Yeah. Trust me. This 45 minute Justice League adventure, made in 2004, is a right blond-bombshell if ever I saw one. Wink-Wink!

Justice League - Eclipsed

Whilst a group of military personnel penetrate his darkly hued dwelling, the protector of the fabled 'Black Diamond', Mo-Fear, warns them to keep their hands off of it. But do you honestly think any of them will listen to his foreboding words?

Ha! Like Hell they do!

In pretty quick concession, this evil artefact possesses whoever comes into contact with it; urging them on to do its bidding. First: It compels one of the aforementioned soldiers to penetrate an Army compound. Then, when this does not work: It urges a General to attack a power station in the city. And finally, once the Justice League steps in to resolve this dillemma: It takes a hold of one of their members in the process.

No. It's not the Flash. He's in enough trouble as it is. Getting into a 'war of words' with the talk-show host, Glorious Godfrey, and debasing the Leagues good name by promoting product's on the television.

And no. It's not the Green Lantern, John Stewart, either. He's more concerned about what the Flash has recently been up to.

I'm afraid to say that the League member who subsequently comes' under the Black Diamonds control, is the voluptuous one with the nice-rack and the golden lasso -- Wonder Woman. Still, that's most probably why what next transpires all kicks off when Mo-Fear shows his ugly-face. As origins are not so blessed - the League suddenly gets possessed - the whole world becomes distressed - and the heart of darkness sees the light thanks to a fast-footed pest. PING!

So there I was standing in my local comic shop sometime in 1992, with a comic book in my hand that had a plastic diamond stuck upon its cover. "What the f*ck is this supposed to be, Baz?" I asked the clerk. "And what the hell is an Eclispo? Are DC Comic's starting to integrate dance-moves within their annual crossover events now?" I continued to exclaim. In turn, Baz gave me one of those look. You know, one of those-those looks. Those one's that screamed 'prepare for some education, buddy'. Granted, some of what he said was very new to me at the time, because if truth be told, I was somewhat unfamiliar with this obscure villain's origins. Whilst other facts intrigued me so much, I did what I usually did -- back-issue-to-the-max.

Eclipso The Darkness Within 1
Here, check this out for some two-tone backstory: (1) Eclipso's first appearance was in August, 1962, in 'House of Secrets' #61, created by Bob Haney and Lee Elias. (2) Its a little known fact that Eclipso's other half, Bruce Gordon, was named after Bruce Wayne and James Gordon, as an in joke between his two co-creators. (3) Originally 'old moon face' was just your run-of-the-mill generic villain of the month. With a diamond in his hand that could turn people evil. However, at his height -- in the early nineties -- his origin was expanded upon, and he became an incarnation of the Wrath of God / Angel of Vengeance, who turned evil, and was supposed to usurp 'the Spectres' crown. (4) Not only did the 1992 'Eclipso: The Darkness Within' annual event propel this ungodly villain into his own ongoing series, but said same series lasted for 18 issues in total, running from November 1992, to April 1994. (5) During the short run on his title, Eclipso managed to take over the small South American country called Parador, and kill off a group of 'freedom fighters' called the 'Shadow Fighters'. Amongst the fallen included: the second female Wildcat, the second Dr Midnight, Commander Steel, Major Victory, Peacemaker, the Mark Shaw Manhunter, and the Creeper [who got better]. (6) Apart from Bruce Gordon, Eclipso has been a semi-permanent vesicle for two other DC stalwarts in his time. The first was Alex Montez -- the brother of the second Wildcat -- who used his sister's killer to aide the JSA for a short while. And the second was Jean Loring -- the deranged wife of the Atom, Ray Palmer -- who joined forces after the sordid events of 'Identity Crisis'. (7) I kid you not, when James Robinson took over the Justice League of America book after the 'Brightest Day' saga, Eclipso returned from his hibernation, and set a plan in motion to kill his papa -- also known as God. (8) Although I'm not entirely sure if this is still the case, it was once revealed that Eclipso's diamonds were mined from the Dark World of Apocalypse.

Eclipso's 1st Apperance in House of Secrets Eclipso Ongoing Series The Specter Verses Eclipso

Justice League - Eclipsed Cartoon
OK, so now that I've got the trivia out of the way with, I'm sure you're wondering you yourself what my opinions are on 'Justice League - Eclipsed'? Well, if truth be told, it's an above average tale really. The good was really good. And the bad was so-so at worst. Please allow me to explain to you what I mean by this -- once again -- in bullet-point form. (1) Now although I'm pretty damn sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, why wasn't Eclipso's name ever mentioned in this adventure? All of us comic book fans know that the diamond is Eclipso. So it did come as a bit of a surprise when I never heard his name uttered. Moreover, why change his origin? It wasn't really needed. A conceptual back-story would have surfaced. Hmm? I'm not too sure how I feel about this. 50-50. (2) Whenever the Flash did something in this cartoon -- Ka-Bam -- it knocked my blooming socks off. His adverts. His interaction with John. His agent. Plus the way in which he had to step up to the plate and save the day. All in all, this is one rip roaring Flash tale of the very watchable variety. (3) OK, I know that Glorious Godfrey is a New God, but why wasn't this fact alluded to within this tale? Not relevant? Yeah. I suppose so. Making it another one I'm 50-50 about. (4) On a conceptual level, I did enjoy how this animated adventure progressed two divergent plot-strands' one at a time, eventually making them converge together mid-way through it. Furthermore, that penultimate hunter / hunted scene between Superman and the Flash really did fill the screen with dread. Ka-Pow!

Eclipso Vs Wonder Woman in Justice League - Eclipsed Justice League - Eclipsed Animation

All in all 'Justice League - Eclipsed' is a fairly decent mini-movie to watch. And if you are a Wally West Flash fan -- like I am -- it's a must see, just to remind you what he used to be like back in his Mike Baron day's of publications.

Class cartoon. Nuff said.


JUSTICE LEAGUE - ECLIPSED JUSTICE LEAGUE - ECLIPSED Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on April 25, 2013 Rating: 5
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