Darkseid Believe it or not; God has a mother called 'Harold', who works at a greengrocer's down the street from where I live. Yeah! Only the other day I overheard a customer saying to himself "My God! You're one strange mother, Harold". It happened just prior to me watching this 45 minute Justice League cartoon, made in 2004. Bless.

Justice League - Twilight(Of The Gods) - Jack Kirby's Fourth World

Not so long after the denizens of Apokolips get their collective asses handed to them by their Godly arch-rivals, 'The New Gods'; guess who the ruler of this unforsaken kingdom -- named Darkseid -- asks for help, when his home-world subsequently gets attacked by the cybernetic-Kryptonian known as Brainiac?

No. It's isn't Oprah Winfrey. Mores the pity. It's Darkseids other archrivals. The Justice League.

OK, I have to admit, this daring situation does sound pretty wacky in retrospect, huh? And is one of the main reasons why Superman decides to split the team in two: with him, Marian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl, all going off to battle Braniac on foreign soil; whilst Batman and Wonder Woman travel to New Genesis, to search for Darkseid's son, Orion, who might be able to aide them with this plight. 

Now throughout the course of this adventurous journey, both divisions of the League meet an array of colourful characters that either help or hinder their path. Like Darkseids other son for example, Kalibak: who wants to smash Superman's face in. Or then there's Lightray or Foreigner: who inadvertently lead Batman and Wonder Woman to the God they both seek.

Still, that's probably why what next transpires kicks off when Braniac offers Superman a proposition he can clearly refuse. As bad-guys double-cross - Orion doesn't give a toss - the League quickly gets on the case - and you've always got to remember that everyone has to know their rightful place.  


Now before I give you my 411 on 'Justice League - Twilight (Of the Gods)', please allow me to paraphrase a conversation I had with my beautiful Goddaughter, Sammy, after we watched this cartoon together.

Orion and High-father in Justice League - Twilight(Of The Gods) Darkseid in Justice League - Twilight(Of The Gods)

SAMMY: Godfather-monkey?
ME: Yes, my little no-nosed muppet?
SAMMY: Is Darkseid, Gods evil younger cousin or something?
ME: No! What made you ask that, princess?
SAMMY: Well, in the cartoon, Superman said he was a 'New God', right? So that must make him younger than God. Plus he is a very naughty God. Messing about with the League like he did.
ME: OK. I can see where you are coming from, cutie-pie. But Darkseid and his cronies aren't real-Gods, they're Demi-Gods. A mixture of both God and man.
SAMMY: Oh! So does that mean his mummy was a woman like my mummy?
ME: Err. No. Not really. His mum was another Demi-God called Heggra, who's... errr... like your Auntie Sonia.
SAMMY: What? You mean 'a bitch'?
ME: Oi! What's your bloody language, potty-mouth! But yes -- she was a bitch -- and someone Darkseid took after. 
SAMMY: Ahhh! Is that why he's wearing a dress then, Godfather?
ME: Hmmm? Never thought of that before? But no. He took after his mother's evil ways instead.
SAMMY: So where does the man part of it come into play?
ME: Errm? Well? The thing is... that... the... man... thing... hmmm....
SAMMY: You don't really know, do you?
ME: Hey! Of course I know.
SAMMY: No you don't! You would have spat it out already. Like you always do.
ME: It's just very hard to explain is all, my funny-faced banana-split. Very convoluted.
SAMMY: Like my Auntie Sonia?
ME: Yeah. Just like your Auntie Sonia and her ten children of many colours. I tell you what, Sammy; try to think of the 'New God's' as 'Space God's', OK? Not like our Earth-bound God's. Like Jesus' old man. More like your offshoot Gods from outer space. Understood?
SAMMY: Well... errrr?
ME: I'll take that as a 'Yes'. Now go and get me something to eat. Scat.

Jim Starlin's Death of The New GodsJack Kirby's New Gods Return of the New Gods

Admittedly. A small part of me wanted to get Sammy to read a 'New Gods' article I wrote quite some time ago (please click on the link for the post in question). But where's the fun in that, huh? I didn't want her to lose any of the enjoyment 'Justice League -- Twilight (Of the Gods)' brought her. Did I?

Well, this great cartoon was a really-really fun show. Just packed to the brim with a shed load of comic book references, set pieces, and incidental humour, which made the overall package a blast to sit through.

Take how this tale was structured for instance. It quickly started off with a pithy action-driven dilemma. It then segwayed into the division of the two parallel plot-lines. And finally it just took us on a journey all around the cosmos, relaying character, adventure, plus story, in its very brave and bold wake.

Cosmic Odyssey
Honest to Kirby. This animated odyssey had an awful lot going for it. Such as: (1) All those 'New God' cameo's sprinkled throughout. (2) How Foreigner was treated with the same courtesy as he was in the 'Cosmic Odyssey' saga. (3) The manner in which most of the battles were quite brutal in places; especially in the final fight between Superman, Orion, and Darkseid; plus how Braniac was used a punching bag by in large. (4) The contradictory yet revealing dynamics between Batman and Superman, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl, plus Batman and Wonder Woman. (5) The scene where Lightray slapped Wonder Woman on her ass. And (6) Batman's sardonic and pithy commentary.

Yep. You've guessed it, dear reader. 'Justice League -- Twilight (Of the Gods)' didn't do any wrong in my eyes. And without a shadow of a doubt, I'd encourage any comic book or Kirby fan to give it a watch A.S.A.P.  It's one hell of a roller-coaster ride of an adventure that's a definite must see. 

A class cartoon. Nuff said.