Ben Affleck playing superhero. For the past couple of weeks movie fans all over the place have been up in arms about the selection of Ben Affleck as the next Batman. The truth is, anyone would have been disappointed. It's just flat out, undeniably too soon for anyone aside from Christian Bale to be the Caped Crusader. And given that "Man Of Steel" was a largely disappointing movie, it seems cruel to mash-up the blistering success of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" franchise with the sputtering mediocrity of Zack Snyder's Superman films. Nonetheless, Hollywood trucks on, and will do so with Affleck behind the mask.

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Of course, it's not just the concept that's a bad idea. Ben Affleck is truly a weird choice. First of all, he's already played a superhero in the unbearably awful "Daredevil" movie. Second, despite recent success as a director and an emerging resume as an excellent actor, he'll always be associated with his so-so early days. And finally, even in his more "bad-ass" roles -- check out "The Town" if you get a chance, or watch "Smokin Aces" on Picturebox Films (granted, this second one is a spoof) -- there's still nothing Batman about Affleck. He's got a breath-y voice, and he's always a softie at heart.

But there's already been more than enough focus on why Affleck shouldn't be Batman. So instead of dwelling further on this, let's take a look at 10 guys who might have been better choices.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing 1) Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The obvious Batman successor, given the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises," he would have made the smoothest transition.

2) Luke Evans - A rising badass, Zeus himself (if you've seen "Immortals" could have been an intriguing choice.

3) Michael Fassbender - He's got untapped superstar power, and could have been just the dark and powerful presence required of the character.

4) Josh Brolin - He's a beast, and that's a good start. It's a bit tough to imagine him as such an unquestionable good guy though.

5) Hugh Jackman - Jackman could have nailed this role in the same way Bale did.

Josh Brolin as Batman6) Josh Holloway - Sawyer, from the TV show "Lost," could probably have done a fair Bale impression himself.

7) Richard Armitage - Most recently known as Thorin in the "Hobbit" franchise, Armitage would have been a bold but interesting choice.

8) Gabriel Macht - You know him from "Suits," as dominant lawyer Harvey Specter. He'd have been a goofier Batman, but a fun one.

9) Nicolas Cage - This would have exploded the Internet, but hey, remember Big Daddy from "Kick-Ass"?

10) Brad Pitt - No one seems to have thought of this, but does anyone think Pitt would have done a bad job?

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