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12 May 2013


By David Lee Andrews   Posted at  09:00   SERVICES

BlinkBox Logo Now over the last couple of months, I've joined forces with the great new online movie rental service called Blinkbox. But like a complete and utter buffoon, I forgot to include all of their media paraphernalia as well. You know the type of thing I'm sure. What that are. What they do. And all of that razzamataz. So before I forget to do this again, here, please read the following gumf from...

Blinkbox is the UK's leading on-demand movie streaming service. In fact, according to The Gadget Show, we're the 'Best UK movie streaming service' around.

Founded in 2006, blinkbox is now a proud part of Tesco, which means we're here for the long run. We're 100% legal, so you can rest assured when you watch a movie with us we'll deliver an amazing experience every time on your PC, Mac, Xbox, tablet or SMART TV.

Watch the newest blockbusters months or even years before they become available as part of subscription services such as Lovefilm Instant or Netflix.

Users can choose to rent or buy with prices starting from:

MOVIES: RENT from £0.99, OWN from £3.99
TV SHOWS: OWN episodes from just £1.89

Thank you for your cooperation, The blinkbox team.

OK. Did you get all that? Good. Because on a personal note, I have to say that Blinkbox does provide a very nice service. Well, not only do they have a free film section, but they provide a number of pretty decent films to. So go on. What are you waiting for? Click on one of the links provided and check them out.

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