Maverick Caracature
Picture the scene. A lone gunman walks into a well-polished salon somewhere in the Wild West, desperately needing a place to hang his hat for a short while. When suddenly -- CLANG! -- a mahogany-stained chair slides along the smooth bar room floor, gently nudging at his spurs before he knows what the hell is going on. "Want a game?" says a man sitting at a table nearby, holding up a deck of playing card in the process. "Yeah" says the gunman in turn "But not until you tell me where you get your fabulous furniture from". Want to know more? Then please, by all means, check out this site pertaining to...

movie quotes about gambling odds

The Gambler
Now if you are a big fan of movies and gambling, then boy-oh-boy, is this site a must see or what! Yeah. You name it. It has it. The discussion between Han and Leia from the sci-fi classic, 'The Empire Strikes Back'. The hilarious car scene from the nineties comedy, 'Dumb & Dumber'. Plus let's not forget many-many more I care not to mention.

Well, let's face facts, folks. Nigh on every movie made has some sort of gambling connotation associated with them. Honestly. I can hardly think of one that hasn't.

Ocean's 11
OK. So maybe one. 'Bambi'. But I could be wrong you know. Disney could have cut out a scene where Bambi and one of her friends played pontoon of something.

Anyway, I digest. When you have a chance, go and have a good old click on the aforementioned website. It's easy to navigate. It's been featured on CNN, Playboy, and Time Magazines. And I have to mention that it's one rooting tooting site that's well worth your time.

What? You don't believe me? Do you want a bet, pal? Ha!

Before I shoot off, I'd like to leave you with a quote I took from a comedian I can't remember the name of...

'It's a proven fact that statistics can prove anything you want. Seventy-Five percent of statisticians can't be wrong you know!'.