Heroes Of The North According to Dickipedia, 'Canada' is a very flat province situated to the left of Zimbabwe, and populated by many-many people called Kevin and Sally, who all eat maple leaves and drink donuts. But according to your truly, this very nice country is a great location where you'll get to meet a lot of smashing new superheroes. Yeah. No word of a lie. Just ask my mate Christian if you don't believe me. I spoke to him only the other day whilst slurping a donut smoothy. Burp!

Heroes Of The North

1) What are your own origins, Christian? Plus what path did you take in life prior to getting to were you are today?   I have been making films since I was 8 years old. Learned chemistry to learn how to do special effects for my films. Directed my first feature, 'Lines of Life', when I was 21. It as a cop movie. I have now directed 7 features, including a sci-fi trilogy,won several awards and shot over a hundred short films and webisodes so far.

My path is simple: I am stubborn and dedicated to get things done. ;)

Heroes Of The North
2) What inspired you to form ‘Movie Seals’?   Frustration. After spending so much time developing projects that never got made or took several years to come to fruition, I got frustrated because I knew it could be done faster and more efficiently than it was. I was also tired of having to wait for people to tell you what you could and could not do. I wanted to do it in my own terms, without meddling or outside interference. Granted, going at it alone generated a whole new set of challenges and frustrations. But the newly acquired freedom more than compensated for that on many levels.

3) How did the ‘Heroes Of The North’ come about?   I have been wanting to do a Canadian superhero movie for a while now. It came close in 1992. But the producer did not push through, and I wasted a lot of time and efforts on that.

Then I tried to adapt Northguard for the big screen yet that failed too. Nobody wanted anything to do with Canadian superheroes. 'It is not Canadian' they would say.

When we realized that the technology would now make it possible for us to shoot a superhero on the cheap, we decided that it was now or never. So here it was! ;)

4) In your own words how would you describe this film?   It is an exploration of the realities of having real life government sponsored superheroes in Canada. It would allow us to tackle Canadian realities and situations, as well as talk about the peculiar politics of this country. It also allows us to play with certain events in Canadian history.

Bruce Campbell Cartoon
5) If your movie emitted a smell, what odour would it be and why?   Wow! That was the strangest question ever in 20 years of interviews! Kudos! ;) I think it would smell like cherries! Because it is bright and tempting on the outside, sweet when you get into it, but it has a hard core. Ha!

6) If you could get a known celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your production, who would you chose, and why would you want this particular person?   I think I would go with the cult actor, Bruce Campbell. He has a good presence, both as an actor and a spokesperson. Knows his stuff, and would probably be the best person to promote this show because like the show itself, he doesn't take himself too seriously.

7) Apart from the medium, what’s the biggest difference between ‘Heroes Of The North’ comic book, and the live action feature?   The comic books and the novels allow us to do things we couldn't do live with our limited budget. We can also explore deeper the psychology of the characters, travel to places that would be hard or impossible to do on the show, and make stories that span decades much more easily.

8) What were the main obstacles you had to contend with?   The usual constraints of low budget movies-making: lack of money, time, resources, plus the cold weather. We were shooting in November in Canada, and that was painful. Ouch!

9) If ‘HOTN’ had a motto, what do you think it would be?   We stand on guard for thee... :)

So there you have it, folks. 'Heroes Of The North' by Movie Seals. When you have the time I'm sure you know what you have to do. Tweet-Tweet. Face-Face. G++ And of course, Youtube. Say no more. 

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