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DC's Villains Month Yep. That's correct, comic book fans. For a whole month your ever loving reviewer will not be reviewing any of DC's villainous titles. No. That isn't because I think this sort of thing is nothing more than a money-driven marketing ploy, full of yawn-some bad-guys, obscure creators, and silly story-lines. Honestly. I think some of these books will turn out fine in the long run. However...

... in the same breath, I have a gut feeling the opposite will also be true. Well. Let's face it. DC has done a Villain's month in the past, haven't they? Plus as we all well know, this previous event was a bit mix-match to say the least. Parts of it were mediocre. Parts of it were fun. And parts of it were groan worthy reading to boot.

Here. This is what I expect to see within this... coff-coff... blatant gimmick:
  • Origin rehashes that'll make the original creators turn over in their graves. 
  • Nineteen nymphomaniac nudists playing ping-pong in a leper colony. 
  • Cunning surprises that'll hang around for a couple of months or so.
  • At least one major revelation that will come out from nowhere. 
  • Character designs that'll be tacky by default, and idiotic by nature.
  • My mate Clive in a hammock. 
  • Story-lines you'll immediately forget as soon as you've read them.
  • A monkey scratching his own nuts. 
  • Creators you've never seen before, and most probably will never see again
  • Plus, spin-offs, 'Special Needs' covers, and a whole host of silliness that'll make you dig deep into your own pocket, more than a gravedigger into a grave 

 DC's Villains Month - Darkseid DC's Villains Month - RelicDC's Villains Month - Deadshot

DC's Villains Month - JokerAlright. I know that my list may sound rather harsh to you, folks. But it's not meant to be harsh. I suppose this is just my way of justifying to myself that I need to take a slight break. Allowing me to recharge my batteries whilst I'm settling into my new place.

Don't you fret though. Throughout this period I will be reviewing the two Marvel book's I already read and the movies I watch. Plus I have a number of comic book related surprises up my sleeve too.

Also, if any of you out there would like to write for my site, or has something else to contribute, please contact me, OK? It's always a pleasure, and never a chore, to hear from you.

All the best, The Reviewer.

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DC VILLAINS MONTH - NO. NOT FOR THIS WEBSITE, PAL DC VILLAINS MONTH - NO. NOT FOR THIS WEBSITE, PAL Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on September 17, 2013 Rating: 5
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