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Vandal Savage
Did you know that being an immortal is very much like being a woman? Everybody takes you for granted. Nobody cares how you are feeling. And by in large certain people expect you to be around whenever they need you the most. Yeah. No word of a lie. I saw it in this 45 minute cartoon made in 2004. Trust me. It's right Savage.

Justice League - Maid Of Honor

Holy Hera! Doesn't Alice and Wonder Woman have one hell of a time when they first meet up a couple of days prior to Alice's proposed marriage? Well, not only does this Kaznian princess whisk away this Justice League member from a dance she is having with Bruce Wayne -- because a group of masked-saboteurs attempt to kidnap her. But in addition to this, Alice also goads Diana to go out with her to celebrate her last night of freedom.

However, do you know what the strangest thing about all of this is, dear reader? She's might be right you know! Alice might be dead right. Because she's going to marry none other than the grandson of the World War Two Nazi sympathizer, Vandal Savage.

(Well, according to him, that is).

Oh, dear! That doesn't sound very good now, does it? We all know what a Savage is like, right folks? He's the type of a chap that would mastermind a cunning plan to usurp the Kaznian throne, whilst building a space station in outer space to terrorize the world with.

Still, that's most probably why what next transpires all kicks off when Wonder Woman and Batman try to stop Alice from getting to the church on time. As the League is called into action - Wonder Woman is put into traction - Batman helps out with a dance - plus an immortal villain is told 'not to go there', by a stern princesses glance.

Now if I'm going to completely honest with you, folks, I'm a right sucker for a story like 'Justice League - Maid of Honor'. To start of with, I love anything that pairs-up Batman and Wonder Woman together in one hell of a dynamic adventure. Furthermore, I've always enjoyed following the cheesy yet Machiavellian type antics of the bearded bad-ass himself, Vandal Savage.

Vandal Savage Through The Ages
Yeah. Straight up! It's as though this cartoon was personally made for me. It was funny. It was evolving. It had some sexual tension in it. Plus it managed to incorporate all of the best bits of the 'Justice League' series into one lovely package.

Come on. Let's face it. Who couldn't dig a tale where the Dark Knight and the Amazon Princess team-up to stop a Baltic version of Paris Hilton from marrying everyone's favourite Justice Society villain? I mean. You'd have to be the Joker not to love that.

Just take a look at some of the stuff this episode has in store for example. Firstly, you get to witness Bruce Wayne and Diana dancing hand in hand -- which was nice. Then, you'd get to see Diana let her hair down for a short while with a right stuck-up brat -- which was strangely refreshing. And finally, you also get a glimpse of Wally playing it for real, plus Vandals original origin cast into cartoon form -- which was just sublime, through and through.   

 Justice League Maid Of HonorThe Many Ages of Vandal Savage

Justice League Maid Of Honor Batman and Wonder Woman Dance
Granted, there were more great scenes I could have told you about. Like that segment where Wonder Woman and Batman spoke to each other whilst she was getting ready to freshen up. But if I did, I wouldn't have had enough time to tell you any of these Savage facts. (1) Vandal Savage was created by Alfred Bester and Martin Nodell; and made his first appearance in 'Green Lantern' volume 1, #10, Winter, 1943. (2) According to legend, Savage was a caveman / leader of a Cro-Magnon Blood Tribe, who was bestowed with the gift of immortality and knowledge when he encountered a mysterious meteorite from beyond the stars. (3) Vandal's real name is Vandar Adg, and throughout his long and villainous career he has also been known as: Cain, Khafre, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, Jack the Ripper, Licinius, Dr. Curtis Knox, and Kr'ull. (4) Now depending on what comic book you've been reading, Vandal is either fifty two thousand years old, or thirty seven thousand years old; give or take a couple of month. (5) In the mini-series, 'Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne', Batman encountered Vandal three times during his time-hopping saga. Firstly: as a cave man in prehistoric times. Secondly: as a pirate on-board a ship. And thirdly: as an opium-fueled gangster in the wild-wild-west. (6) Not only is Mister Savage a founding member of the 'Secret Society of Super Villains', but at one time or another he has been associated with the 'Illuminati', the 'Injustice Society', 'Tartarus', plus the 'Demon Knights' as well. (7) At the tail end of 2009, this immortal rouge was ranked as the 36th Greatest Comic Book Villain of all time by 'IGN' online magazine. (8) If you've read the 'DC One Million' maxi series, it is believed that Vandal was the person who inadvertently -- and finally -- put an end to his own life, when he sent a nuclear payload back in time to blow up, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Vandal Savage 1st Apperance Vandal Savage Mini Series Vandal Savage Trading Cards

All in all 'Justice League - Maid of Honor' was a blast of a cartoon. It teamed-up two heroes I've always liked to see teamed-up. It showcased a villain with more history than God. And overall it was funny, engaging, and one hell of a watch for any comic book fan. Don't you agree, you Savage git?

Yes. I think that was 'a yes'.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - MAID OF HONOR JUSTICE LEAGUE - MAID OF HONOR Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on July 11, 2013 Rating: 5
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