Art Deco Ironman
Comic heroes have always had access to technology: many times, the tech is what makes them heroes. Would you read about Tony Stark without the iron suit? What's Batman without the gadgetry? Admittedly, Oliver Queen would do okay with a normal bow, some rope, and his own martial arts skills, but giving him access to millions of dollars in tech equipment creates a more variable story. Sometimes, tech improves the story; today, tech also improves the reader experience.

Bringing Comic Readers Back to Stories

Publishers of all sizes, including giants like Marvel and DC, are making comic books available in digital format. Digital specialists like are running with this trend by offering tablet-ready comic reading. Jeffrey L. Wilson of says he enjoyed comic books as an adolescent, but until he picked up a tablet loaded with Comixology's app library, he hadn't experienced comic stories in almost twenty years. Comixology's free Comic App for Android delivers over 40,000 titles from publishers like Marvel, DC, Image Comics, Disney, and IDW. The app even lets you catch up on newsprint-style comics like Dilbert, as Google Play reveals. Comixology also makes the app available for the iPad, according to Apple's website. Wilson claims that the tablet reading experience is inviting and simple, making it easy for long-lost readers to slip back into favorite worlds.

Comics for the Masses

In past decades, kids saved pocket money for weeks to snag the latest installment in their favorite story. Kids and adults are still following that tradition today. Many adult comic-book aficionados create a budget for each week or month, and then spend hours trying to decide between favorite stories in the local comic shop. With free access to thousands of storylines, comic lovers can fill up on backstory, feed the constant comic itch, and read select new installments. Without the need for constant spending, comics become more available to everyone.

Put the Power in Your Hands

To fight villains with utmost efficiency, Tony Stark needs his suit. To leverage the convenience and ease of the digital comic-book experience, you need the right tools. You can read comics on a smartphone or iPod, but the tiny screen will minimize enjoyment. For best results, invest in a tablet computer like the iPad or the Lenovo tablets.

Once you're outfitted with the right tech, you can select from dozens of comic-related apps and downloads. In addition to Comixology's offerings, you can opt for a paid app that allows you to purchase, read, and organize books for your digital collection. ComicRack provides these services for Android devices, and you can check out the app first with a free trial, according to Google Play. To manage your collection on an iOS device, you may want to check out the ComicZeal app available in the Apple Store.

Comic Convenience

You know how Batman carries an impossible amount of stuff in his belt—almost as if the belt was a miniature TARDIS? Now you can carry an almost-infinite amount of comics in your backpack, purse, or pocket. Be ready to win comic-related arguments by offering instant proof for your premise, read comics in waiting rooms or public transportation, and access thousands of free comics from all the major publishers.