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Keith Moon - Final 24 Cover It's a little known fact that the seventh of September has been a very arduous date throughout history. For example: The tenth emperor of Rome, Titus, ordered his Army to invade Jerusalem  on this day. The first King of Brazil, Dom Pedro, declared his homeland independent from his Portuguese brethren. And the second drummer of 'The Who', Keith Moon, took his final breath in this very crazy world. Here, check out this 50 minute documentary made in 2010, for more on the Moon.

Keith Moon - Final 24: His Final Hours

Now this rock and roll installment of 'The Final 24', presents the rather hyperactive life and times of the musician known as, Keith Moon. Thankfully, this program relays this rather soulful story by presenting a select number of archived-images, re-enactments, video-clips, and one on one interview's with people who knew of this dandy drummer. Such as, The Authors: Tony Fletcher and Richard Barnes. The Musicians: Alice Cooper, Kenny Jones, and Larry Smith. His Tour Manager: John Wolfe. His PA: Peter Butler. His Girlfriend: Annette Walter-Lax. Plus his daughter: Amanda De Wolf, amongst a few others as well.

What now follows is a basic summation of what this documentary entails:

  • BORN INTO ADHT: Can you guess who was born in the South-West London borough of Wimbledon, on the 23rd of August, 1946? Correct. Keith John Moon. A very hyperactive young lad whose conservative parent's, Kit and Alfred, encouraged him to take up a musical instrument, because he wasn't very academically minded. Of course Keith chose the drums due to his own rebellious leanings -- and the rest is now history.
  • THE WHO LOVES YOU BABY: Now it's pretty safe to say that when the 'Mod band' -- named 'The Who' -- hired Keith to be their new drummer, they had a rather bi-polar time with him all in all. One the one hand, he was funny, charismatic, performed well on stage, and was a bit of a joker. Yet, in the same breath, Keith's drinking and drug-taking took him over as time passed; causing him to collapse during a gig in America, and then briefly set out on his own failed solo-venture in Los Angeles. Moreover, when Keith returned to 'The Who' sometime after his detour, they persuaded him to try and change his ways as soon as possible.
  • KEITH THE FAMILY MAN: Whilst he was touring with 'The Who', Keith married a nice young lady called Kim, and they had a child together. But alas, not so long after a brash encounter where he accidentally drove over his own bodyguard -- Neil Bowland -- because they were being attacked by a group of skin heads -- life for Keith drastically took a downward spiral. He drank more. He took more drugs. He cheated and abused his wife. And then -- as expected -- she left him.
  • THE FINAL 24: The last day of Keith Moon plays out at follows: (5) When Keith got up in the morning with his girlfriend, Annette, he wasn't in the mood to attend a pre-screening party held by Paul McCartly -- one pertaining to the film, 'The Buddy Holly Story' -- later that evening. (4) However, after he took some prescribed tablets given to him to cope with his alcohol withdrawal -- Heminevrin -- plus some cocaine, he was then more than willing to go to this shindig. (3) At the party, Keith appeared more subdued than normal, and had a couple of glasses of wine before he and Annette left half-way through it. (2) At home, Annette gave Keith something to eat prior to him going to sleep. And again, during the night, because he felt he wanted more. (1) Keith died whilst he was asleep -- the cause of death was an overdose on Heminevrin.

Whilst watching 'Keith Moon - The Final 24', the name of a very close relative of mine sprung to my mind nigh in straight away. Of course I won't mention who this person is. To avoid any offence. However, like Keith, my kin does seem like a very similar archetype than he was.

Young Keith Moon
For instance: Day in and day out he is very active. He likes a drink and has been known to dabble in drugs. He has a distorted vision of love, and doesn't hold onto a relationship too well whilst feeding his habits. Plus, to top it all off, he's very charismatic and charming, yet, he's one unlucky b*stard also.

Now I'm sure you can also picture someone who shares these traits. But how do you help them, huh? How do you show them the error of their ways? As many other installments of this series have shown in the past (click here for that), rehabilitation isn't always the correct first step, especially when you take into consideration that 'celebrities' are naturally needy people, feeding off of their fan's emotions 24/7.

So what do you do? Prey for some hope? Lock them away from society? Try to get them to take note of other celebrity deaths? No. Doesn't work. Does it? Keith Moons death is a prime example of that.

Keith Moon in The Who

Keith and his last girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax
And what about Keith! Why do you suppose he took a nose dive in the way that he did? According to 'Keith Moon - The Final 24', it was an accident waiting to happen -- spurned on by a life of excess and a need to conform in a non-conformist way.

Though, maybe it's precisely because of this dichotomy why he died! Without having the tools needed to cope with his own life, whist cancelling out his positives with his negatives.

Just think about it for a moment. Keith is a good drummer. A wild-man on the stage. Immersing himself on the adulation of others so he can perform his chosen craft. Yet, whilst saying that, there was also a need inside him, forcing him to rebel against his chosen craft.

Why else get married at such a young age? Why else venture into an industry which has a good track record of killing them whilst they are young? Moreover, why drink and take cocaine in the first place? What forced him to do go down that sordid path?

Keith Moon - Final 24: His Final Hours

Oh! I don't know. These things happen I suppose. All we can do is learn from it, and try our best to not let it happen again.

You're a blooming star Keith Moon. And I don't care 'The Who' knows it (pun intended).


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